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Did you use one of OnPoint’s bogus websites — like or — to get driver’s license or vehicle registration services? Now you can apply to get back the money you lost. Learn more at Don’t wait, the deadline to apply for a refund is July 5, 2022.

Did you use one of OnPoint Global’s websites to check eligibility for government assistance programs like the Housing Choice Voucher program or Section 8 housing assistance? If you entered personal information online, now you can apply for compensation. Learn more at Don’t wait, the deadline to apply for a refund is July 5, 2022.

Thanks to the FTC’s lawsuit and $85 million judgment against On Point Global, people who are eligible for refunds will automatically get an email from Stretto, the company handling the payments. The email will arrive by mid-April and give instructions on how to claim your refund. Didn’t get an email, but think you’re eligible? Learn how to check your eligibility at


Hossein Haedareyan
April 11, 2022

Hello . Congratulations to all the friends, staff and staff of this site and thank them all. It's very good to know that the federal government is listening to us losers and helping to compensate us, as well as giving others hope that the government is taking care of everything. I'm happy and thank you.

Sylvia Picone
April 11, 2022

I know many times when I entered DMV to pull up the web page to renew my registration that there were many links that were not always the actual California DMV. Always pay attention to the URL and make sure you are actually at the site you intended. Most DMV will end in .gov

April 29, 2022

Just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your extraordinary informative emails.
I consider myself VERY VERY LUCKY TO RECEIVE YOUR EMAILS (as I’m not fb and people don’t know how I navigate life in general lol )
The FTC is part of the American government that ARE ACTUALLY protecting us. Thank you!!