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Twitter and your privacy

Rosario Méndez
Twitter introduced the world to the concept of communicating in short tweets. But the FTC says that doesn’t mean taking shortcuts with people’s privacy. Today, the FTC announced that Twitter must pay
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Is your kid using education technology? Read on

Peder Magee and James Trilling, Senior Attorneys, FTC
Whether in class or at home, kids are probably using technology to do their schoolwork. But have you ever wondered what information that technology is gathering from your kid? The FTC has, and today
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Keep your personal information safe in the New Year

Jim Kreidler
As 2021 winds down, lots of us are making resolutions for a fresh start in the New Year — maybe to exercise regularly, get our finances in order, or spend more time with friends. But your list isn’t
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Your guide to protecting your privacy online

Maneesha Mithal
The things we do throughout the course of our day give businesses access to information about our habits, tastes, and activities. Some might use it to deliver targeted ads to you, or to give you

Using a Shopping App

Millions of people have downloaded shopping apps to their smartphones. Apps can save you time in checking out, earn rewards, and find coupons and deals. But before you download one, think about the

How To Protect Your Privacy Online

When you do anything online, you leave a trail. Learn how online tracking works and what you can do about it. What To Know About Online Tracking What You Can Do About Online Tracking What To Know

Securing Your Internet-Connected Devices at Home

Our homes are filled with internet-connected devices. They let us see what’s happening at our homes from wherever we are, get our favorite music and shows with a voice command, or change the

How To Protect Your Privacy on Apps

Worried about your privacy when you’re using apps on your cell phone or tablet? Here’s what you can do to protect your privacy before and after you install apps on your device. Your Privacy on Mobile

Stalking Apps: What To Know

Do you think an abusive partner or ex is monitoring you through your phone? They might be using stalking apps (spyware or stalkerware) that secretly track your device activity. Here’s information