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Did you use one of OnPoint’s bogus websites — like or — to get driver’s license or vehicle registration services? Now you can apply to get back the money you lost. Learn more at Don’t wait, the deadline to apply for a refund is October 18, 2022.

Did you use one of OnPoint Global’s websites to check eligibility for government assistance programs like the Housing Choice Voucher program or Section 8 housing assistance? If you entered personal information online, now you can apply for compensation. Learn more at Don’t wait, the deadline to apply for a refund is October 18, 2022.

Thanks to the FTC’s lawsuit and $102 million judgment against On Point Global, people who are eligible for refunds will automatically get an email from Stretto, the company handling the payments. The email will arrive by mid-April and give instructions on how to claim your refund. Didn’t get an email, but think you’re eligible? Learn how to check your eligibility at

Updated September 12, 2022 to reflect new deadline.

Updated August 17, 2022 to give the August 31, 2022 deadline to apply for a refund.

Refund amount and deadline updated on April 8, 2022.

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Hossein Haedareyan
April 11, 2022

Hello . Congratulations to all the friends, staff and staff of this site and thank them all. It's very good to know that the federal government is listening to us losers and helping to compensate us, as well as giving others hope that the government is taking care of everything. I'm happy and thank you.

August 17, 2022

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Darleen Hood
January 17, 2023

In reply to by BARBARA A. WAS…

I was just wondering, after we filed the claim form, do we need do anything else or will we just wait for the check to be mailed or do you know when I need to be looking out for it to come.

August 17, 2022

In reply to by Hossein Haedareyan

i paid $120 t0 renew my car registration. 2011 ford crown victoria police interceptor i received am e-mail that my registration was being processed and i needed to provide proof of insurance and a1$ fee to procees my ct state registration. i received an e-mail confirming that my renewal was processed . 3 months later i was stopped by CT. state police that my licence plate came back on his state computer that my plate came back as not in the police system and the plate numbers did not exsist. they were going to confiscate my licence plates but the dispatcher said they were valid last year. i had to immedietly renew the expired registration for $120 the same amount i already paid online . so $240. later my registration was valid after paying the $120 plus a $40 late fee to use the same plates on my $280 gone. then my online bank account was emtied and my disability monthly deposit is gone. its been 6 months since i received any disability money from ssi ive been evicted lost my monthly disability deposit and now after promises from the website for low income housing lists im broke and sleeping in my car after losing every thing i own that would not fit in my car.

August 23, 2022

In reply to by pastorscottywood

im trying to find out the same thing .I think its a scam .The paper feels

Angela Ochoa
October 04, 2022

In reply to by Kenny

I also received a Similar post card about claiming a refund for federal trade and commissions V. On point Global well what is sit on the postcard I have a visitor website where I was trying to apply for a government assistance which yes I did Over a year and a half ago and I realized that website was fake because I never got nothing back and then I realized I only had a few pictures attached to that website that copied off of the actual government website then the name was different from Actual website well it said that you had to claim by August 31 but I don’t trust nothing at this point everything just seems so weird so much scams so I didn’t do it

FTC Staff
October 05, 2022

In reply to by Angela Ochoa

The FTC extended the deadline to apply to get money back. The new deadline is October 18, 2022. Learn how to apply at this FTC website: If you need help completing the claim form, please call 1-866-223-6288.

Phyllis Simpson
February 24, 2023

In reply to by pastorscottywood

I am 71 years old I was just now given this letter, about this lawsuit. Is the anyway I can still apply or getu refund. I moved and I'm on Oxygen, I did not receive until now. What can I do for my refund settlement?

Sylvia Picone
April 11, 2022

I know many times when I entered DMV to pull up the web page to renew my registration that there were many links that were not always the actual California DMV. Always pay attention to the URL and make sure you are actually at the site you intended. Most DMV will end in .gov

April 29, 2022

Just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your extraordinary informative emails.
I consider myself VERY VERY LUCKY TO RECEIVE YOUR EMAILS (as I’m not fb and people don’t know how I navigate life in general lol )
The FTC is part of the American government that ARE ACTUALLY protecting us. Thank you!!

Keith Edwards
August 17, 2022

I don't know what this is all about, but if I'm owed anything, You have my information send a check in the mail at the address you have! Thank you!

