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You see the ads on TV, hear them on the radio, or read them in print and online: attorneys telling you about the dangers of certain prescription drugs. Many of these ads open with “medical alert,” “health alert” or “consumer alert” to get your attention. The ads generally say that if you or a loved one has been injured by a certain prescription medication, you may be entitled to compensation, and to contact the law firm for more information.

The FTC, the nation’s consumer protection agency, says that if you’re thinking about stopping your prescription medications for any reason, talk with your doctor first.

Some attorney ads may overstate the risks of the drugs they talk about. But even when they don’t, the benefits of the drugs at issue may outweigh the risks. In fact, the FTC is aware of reports of serious and tragic consequences — including death — that happened when people stopped taking their medications without first talking with their health care professionals.

Just because a lawyer talks about the dangers of a drug doesn’t mean you should stop taking it. In fact, it might be more dangerous if you stop taking it. Check with your doctor before you stop taking any prescription medication.

For more information, please see the FDA’s article Why You Need to Take Your Medications as Prescribed or Instructed.



Ms.Muggi (not verified)
September 24, 2019
Thank you FTC, great Report, especially for old People lik me. Thanks again
REM (not verified)
September 24, 2019
This is a very useful article. Thanks for posting!
jdarling (not verified)
September 24, 2019
I've always viewed those ads as the "Modern Day Ambulance Chasers" who take the warnings and play them up. All for the sake of money.
snapfish23 (not verified)
September 24, 2019
Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all these warning that could really hurt seniors, of which I am one. Also, i have ordered a number of your brochures for people to read and be aware of certain scams and such. Thank you, thank you
FTC Staff
September 25, 2019

In reply to by snapfish23 (not verified)

Thank you for sharing information and helping people in your community avoid scams.

rysio (not verified)
September 24, 2019
This is a great report and especially for seniors always always check with your doctor Thank you
Chris m (not verified)
September 24, 2019
If it is dangerous to stop meds, ( which I agree) then why are they allowed to advertise ??
bestgrandma01 (not verified)
September 25, 2019
Thank you very much for publishing this message. I am a 73-year-old female and I never listen to those adds. I trust my doctor of 25 years and he takes very good care of me. I only listen to him. I know that a lot of people tell me they stopped their medication becation because of the TV add and I always ask them to call their doctor. Thanking you in advance and I will be sharing this information.
FTC Staff
September 25, 2019

In reply to by bestgrandma01 (not verified)

Thank you for sharing the information with people around you.

Ms. Juarez (not verified)
September 24, 2019
Very helpful tips. My family definitely appreciates this useful information
alannajm (not verified)
September 24, 2019
I remember a time when lawyers did not advertise. Wish we could go back to that.
Shirley (not verified)
September 25, 2019
Thank you. You may have saved my life.
gentlehugs6 (not verified)
September 25, 2019
Thank you very much for sharing this information. I'll be sure to pass it along. I DO Not pay any attention to the adds anyway. God bless you all for the work you do.
TONY B. (not verified)
September 26, 2019
This article was so informative. I, personally, would never stop any medication without my doctor's approval. But, what is interesting is that I thought that the Food and Drug Admin. has ALREADY concluded that these meds. or devices SHOULD NOT be used, and stop using them WITH your doctor's approval! I was wrong!
Carl Bowles (not verified)
October 16, 2019
Talk to your doctor before stopping any drugs is good advice.