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Learn how to protect your privacy online and what to do if you or someone you know is dealing with online abuse or harassment.

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Protect Your Privacy

Sharing Information: A Day in Your Life

Many everyday activities allow businesses access to information about your habits, tastes and activities. But where does that information go and how is it used?

How Websites and Apps Collect and Use Your Information

Have you ever wondered why some online ads you see are targeted to your tastes and interests? Or how websites or apps remember your preferences from visit to visit? The answer is online tracking. Learn how and why websites track you — and what to do about it.

What To Know About People Search Sites That Sell Your Information

Learn how people search sites work and how to ask them to stop selling your information.

Protecting Your Child’s Privacy Online

As a parent, you have control over the personal information companies collect online from your kids under 13.

Health Privacy

Health Apps and Your Sensitive Information

Health apps help you track your health conditions, count your calories, and manage your medications. Learn about the risks associated with these types of apps.

DNA Test Kits: Protecting the Privacy of Your Sensitive Information

DNA test kits promise intriguing insights into your past and your future. Get advice about protecting the privacy of the sensitive information these tests reveal.

Internet-Connected Devices

Securing Your Internet-Connected Devices at Home

Steps that can help protect your internet-connected devices.

How To Secure Your Voice Assistant and Protect Your Privacy

Here's what you can do to keep your voice assistant and recordings private and secure. 

Selling your car?

When you sell or donate your car, that personal data might be accessible to the next owner if you don’t take steps to remove it.

Buying or selling a “smart” home?

Whether you are buying or selling a home, think about the technology you may be buying or selling along with it.

Security smarts for smartwatches

Enjoying the convenience of a smartwatch means trusting it to keep your data safe.

Online Abuse and Harassment

Stalking Apps: What To Know

Stalking apps on your phone can track or monitor your behavior.

What To Do if You’re the Target of Revenge Porn

Did someone share an intimate image of you without your OK? Find out what you can do about it.


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