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Every day dedicated community advocates work to improve the lives and protect the rights of people across the country. The FTC is proud of our work with the legal services community and we are excited to share the Community Advocate Center, a new resource to help you report to the FTC your clients’ experiences with fraud, scams, and bad business practices.


We know that communities thrive when we work together. We also know that scammers target specific populations including people of color, speakers of other languages, and lower-income communities. When advocates tell us people’s stories through, the FTC can give tailored advice on next steps, including specific info about how to try to recover their money.


When you sign up for the Community Advocate Center, you’ll be joining colleagues from Legal Services Corporation, Inc. the National Legal Aid & Defender Association, the National Consumer Law Center, and the National Association of Consumer Advocates in supporting this initiative.

And please share this post and the video with your friends and colleagues and encourage them to use the Community Advocate Center on behalf of their clients.

The FTC cares about stopping scams you deal with, and preventing others from taking root. We use reports from your community to stop bad practices, get money back for your clients, and educate people about how to avoid the latest scams. Please sign up today:

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Nancy from New York
October 25, 2021
Having a central database for scammers should be very helpful. Scams, ransomeware, identity theft and other online theft practices are extremely destructive. These bad actors now do their theft in the realm of international law enforcement.
October 25, 2021
I was searching for Medic Alert device for my neighbor on internet few days back. Thanks got a call today on land line, regarding the device. If I go to arthritis doctor, I immediately gets calls for brace. I feel the scammers are somehow getting into search engines and health insurance and getting personal info about consumer
Mr. Variable
October 25, 2021
Everyone needs this! Especially in todays environment! Remind me to do this...
October 25, 2021
Today on the Next Door app, someone mentioned receiving a call saying if she paid in advance with gift cards would received six months of Direct T.V. free. Apparently that sounded fishy, but she still purchased the cards (one for $160 and the other $200. Now selling them to anyone on the Next Door app.