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Invention Promotion Scams

Dishonest invention promoters lie about the profit potential of your invention to get you to pay for expensive, but often useless, services. Here’s what you need to know to avoid an invention
Consumer Alert

Joining forces to stop income scams

Rosario Méndez
Today, the FTC joined forces with numerous federal, state, and local government partners in Operation Income Illusion, an effort to fight income scams and help people recognize and avoid them. With
Consumer Alert

But the hire is not so delightful

Jim Kreidler
On this 3rd day of Consumer Protection, we’re talking about earning some extra cash. For lots of us, the holiday season is a good time to pick up some part-time work. It’s when retailers and delivery
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This holiday season, help friends and family avoid a scam

Bridget Small
When you talk with friends and family over the holidays, you may hear about new puppies, old sports rivalries, and dreams of the next vacation. As you join the conversation, why not share some ideas
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Steer clear of work-at-home scams

Sachit Gali
As the Coronavirus continues to spread, you may be looking for ways to make money without ever stepping foot outside your door. Maybe you saw an ad online for a business coaching program you can do
Consumer Alert

FTC sends COVID-related warnings to MLM companies

Seena Gressin
A business opportunity that promises you can work from home, earn lots of money, and enjoy a lavish lifestyle? Sounds tempting, particularly now, when so many people are out of work because of the
Consumer Alert

Looking for work after Coronavirus layoffs?

Lisa Weintraub Schifferle
Have you been laid off due to the Coronavirus? Or maybe your small business shut down? Today, the FTC kicks off a series of blogs with tips about handling the financial impact of the Coronavirus
Consumer Alert

The FTC goes after several top affiliates of MOBE

Cristina Miranda
Who doesn’t want to earn easy, fast money online, and make six figures a year? That’s what an online business coaching and investment opportunity called “My Online Business Education”, or MOBE