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Here at the FTC, we think about scams all day long. What are the scammers’ new angles? How can we keep ahead of them? We hear from people about the scams they see, and we turn that into tips people use to spot and avoid scams.

But scammers find FTC staff, just as they find the rest of America. My colleagues and I have even gotten calls on our work phones, offering reduced credit card interest rates, or claiming to be tech support calling about problems with our computers. We also get the calls at home. In fact, someone claiming to work for the IRS called my house just last week:

This has all the signs of an IRS imposter scam. In fact, the IRS won’t call out of the blue to ask for payment, won’t demand a specific form of payment, and won’t leave a message threatening to sue you if you don’t pay right away. Have you gotten a bogus IRS call like this? If you did, report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA – include the phone number it came from, along with any details you have.

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August 21, 2017
just got this call It's to inform you that we have received a legal petition notice concerning a tax fraud against you so before this matter goes to the federal claims court house or before you get arrested please call immediately on our department number 646-918-1295 make sure you call us as soon as possible again, this is Officer, Steve Parker from the Internal Revenue Services. Does this sound like a fraud?
August 21, 2017

In reply to by spring45

Yes. This is a scam. Do not return the call.

If the IRS wants to reach you, they will send a letter.

August 21, 2017
Just received second call from "Vonage Holdings"; (914) 819-0830. IRS robocall... These criminals operate with complete impunity.
August 22, 2017
just got the same call law suit all that poor english phone number they gave was 246-513-2007 i called it back the number is bad. SCAM...
August 29, 2017
#'s 31542015010 and 3152015033 are IRS SACAM ROBOT CALLS
August 30, 2017
Is a 501 203 7409 a scsm number for irs? They threatened me that if i hung up the irs will issue a warrant
August 31, 2017
got the same exact message - and i made the misatke of calling back the man on the phone was very aggressive and knew a lot of personal information on my taxes. number 989 266 5661
September 01, 2017
got several calls now... I am already paying a small amount each month from my check to the IRS this call says they are calling regarding prior year and I owe 386 (which is actually true...) I don't know if this is legit or why would the IRS not add this to the current amount being collected? 2022392135 threats of jail time, telling me im a fraud and the IRS will catch up to me...?????
FTC Staff
September 06, 2017

In reply to by dhincalifornia

The real IRS does not call people and threaten them. If you're already working with the IRS, you can all and ask about your account.

