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Online ads and in-person workshops for Sellers Playbook claim to offer “secrets” to making big money on Amazon. But like a lot of namedroppers, the truth doesn’t live up to the hype. That’s what the FTC and the Minnesota Attorney General allege in a lawsuit they filed.

According to the complaint, Sellers Playbook lures consumers in with promises like “Potential Net Profit: $1,287,463.38” and “Starting with $1000…1 year later over $210,000,” but the FTC and AG say few people – if anybody – make that kind of money, despite shelling out thousands to learn the company’s so-called secrets. What’s more, Sellers Playbook has no affiliation with Amazon other than dropping the online giant’s name in its ads.

If the tactics sound familiar, that’s because some of the defendants behind Sellers Playbook were affiliated with Amazing Wealth Systems, a venture whose bogus big-money claims were the subject of an FTC lawsuit earlier this year.

The FTC and the Minnesota AG have charged Sellers Playbook with making misleading earnings claims. The FTC also says the defendants have violated the Business Opportunity Rule, a consumer protection provision that requires sellers of money-making ventures to disclose certain facts up front to people thinking about signing up. In addition, the lawsuit alleges the defendants violated the Consumer Review Fairness Act – a new law that bans contract provisions that try to silence consumers from posting their honest opinions about a company’s products or customer service.

Thinking about sinking your savings into a business opportunity? Don’t make a move without consulting a person you trust in your community and considering these suggestions from the FTC. And here’s a tip from in-the-know entrepreneurs: If the promoter of a business opportunity doesn’t give you the disclosure document required by the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule, that alone should sound an alarm. If they’re not honoring those basic legal requirements, can you trust their money-making promises? Probably not.

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August 07, 2018
Why can this not be allowed to be shared on FB?
August 12, 2018

In reply to by Kangi

You can share it on Facebook! Look at the top of the article, there us a sharing feature!
August 07, 2018
Before buying into one of these programs always ask yourself, "What are they going to teach me that I can't learn myself with a little digging at a public library or a little online research?"
August 07, 2018
Thanking you again in advance for looking out for so many people to include me.
Princess D
August 07, 2018
Makes me wonder about all these people like Than Merrill, who sells his tips for flipping properties and how to find hard money lenders in your area. They grab you with a gimmick line like "Come meet Than Merrill at his free 2 hour seminar in your area, call now to reserve your 2 free seats, seating is limited" yet when you sit through the whole 2 hour speech there is no Than Merrill anywhere to be found. Get rich quick schemes are for the person selling, not the person buying, don't let yourself be fooled they do not have your best interest at heart.
Pretty Peacock
August 07, 2018
My late husband paid about $3,000 for this scam and got nothing. Is there any way that money can be recouped?
FTC Staff
August 14, 2018

In reply to by Pretty Peacock

The FTC and Minnesota Attorney General just filed the case in early August. A court will decide the case. Sometimes the FTC is able to get money back for people, although it might not be all the money people lost. You can file an FTC report about what happened to your late husband; go to The information you give will go into a secure database that FTC and other law enforcement agencies use.

If you live in Minnesota, you can report to the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office at 651-296-3353 or 800-657-3787.

Catlady 561
August 17, 2018

In reply to by Pretty Peacock

I just received a call, which generally, if I'm not familar with e name I don't answer, BUT this time I did,( didn't lose any money, but I could have down the road. A Monday morning, received this call, from a neighborin g state ,so I answered, well I was a little "down in-the- dumps", so to continue, I was told I won a check from the Pub.Clearing house., which I don'[t usually enter those things ,well I did the last that I got in the mail. This phone call t-,(Ithink) they did ask if I entered the contest, , RED FLAG,I was told to sit down, because I did win , 5000,000,wow 1/2 millon dollars. I did not give any detailed info, just thta I'd had been sick, and this is a God send, mymind was racing like 1000 miles a minute, thing's I could now do, that wouldn't be able to before,my family, my church & so on, now I was no longer in the dump, but a millon clouds high! Fortunately I did not give any true pertinent info, just kind of generic, & a little personal stuff, like my health, & haven't filed tax in the last several years, 'cause don't make enough to file, no questions for a/c numbersask forjust bland , like A checking account & savings, which I replied have a checking But no savings. ( I'm as poor as a church mouse) Then I was being trans ferred to a Lawyer, who could help with tax things & so on with these winning amount of money. Spoke to her, a little bit, then we were disconnected, I was upset, I wanted the call to continue, Did not happen, So now Iwas Down, as Down could get. although, No money lost from my end. the only info I gave, when asked (by the first person) the check will be delivered by special courier between a couple of hours on a certain date which was soon, "would that be ok, will I be home?" Of course I confirmed YES. That was it.then over to the Lawyer, , as I said , talked for a few minuetes, no info given. BUT again, I was so excited, I WON,IWON, then disconected, no call came back, Down I went. Thinking , tried to call the number from they I D, low & behold, tones like it was a fax, but quite a few different tones, called again, recording said "not available try again later) yea right! Well I didn't lose any money, BUT a waste of my time , & I was shot down. I wanted to slap those people right up side of the head. It's like a mean joke. I'm sure I wasn't a great candidate for them, not enough money. So theye'll go on to a bigger fish!, I'm posted this so other people out there, don't get hooked like me & have your wonderfulthoughts get crushed. Now, I just have to put their litlle joke behind me!
Tom Thumb
August 07, 2018
About 3 1/2 years ago, I got a call from Future Ranking dba Optimized Solutions, selling a web site that someone just walked away from. Should have been a red flag right there. As they said, the were rated A+ with the BBB. That's the last time I trust the BBB. Two years and $55K less in my retirement account, I never did get a sale on either website. What a scam.
Paul H.
August 07, 2018
Predatory people that need to be Locked Up with no set release date or deported to a country where they have to work rice patties or farm animals to feed themselves. That would make them appreciate "honesty".
August 08, 2018
interesting.........i have consulted the AG office many times in the past. they always respond and always help.
Herb H.
August 09, 2018
Received another Amazon deal to make big money. I sent it to the FTC.
February 18, 2019

In reply to by Herb H.

Just wondering if the FTC did anything about Amazon deal calls, I get them 3 or more a day, Seems like they keep finding another number to use after I block them .
September 11, 2018
Bank of America is not allowing me to dispute the Sellers Playbook charge to my credit card last month without a cancellation letter from Sellers Playbook. The problem is, they are on full shutdown since the FTC injunction and do not respond to phone calls, letters or email. Still I'm trying to get BOA to accept the FTC injunction document as proof. But to no avail so far. So I have open a complaint with the FTC and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
March 12, 2019
I’ve experienced with the same problem a month ago a lady called me telling about a food serving job that I did not apply for I asked what is the name of the company she said TGO catering company I told her I never applied to that company but since it’s a job and I’m looking for one now she said she’s calling for an interview and asked me if I have a food protection license i said no she said don’t worry you still can come and bring $80 for registration fee when i went to the interview she told me that there’s a other $200 for the class to get the food license after you finish sent us you passing score along with an fake application and sent it to them they will get back to me in 2 day after revice it since then it’s been almost a month I cannot even reach them through a phone call I when their last week the front dest told me they are no longer here police scorted them out of please I need help