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Have you been affected by a data breach? Read on

Ari Lazarus
Hackers know a secret many of us share: we reuse passwords. Don’t. That’s one takeaway from the FTC’s case against online alcohol delivery platform Drizly. Here’s what to do after a data breach and

Use Two-factor Authentication to Protect Your Accounts

There probably isn’t a day that goes by without you logging in to at least one account — maybe you check your email, post to your social media, pay bills, send money to your friends and family, or buy
Consumer Alert

How to spot, stop, and report post-disaster scams

Colleen Tressler
Whether you’re starting to assess the damage from Hurricane Ida, the recent flooding in Tennessee, the wildfires in the West, or another natural disaster, coping with the aftermath is never easy. But
Consumer Alert

COVID vaccines are FREE!

Colleen Tressler
Scammers are doubling down on their efforts to scam people out of their money and personal information. That’s why the FTC and the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) are teaming up to
Consumer Alert

Scammers target loved ones of COVID-19 victims

Seena Gressin
Government imposters may have hit a new low with a scheme that targets the grieving survivors of people who died of COVID-19 by offering them help paying for their loved one’s funeral expenses. A real