September 07, 2017
I received a call from 509-588-1485 telling me that an arrest warrant has been issued regarding IRS back unpaid taxes. The robotic caller warned me that my actions and property are being monitored and I should call back as soon as possible to avoid further action.
September 07, 2017
Why can't these people be stopped?? Someone...please tell me...I have gotten several of these calls and was told by friends not to answer yes to any questions that somehow they can use that because it is recorded and they can manipulate the recording to get money or your I'd or use it some way. When I first got the call I talked with them..realizing it was a scam...I told him I couldn't understand him and wanted to speak to someone that I could understand...I eventually hung up on him...mad that people were getting away with this...I called back..he answered by using my name...I told him to get off his lazy arse and get a real job and stopped stealing from people that had worked hard for their money...he hung up well I called back...he answered by saying my name over and over with a very thick Indian accent...told him again what I thought he hung up...I called thinking was if I keep him busy and on the phone with me he can't scamm some unknowing person out of their maybe I saved a few calls from being made. I block the number when I get one of these calls then they just use another number to get through. Best thing is to tell all your family and friends so they are aware of the scam!!!
September 07, 2017
I received a call, and was left a voice message from 775-204-4985. Officer Jonathan knight, saying i was under investigation from the IRS for unethical items on my income taxes (whatever that means). Disregarding this message meant hostile actions on my part. OH WELL
September 07, 2017
Someone called me from 844-488-3732 and left a voice mail message pretending to be from IRS and stating that they will file for my arrest. He wanted me to call back at 914-253-1416
September 08, 2017
Received a computer call from 8187229974 claiming to be from the IRS - I believe its a scam. Any thoughts?
September 08, 2017
9/8/17 Call from 509-588-1483. IRS warrent for my arrest. Total bogus
September 09, 2017
September 12, 2017
9/11/17 I received a call from 509-588-1485 telling me that an arrest warrant has been issued, but did not state the reason. The robotic caller warned me that my actions and property are being monitored and I should call back as soon as possible to avoid further action.
September 19, 2017
We've received this exact phone message multiple times a month for the last year or so. I knew it was a scam from the bogus computer voice (& the fact that I don't commit tax fraud). Additionally, I used to work for the USPS & delivered many certified letters from the IRS, so I also knew they would never call to contact me should I be in poor standing with them. Now that I know how to report it, I'll be sure to do so in the future.
September 28, 2017
Keep receiving calls a lot lately from # (206)962-3616 claiming they work for the IRS that supposedly there’s a lawsuit being filed against me and my family for unpaid taxes for some bull crap reason . I eventually blocked their number considering they’ve called me a dozen million times in the week. I immediately knew it was a scam when they first tired to say it had something to do with me going back to school to all of sudden we “ supposedly work for the IRS on an automated machine. Don’t answer block the number it’s a fraud scam , they’re just trying to get you to give them money.
September 30, 2017
At the supermarket I received a call on my cell phone by a man who first asked if I was [my real name], that he was with the IRS. He said he knew I was a caregiver and wanted to know the full name of the person I was caring for. He knew that I had a limited power of attorney for the patient and wanted to ask me a few questions. I said "I don't know who you are, I can't see your badge, I don't believe the IRS phones people. He said his first name was Angel and sure enough, the area code was 512. I asked why he would be calling at 8:30 at night, and he said he is on the night shift and all he wants ws information about the underlying documents on the return. He said, "If I tell you the first five numbers of his social security number and his address, would you know I was legitimate? I said "He filed his taxes with a CPA and all his papers are at his home. I can't talk now, give me your number, I can barely hear you it's loud here." He gave me a full name and an employee number but I had nothing to write with or on, so I said he could call me in about an hour. He did not call and when I tried the incoming number on my phone the message said this was an incorrect number. He did not make any threats and said nothing about a law suit like these other calls on this blog. But my gut feeling was still that he was not with the IRS even though he knew so much. It disturbs me that he knew my name, the fact that I am a caregiver for a retired elderly gentleman,and that I have a limited power of attorney from him. And that he knew the first five numbers of his SS. I take him to the VA hospital and wonder if perhaps some employee there is involved, because the gentleman does not give out his home address, gets his mail at a PO Box and only gives out his cell phone number. I do the same thing myself because I live alone and do not want mail piling up in my home mail box. I still worry that he is really with the IRS in case the IRS really needs information about some of the deductions my patient submitted.
October 02, 2017
509-587-1821 IRS bench warrant out for my arrest.
October 05, 2017

I keep getting a call on my phone claiming to be the IRS that number is 366-967-5441

