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Paying for School and Avoiding Scams

Paying for school can be expensive. Many people need to take out loans to cover the cost, but dealing with the debt and repayment options can be confusing. Some companies promise to help reduce

Mortgage Relief Scams

Scammers promise to make changes to your mortgage loan or take other steps to save your home, but they don’t deliver. Never pay a company upfront for promises to help you get relief on paying your
Consumer Alert

Got student loans? Spot scams related to the Sweet lawsuit

Terri Miller
If you have student loans, you probably already know about the US Department of Education’s (ED’s) borrower defense loan forgiveness program. But did you know about a lawsuit and proposed settlement

Free Credit Reports

Learn how, why, and when to order copies of your free annual credit report.

Car Dealer Ads and Promotions: Know Before You Go

Looking to buy a car? You might see dealers advertising unusually low prices, low or no up-front payments, low- or no-interest loans, or low monthly payments. Other dealers promise high trade-in

What To Know About Advance-Fee Loans

Some companies promise you a low-interest loan or credit card, but want a fee first. They’re scams. Learn the warning signs.
Consumer Alert

Pause on federal student loan payments extended

Ari Lazarus
As you may have heard, the U.S. Department of Education announced another extension of the flexibilities offered to federal student loan borrowers. Understanding these options can help you make more