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Image of cupid and heartNot everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly. And they tug at your heartstrings with made-up stories about how they need money — for emergencies, hospital bills, or travel. Why all of the tricks? They’re looking to steal your money.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, romance scammers are now involving their victims in online bank fraud. Here’s how it works: The scammers set up dating profiles to meet potential victims. After they form a “relationship,” they come up with reasons to ask their love interest to set up a new bank account. The scammers transfer stolen money into the new account, and then tell their victims to wire the money out of the country. Victims think they’re just helping out their soulmate, never realizing they’re aiding and abetting a crime.  

Here are some warning signs that an online love interest might be a fake. They ask you to:

  • chat off of the dating site immediately, using personal email, text, or phone
  • wire money using Western Union or Money Gram
  • set up a new bank account

Did you know you can do an image search of your love interest’s photo in your favorite search engine? If you do an image search and the person’s photo appears under several different names, you’re probably dealing with a scammer. And if the person’s online profile disappears a few days after they meet you, that’s another tip-off.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason. If your online sweetheart asks for money, you can expect it’s a scam.

Unfortunately, online dating scams are all too common. There may be tens of thousands of victims, and only a small fraction report it to the FTC. If this happens to you, please report it at — click on Scams and Rip-Offs, then select Romance Scams.

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Plasticman77 (not verified)
February 08, 2019
I am wondering if any of this is not a scam has anyone ever gotten love from this?
Majorcannis194… (not verified)
February 08, 2019
I was contacted October 2018 on a dating site Zoosk by a man named Patrick Aart. A very handsome older man who claimed to be the CEO of IncConstruction working on a secret government contract for the Pentagon and NSA. He even had a website I could visit as proof he was CEO of his own company. Patrick was a very smooth operator who claimed he lived in Connecticut. He would occasionally call on the phone and when I did a search the phone number was pinging off a tower in Wilmot, Conn. I found that to be confusing. He never directly asked me for money EXCEPT that he and I were to be buying a house in Spain together. All I had to do is pay half of the closing fees. As time went on we were getting emotionally close waiting for the day he would finish the contract he needed to fulfill by the end of this February. Occassionally he would mention that I had promised to pay for half of closing fees. In January he forwarded emails from a realtor in Malaga, Spain and I was to pick out the house I wanted most. He claimed he had used this realtor many times before when he moved from country to country on his work. We began having issues when I kept asking how much closing costs would be and he kept telling me that the realtor had not told him yet. Since he was supposed to be very nv well off I was always suspicious how he was going to ask me for money. Finally the day came that he told me closing costs were $100,000. But that he had talked him down to $89,000 and that half was my part to pay. I told him at that time that I was not sending any money unless I could put it directly into his hands. He said, of course, that is impossible because he could not leave the secret location. Patrick Aart had sent me a photo of a form from a bank in the Virgin Islands that showed how much money he had in an off shore account. It indicated almost $7 million. He asked me to delete the document as soon as I saw it and I did. He also had an email from the realtor in Spain saying they had received $394,???.00 in funds as partial down payment and that as soon as they received the information off of my passport the realtor and closing agent would finalize the sale of the house. I refuse d to divulge any information as sensitive as this to someone I did not know. He urged me to fulfill my promise and I frankly told him I did not recall ever making such a promise and he became very angry. I relented and sent Patrick back a message that I would like to verify that the realtor was viable and he blew up. I never had the kind of money he was asking so he urged me to take out a loan or mortgage my property or whatever it took to fulfill my promise. After a few days I finally told him that I would NEVER EVER send money to someone I could not see for myself. And for him to move on. At first he blocked my number but eventually I did hear from him because I kept sending him messages because I did have a hard time of letting go. I just am relieved thatnI did not have the kind of money he was asking for. I miss our talks and texting and I think of him every day. I think of the person he said he was and of the face I came to love. I am not sure how to post photos but I have 3 he sent. Please be aware and pray you dont fall victim to a financial loss because the hurt one feels for the emotional loss is pain enough for anyone. Thank you for reading and may God keep you protected.
Preserve (not verified)
April 02, 2019