October 06, 2017
I have had a phone number call me on my cell from 585 542 2691 claiming he was from THE IRS and he was a federal marshal officer, he went on saying i did fraud on my taxes until I asked him where he was calling from, he said Washington, DC and I chimed in my caller ID showed Akron, NY.He hung up very quick as I then called the IRS. Stay sharp and thank God for caller ID and blocking.
October 06, 2017
Received a call from 2092272125 claiming to be from IRS and FBI and Dept of External Affairs and money was owed from back taxes from 2009 - 2014 and to come to Walmart and wire money to settle.
October 06, 2017
Just received a computerized voice mail stating. "Hi, this is Officer Ryan Smith from the IRS Internal Revenue Service. This is to notify you that you are under federal investigation for fraud and unethical activities found in the audit report of your taxes. You can reach me on 646-558-6671. Do not try to disregard this message or it will be taken as an offense from your side. Again, this is officer Smith from the Internal Revenue Service."
October 08, 2017
I too have received several phone calls from 3 different area codes and numbers.They also have the INFINITY caption at the top of their phone call.ML
JC Johnston
October 10, 2017
Received a fraudulent call from a Johnathan Knight (was a robocall) regarding IRS fraud. The IRS robocalls are back.
October 11, 2017
Received a call this morning at 9:15 tel:201-940-2926 saying they were Jonathan Knight. He said I’ve been scamming the IRS for several years and I would be arrested if I did not send the money right away . They had my name they had my Social Security number this is pretty scary .
October 11, 2017
I saw this was an old post, but please note that this scam is still alive and real. I am accountant (CPA at that) by profession, so this is a bit embarrassing, but I'm not to proud to not feel the need to warn others. I received a phone call at 5:50pm from 1-509-0277 (at least my cell phone said it was from that number, but who knows now if they didn't emulate another number). The call was an automated recording saying that they were with the IRS, Badge ID IRM98596, and that I had a warrant out for my arrest with the FBI and I needed to call this number to discuss the matter or local authorities would be notified by the end of business of this warrant for federal custody. I'm not a tax accountant, but this seemed professional enough and legit enough to scare me to call them. I was demanding information and they did stay professional. I've actually dealt with the IRS (legit IRS) previously for business matters, and the details did stack up up to that point other than I had no clue what in the world I would possibly have a warrant out with the FBI and or IRS for. I have a squeaky clean record. They were using legally recognized terms, so I really started freaking out and said I don't understand, I have done nothing wrong or maliciously. They had the act down and were typing to "take notes" on the case. I had my son in the car and I freaked out. Just the shear emotion - I'm going to be imprisoned and I have received no notice or warning or anything regarding this. I questioned this, and they cited IRC. I was on the road. I did not have the ability to look up the IRC quoted or context. But again - it was professional, smooth, and seemed legit. Based on my break down, the asked if I was stating I was not with willful intent committing tax fraud. I questioned again, can you provide the tax year or any details. I have received no notification. They explained that due to 2 specific charges against me that they spouted off they legally have no obligation to provide noticed prior to action up to immediate imprisonment. ability to verify any of this, just thinking OMG - my 4 year old is in the car and I may not see him based on what they said for 10 years. My degree isn't in taxation, my CPE focus of study isn't in taxation, and the stuff they were spouting off was very specific and they were confident. They went on to "transfer" me to the resolution department where they rattled off again disturbingly personal information. They then went on to instruct me to resolve that I had to make at least a partial payment of the total amount due, for which they clearly made up a specific but bogus number. Throughout this entire conversation they proceeded to remind me that this call is being recorded and monitored. The thought crossed my mind to try to record the call, but I could not think on my feet of how to safely to that with the resources I had while driving. They ultimately informed me of specific steps of how to redeem payment confirmation for the partial payment to have the warrant officially called off and informed me all of the years under audit and detail of errors would be sent to me after this. I was given a list of 5 stores from which I could purchase store named gift cards from. Then I was to provide that information to them verbally on the phone while they activated a EFTPS (legit name for tax payment portal) specific to both me as a tax payer and this case ID, through which I was then to log on and input this information in as well. Something didn't sit right. I pushed back and they got pushy still and asked if I was changing my mind and would prefer they hang up and call the Waco PD to notify them. By this time I had got home and started googling like mad. They had threatened that if a disconnect of the call occurred and they traced it to my side of the call, then that would be considered evasion of arrest and added to the warrant due to the charges against me, so I did not feel comfortable attempting to do this while on the phone with them. Not to mention my phone after work was at 20% battery life. First thing I googled was IRS phone scam. My heart sunk. I immediately hung up, but I had just given them on threat of federal arrest gift card information for gift cards totaling $3K. I immediately called best buy to inform them and told them of all of the purchase information. They directed me to their card line. I called them, but by the time I called them, they said the funds had already been spent. Best buy said the only thing I could do is call the local store back to get the details of how the cards were redeemed and file a police report. I got the details and found out from my local store these were redeemed in store in two different states. I called the card line back and there was supposedly nothing else they could do other than send me the redemption receipts to call the local stores and discuss with that store manager. So I went the route of trying to file with my bank for a fraudulent transaction. Better believe I'll be one the phone with best buy stores tomorrow though. Sick to my stomach right now. I since googled and searched the IRS for how to check for outstanding tax balances....surprise surprise, I have none. Looks like I'm due for a little tax law CPE refresher.
FTC Staff
October 12, 2017

In reply to by FooledConsumer

You can also help law enforcement by reporting this to the FTC at You have a lot of relevant details to include in your report. The information you provide will be added to a secure database that law enforcement nationwide use for investigations.

