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The last thing people who turned to Alex Miller Credit Repair for help needed was to end up in worse financial shape than when they began. But, according to a lawsuit the Department of Justice filed for the FTC, the company took people’s money without delivering on its promises to boost their credit scores.

The lawsuit says that since 2018, the company, formally known as Turbo Solutions Inc., and its owner have scammed people out of more than $10.1 million through their fraudulent credit repair scheme.

According to the lawsuit, the company claims it can remove negative items, like collection accounts, from people’s credit reports, and boost their scores with “credit building products.” But, the FTC and DOJ say, the claims are false or misleading. People don’t see those improvements to their credit scores, despite paying up to $1,500 in up-front fees. Which, by the way, are illegal for credit repair companies to collect.

The complaint also says the defendants have used the FTC’s website to file fake identity theft reports. There, they’ve claimed that people had negative information on their reports because of identity theft. The complaint also says the defendants have failed to give people copies of their contracts and required disclosures, including a statement explaining that people can cancel their contract without charge within three business days of signing it.

If you’re trying to fix your credit, remember that credit repair companies can’t remove accurate negative information from your credit report. And anything they can do for you legally, you can do for yourself.

If you’re considering hiring someone to help you clear your credit, keep in mind that reputable credit counselors review your whole financial situation before they make a plan. They won’t ask you to pay in advance, dispute information in your credit report that you believe is accurate, or tell you not to contact the credit bureaus directly. If you have a problem with a credit repair organization, please report it to the FTC and your state attorney general.

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David Scott Jones
March 30, 2022

I don't really understand what y'all are contacting me about please elaborate for me thank you