In reply to by Majorcannis194… (not verified)

I have been texting with Patrick Aart from Our Time for 2 weeks but refused to meet. My daughters said he was catfishing. I texted him, said he was catfishing and I was disappointed. I asked him to take a picture holding up a paper with my name so I could c him. HE REFUSED and hung up. The 3 pictures he posted were of someone very handsome. My friend found your comments and I blocked him. Thank you so much.
Majorcannis1948 (not verified)
May 22, 2019

In reply to by Preserve (not verified)

I am sorry you had to go through this experience. Today, I googled his name and Patrick Aart has set up what looks like a more legitimate web page for IConstruction. Still listing himself as CEO and if you search for him on Facebook it shows his name as Patrick van der Aart. Still no photo and only one friend who is a professional sports announcer who does not know a Patrick Aart. This guy is really good at casting doubt. Even when confronted he will deny deny deny. I posted the photos he claimed as his own on a Scammers website. Good luck and remember that the dating sites are crawling with scammers.
How deep is it (not verified)
June 05, 2019

In reply to by Majorcannis1948 (not verified)

What was the Scammers website you posted pictures on??
How deep is it (not verified)
June 17, 2019

In reply to by Majorcannis194… (not verified)

I was also talking to Patrick Aart, my daughter googled his name and found your blog. Thank you for posting this. We were talking for a couple of months, went along with this as he had not asked for money. Two days he sent me the pictures of the condo's in Spain and when I asked for the address, as we have friends in Spain, as they wanted to see where it was, he got very defensive. Told me not to contact him any more, which is fine with me. He also sent me poetry every morning, which some were great, some were a little much. I do have his pictures and plan to post them on a web site.
WorriedFriend (not verified)
July 03, 2019

In reply to by How deep is it (not verified)

Hi There, I would love to chat about this person! This sounds exactly like a Patrick a friend has been caught up with. I’ve seen pictures but I haven’t been able to find proof. Would love to see pictures and see if this is same person because the name and situation are exactly the same.
Susgul (not verified)
July 04, 2019

In reply to by Majorcannis194… (not verified)

I, too, was approached by this man on Zoosk and fell for him. The only thing I don't see mentioned here is his accent. He told me he is Dutch and he does have a pronounced accent.
How deep is it (not verified)
July 11, 2019

In reply to by Susgul (not verified)

The Patrick Aart I talked with, until the end of June, had an accent as he was also Dutch. Told me he has a mother and daughter still living in Holland. I am still trying to post pictures. I had 3 pictures. First one was him in a tux, very good picture. Another one in a light colored shirt, a picture of his Conn. drivers license and then one in a black and white shirt. Says he has his own company and does contracts both in the USA and abroad, but could not disclose locations. We continued talking, usually calling me Babe, until I asked for the address of the places in Spain we were going to live at. I did send him this link when my daughter first found it and he is very good at denying that this is him. We started talking on email, with alot of questions of how we handle situations and then to texting.
Susgul (not verified)
July 04, 2019

In reply to by Majorcannis194… (not verified)

Would you please share your photos? I would like to make sure this is the same guy.
Susgul (not verified)
July 26, 2019

In reply to by Susgul (not verified)

Well, ladies it would appear that Patrick Aart is well and truly moved on. His phone number has been disconnected.
How deep is it (not verified)
October 03, 2019

In reply to by Susgul (not verified)