November 30, 2017

In reply to by FooledConsumer

I've gotten that phone call to and it does get really scary when they have that kind of information. And because of a kind of work did I do it really makes me wonder are they really for real or not? 509 is Eastern Washington 360 is the Centralia Olympia peninsula in Washington State but since I have a Florida number I was getting calls from the New York and the Virginia area and some of the other day found out I was in this area but they have been making some pretty serious threats at the police say they can't do anything about unless they act on them.
October 13, 2017
I have had a scam call from 818 301-4903 regarding tax liability & avoiding a warrant. I wish the government would crack down on these menacing calls!
October 21, 2017
I had someone tell me I had a federAl warrent it was 6312378066 I been getting calls like this alir lately and tired of it
October 26, 2017
‭+1 (360) 232-6492‬ New number
T Rex south
October 27, 2017
I got 2 calls from a number today claiming to be the IRS. 202-899-9134 and called it back. The first time the person hung up when I asked to whom am I speaking with.
October 31, 2017
Just got one with Officer Jonathan Knight/Nite telling me the IRS is owed money to they due to tax fraud. I swear he was one of the New Kids On The Block..he is blocked anyway. CLOSE ENOUGH
November 01, 2017
1-226-556-9968 Steve Parker is going to arrest me! Help
November 06, 2017
Got a call today from Haverhill, MA, number 978-228-6480, gave me a badge number GS744162, last name Thompson, couldn't understand the first name because it had a heavy Indian accent. Said my SSN was blacklisted, and needed to contact them before litigation began. I reported it, but I know it's a scam. Did anyone else get this from this person?
November 07, 2017

In reply to by izziefnp

I received a call from the same number and caller I'd also said Haverhill, MA. However the voicemail was distorted and couldn't understand anything they were saying. Is it a scam? I haven't called back the number. It's the first time this number has called me.
November 06, 2017
I recieved a phone call from 360-515-7937. It was a recording. When I called back several times, it goes into voice mail. No one ever answers. Highly unusual wouldn't you say? Sounds like a scam. Please check.
November 07, 2017
Just received a call from 540-602-3160. Saying they were the IRS and I needed to get back to them
November 07, 2017
I am still getting calls from IRS scam at this moment in november 2017!! i see that many has done their jobs to submit complaints into the FTC and TIGTA but have anything been done to put these people behind bars?? most of us are smart to not do what these people said but what about those innocent elderly people out there?? these people who impersonate IRS should be the ones deported as well for taking up our jobs and money!!
November 08, 2017
Person claims to be from IRS. Telephone (360) 203-3245. Fraud.
IRS Scam - 11.08
November 08, 2017
First of all you could barely understand what was being said. He sounded like he had marbles in is mouth. Was asked to call back and provider my SS#, which was blacklisted and direct deposit info. Return phone was (978) 228-6480. This was not the first call that I've received saying I have a warrant out for my arrest and to call back before litigation began.
IRS Scam - 11.09
November 09, 2017
Received another voice mail today (private number). It was an automated message, claiming they were from the IRS and are filing a claim against me. Return number is 276-477-5090.
November 10, 2017
got 2 calls today. 509 740 0316 Omak, WA- Person who sounded like a robot claiming he is Officer Jonathan Knight. called back the #, a woman picked up with a heavy foreign accent saying they are from the IRS. totally bogus!
November 13, 2017
Just got a call from Johnathan Knight computer recording saying I had committed fraud against the IRS Phone number was 509 740 0316
Scam Report1
November 15, 2017
Had the same issue from a Robo call Jonathan Knight. Said I was under investigation for fraud by the IRS and to call immediately. Number was 509-740-0316.
November 15, 2017
I just got a call which I declined and they left a voicemail. The voicemail sounded like a machine voice and said it was officer Jonathan Knight, the call came from area code 310 which is Los Angeles.