Glenn Givan
August 17, 2022

I,received a Federal Trade Commission.But dont no how to claim

October 05, 2022


Carol Cooley
August 17, 2022

I received a postcard telling me that I tried to get to get DMV services from a fake website.
The card also started that I can get the money back that I lost.
I do have a question which is: how do I apply for the refund of money I lost?
Is there a form I should use?
Thank you in advance

FTC Staff
October 05, 2022

In reply to by Carol Cooley

The deadline to apply is October 18, 2022. Learn how to apply at
If you need help completing the claim form, please call 1-866-223-6288.

Bernadette Gemelli
October 05, 2022

I file out from but my address is not right it out my old and new combined try to change but would not let me

Bernadette Gemelli
August 17, 2022

I was at a different address when I went online and gave my information for section 8 and food stamps when I filled out the form my address is wrong it's got both of my addresses combined as one

August 17, 2022

I never received a refund from this whole scam

O.Parvin Oklahoma
August 17, 2022

Everything about this claimant and claim is ridiculous if you got the paper in the mail which all they're mentioning on here is the email you get anyways on the paper it says submit your claim by August 31st 2022 if you read and the paragraphs above us it says you had to file one by July 5th 22 completely crazy because the mail came after that it doesn't matter I don't know why I'm wasting anybody's time leaving a comment 99% of what's going on in the world right now is complete chaos and not worth anybody's time if you got duped by this like I I'm very sorry this is one of the more minor things my information has got leaked too or time wasted anyways have a good life

August 17, 2022

I did not receive a notice regarding a refund until 2 months after the deadline.

FTC Staff
August 17, 2022

In reply to by joann

The deadline to apply for refund is now August 31, 2022. Follow the steps in this blog to claim your money.

Joni vance
August 18, 2022

I tried to apply about a year or 2 ago &not able too get any where on subject🤔😐today

James williams
August 26, 2022

In reply to by Joni vance

i received information from fderal trade commissionv.onpoint globalabout a lawsuit but ido not know if i qualify.

Samantha Coston
August 23, 2022

I'm reading everything and so confused but if I have a claim my address is on file just got the postcard 8/19/22 can't remember much but will like to file my claim thank you

Vanessa D Bowens
August 23, 2022

Yes I was contacted to get Foodstamps and section 8

Nathaniel Watkins
August 23, 2022

I went onto their website seeking housing assistance
had no idea they were crooked. Thank's for your help..

Helen Nicholas
August 23, 2022

How do you know if you receive a refund and how long does it take to receive an email

August 23, 2022


August 25, 2022

I have been on site pray this is legit not giving my account out send me a check

rosemary schmid
August 25, 2022

yes i have been on that web site. trying to apply for housing. gave them my name. and some information. plus trying to get get gov assistance, also.

Quinta N Coulter
October 05, 2022

When will I receive my refund..

Jennifer Quire
October 05, 2022

It would be nice to find out were we stand in this thing the information there not giving us you can't find out anything they lack information about your claims and not getting emails

JOSIE Ramirez
October 05, 2022

I was expecting for you guys to get back to me on the 20th and I have not received no message I was wondering if you were I was supposed to wait a little bit longer

Trina Croft
October 05, 2022

I filled out a claim form.although I did get a card in the mail but lost it I was on the dvm and I tried to fill out online rental assistance turned in all my paperwork and I kept getting denied saying I didnt.turn my papers in in a timely manner but.I really.did.still didnt.get at all when I should have been entitled for.the assistance

Carol Elgie
October 05, 2022

I think I am being scammed. just got my second postcard from Santa Clara, CA. It states that I need to go to
Can anybody confirm? I did not get an email.

FTC Staff
October 05, 2022

In reply to by Carol Elgie

The website is a federal government website from the Federal Trade Commission. It tells how to claim money back, if you paid for a driver's license or vehicle registration online and didn't get what you paid for. The deadline to file a claim is October 18, 2022.

John powell
January 17, 2023

I filed the questions out on the internet and it gave me a claim number

Cecelia Ochoa
January 17, 2023

I have not received the link to check if I will receive a check and how much it will be, can you send me the link?

Tanya Mortise
January 17, 2023

I received the postcard n the mail. I submitted my claim. I still haven't received my refund. I did submitted it before the deadline. Haven't heard anything!

Niki Johnson
January 17, 2023

I just checked we're is my refund I still haven't received anything yet. And know one is giving me know information about it either I received a postcard also still nothing.

Butch parks.
January 17, 2023

Thank you for the great work .I sure could like to know on a date for reimbursement on this settlement.

Addie Brunson
January 17, 2023

How i can claim my payment if i missed the deadline

Jessie Williams
January 17, 2023

I thought the postcard was a scam and now deadline is passed you can't trust anyone especially on Internet