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You’ve probably seen ads promising help with your student loan debt. Some are scams – here are tips to avoid them.


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We've all seen ads for companies promising to help you with your student loans. But here's something you should know. There's nothing a debt relief company can do for you that you can't do yourself for free. And unfortunately, some of these companies promising relief are scams.

Here are some tips for avoiding these scams. Never pay a company upfront before they've gotten you results. Remember that scammers sometimes pretend they're with the government. If you're in doubt, go directly to the source. For free help with federal loans, visit

For private loans, contact your loan company directly. And remember that no company can promise you fast loan forgiveness. Finally, protect your FSA ID. Don't give it out to anyone for any reason. If you spot a debt relief scam, we want to hear about it. Report it to us at


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