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Consumer Alert

Government warns sellers of edible cannabis: Stop using packaging that mimics foods popular with kids

Colleen Tressler
When sellers of edible cannabis products use packaging that mimics popular kids snacks and candy, it can be a recipe for significant health effects on kids — and unsuspecting adults. Edible cannabis like gummies, cookies, candies, and chips have cannabis that’s derived from marijuana or hemp. Some of these foods have Delta-8 THC, which is a part of cannabis that causes psychoactive and intoxicating effects ― and can have significant health effects on both adults and children. Check out the packages below. Would your kids know that eating these items could hurt them or maybe even send them to the hospital?
Consumer Alert

Concerned about deceptive ads and sales of autos? Last call for comments

Karen Hobbs
The FTC is working to address deceptive advertising and unlawful add-on sales in the auto industry by considering changes to the law that would give the agency better tools to protect consumers and honest dealerships. Want to help? Don’t wait! Submit a comment on the rulemaking and make your voice heard.