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Timeshares: Yes? No? Maybe?

Rosario Méndez
If you’re considering getting a timeshare this vacation season, read on. Maybe you got a flyer in the mail with pictures of sunny beaches and beautiful resort suites. Sounds great, right? But before
Consumer Alert

Hello, summer. Goodbye, scammers.

Jim Kreidler
Summer is right around the corner. With things reopening, kids getting out of school, and days lasting longer, this summer promises, we hope, some much-needed relaxation, adventure, and a chance to

Timeshares, Vacation Clubs, and Related Scams

If you’re thinking about buying a timeshare or joining a vacation club, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. You don’t want to be surprised later by unexpected charges or challenges

Avoid Scams When You Travel

You may get a call, a text message, or a flyer in the mail. Or maybe you'll see an online ad promising free or low-cost vacations. Scammers and dishonest companies are often behind these offers. You
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Make it a scam-free vacation

Lisa Lake
It’s almost summer! Right now, you probably have beaches on the brain or you’re thinking about that long-planned trip abroad. Before you head out, take steps to help keep your dream vacation from
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FTC stops Sanctuary Belize land scheme

Bridget Small
Every summer at the beach, we see billboards and flags advertising tours of sandy acres. The signs claim these empty stretches will become new communities, and that living here will be amazing — in a
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Getting a vacation rental? Watch out for scams.

Ari Lazarus
With July 4th right around the corner, plenty of us are still running around trying to book a last-minute vacation rental. If that’s you, here’s what you need to know: scammers are ready with fake
Consumer Alert

Tips for scam-free travel

Alesha Hernandez
Planning a summer vacation? You may be looking for deals on cheap flights or discounts at hotels and resorts – but some promotions may come with strings attached, and others can be downright scams