Well, it seems that Patrick Aart is now using the name Daan Jensen. Beware ladies
Solo (not verified)
February 08, 2019
A friend of mine has been talking to this lady on (Instagram), she says she works with the UN in Syria. She didn't want any money but the Consignment box delivery system wanted about 1 thousand dollars to retrieve a Trunk Box when I "contacted" the UN via Gmail Could this be a scam???
Dee (not verified)
February 08, 2019
Has anyone been hit by a Michael jnr Hilary? A diver on an oil rig in the North Sea, Scotland. Father died before he was born. Mother died of brain cancer when he was a baby. Grew up in an orphanage. Married 27 years. Wife died in an automobile accident 4 years ago. Raising a 12 yesr old daughter. I told him he should write a book and this would be a Lifetime movie for sure. We all need to wake up and not waste our time on such rubbish. These con artists know how to manipulate and pull our heartstrings. Beautiful, sweet, romantic... no one in this life time will ever fit the bill of what they make up. Naturally, they always fine, good looking men you just can’t resist. Wish there was a way we could let someone know there photos are being used all over the internet.
eggman (not verified)
February 09, 2019
If a person expresses there love for you & several others but never asks for money or any other help. How can they be defined as a scammer
Jmt00 (not verified)
February 09, 2019
Talking to a man on Instagram...Kay mateuwz from Poland. Claims his wife was murdered and he lost his brother in an accident. Both parents are also dead. He has 2 kiddos and is in the military in Poland. He sends a lot of pictures through Instagram and has never asked to chat offline...yet.
A woman from Poland (not verified)
January 03, 2020

In reply to by Jmt00 (not verified)

Kay is by no means a Polish name or surname. And it should be "Mateusz” to be Polish.
Austin (not verified)
February 09, 2019
Im so mad at myself. I fell completely in love or was totally infactuated with what I think was a scammer. I was communicating with him for a month. I met him on he was korean went by by name Billy Riggs very professional looking claimed to be a civil engineer from Austin Tx had son living with caretaker in DC and a widow wife had died 4 years earlier. He was looking for a wife. We talked and chatted. He said he wished he had met me before his wife and always claimed to have flund his fufjre in me. He asked me to leave and go to hangouts. He was never available to meet always had an excuse. I was always questioning him and he would turn things around and make me feel guilty for questioning him. Then we made a date to finally meet he all of a sudden had to go out of country to acquire a big contract in saudia arabia and the calls and texts became almost non existetent. I demanded he let me know what was going on and then he said he had a big problem he was dealing with something about a license that he needed from DC but could not leave where he was because he had to present his proposal or lose millions on acquiring project. He asked me to go to DC get the package and mail to him. I told him I had no funds to go and he said ok. That was 3 days ago and I have yet to hear from him. Has anyone else had a korean man with same MO??
Ida (not verified)
February 09, 2019
I've met someone at dating site and he is a doctor who work as volunteer under MSF at Syria now. He don't ask for money but he need my help to get his out from there. And he told me that i must tell the MSF that I'm his wife and need he come back. I ask him how and he told me they will send me the form and I just sign to prove that I'm his wife. I just want to know if someone in here got problem same like me. Because he didn't ask me for money. And he is an Asians man. Please I need help from you.
I lost everything (not verified)
February 11, 2019
This site is great to share. But no authority care about us, the victims. I know: I did file my case everywhere.
Penkam8 (not verified)
February 22, 2019

In reply to by I lost everything (not verified)

Yeah thats my question has anyone ever gotten justice
downandout (not verified)
October 05, 2019

In reply to by I lost everything (not verified)

Dear I Lost Everything. I did too. I haven't been able to get any help either and I filed with the FBI, my state attorney general, the local police, and now the FTC. Nothing. It is very frustrating because I know that some of these crooks are being caught. I read recently that the FBI charged 80 scammers in LA! I am trying to figure out how to get my case in one of those operations. Hang in there and I promise to try to also.
AO (not verified)
February 12, 2019
Something similar happened to me! But I didn't meet him on any dating site. A got a friend and he saw my picture on her Facebook account. And asked her to contact me because I was his soul mate , we exchange numbers and started talking every date! He pose a Chang Khang a Chinese man 51 y/o an engineer who lives in New York and widow with no children. He wanted me to become partners in a business deal and asked me for money to invest, right there I was spooked and told him that I didn't had the money for it. He became so furious about it. Then he told me he got bussines partners in Turkey and had lo leave for 6 months. When he got there he told me that he wanted to send me a package and gave me all the info on the tracking number and everything then I recieve an email saying the package was put on hold in Russia due to a tax clearance . And that I need it to pay 2,530 so my package will arrived in 24 HRS. He begged me to pay the money so I could get the package. I STARTED TO WONDER WHAT WAS GOING ON . AND THEN I discover everything. I know is hard BECAUSE YOU GET EMOTIONAL AND IN LOVED WITH THIS SCAMMERS!! ' BE AWARE, AND DONT LOOSE YOUR HEART AND MONEY!!
Caprice (not verified)
February 12, 2019
Henry Jayson love poems that he googled has 2 kids in boarding school. Went to Athens Greece to do some contract on the "high seas" lost his wallet and c.c. needs help in returning home. Wants $4000 for return ticket. So in love wants to spend the rest of our lives together. Will repay double as our live will be one. Very strong accent..Then came Eduardo big contract in Iceland..I tunes card request $200 . If you really love me you would do this for me. Both IG and hangouts both sound the same. This has to STOP. TOO MANY SCAMMERS...
Mother-in-law love (not verified)
February 13, 2019
I believe my mother in law is being scammed. She received a FB request from a guy that lives in Toronto Canada. His profile pic is a middle age man in a white tux with a black bow. Gray hair, glasses and little facial hair. He has confessed his love and they r talking on Hangout now. Says he was married wife died in plane crash and he had a 16 year old son. He is looking for a woman to take care of him. My mother in law is 79 so I'm confused by this. He says he is in London working but lives in Canada and she thinks he does something with oil. Then he says he is very wealthy and will be coming down to Florida to buy a house and to see her. Now, he has asked her if he and his son can stay at her house and they r coming next month. If he was wealthy he wouldn't want to stay with her and get a hotel. Things don't add up. He never asked her for her age but says he is in love and wants to marry her. She is in lala land right now thinking all this is true. I'm hoping she hasn't given him any personal info but feel like she has. He said that he doesn't need to talk to anyone else on Facebook because he found the love he needed and asked her to get off Facebook and not to write anyone. He goes by the name Salah Chalheb (Christ Salah) had been on Facebook since April 2018. I can't find anything on this guy only two pics from his FB. Does anyone know how to search a pic or how to track where there at on Hangout? I'm nervous because my mother in law lives her her daughter and 2 kids and she is brining some strange guy to her house next month.
Jeremyb123 (not verified)
February 13, 2019
I became friends with this girl from nygeria goes by the name of Anita Crystal Smith. She’s now asking for iTunes cards so she can do some work. She blocked me when I didn’t send it I told her if she unblock me I would and she also ask other men for this too. I think she’s scamming a lot of men because she has a great body . Has anyone else been scammed by her
Stopped Dreaming (not verified)
February 13, 2019
Has anyone talked to Mark Anderson?
StopScammers (not verified)
March 04, 2019

In reply to by Stopped Dreaming (not verified)

Yes. Mark Anderson said he was in LasVegas and had a 15 year old son he had custody of . He wanted to spend Christmas/New Year’s holidays with me. After looking at the cost of airfare he wanted me (or my children) to send him money for 1/2 of the airfare ($1,200). When I said no money would be sent he said we’d meet in January when airfares were cheaper. Then he said we would video chat...but camera needed fixing. He says “I want to fix it now”....never heard from him again. Lol
Jo L (not verified)
February 14, 2019
The sad reality is that it happens, and that it can happen to anyone. My online romance is a real person, we've even met, but, the guile of this long-distance love interest is to ask for money. Often several times each month. If not cash, then a Mobile Phone top-up. It's really bizarre behaviour, but it's explained away easily. Oh, Government pension does not cover my expenses. Life is not fair. The sad part news for me is that this person has a number of nice people to call on for help. Must be spending over £1000.00 per week. Chronic Alcoholic. There is nothing which is okay about this manipulative behaviour. If it were happening in front of my eyes, I would be finding other ways of helping this individual. The manipulation happens because I have been naieve about the true story. This person uses romance to pull me in. Is now in the jail
Pink (not verified)
February 14, 2019
I did not fall for this guy who said he wanted to get to know me amd visit me. He started with the first red flag. He ask for my bank account and i told him it was none of his business. He tried every trick in the book to trick me and IT DOD NOT WORK. I TOLD HIM HE WAS A SCAM AND A LIAR. AND I DELETED HIM
Noni1965 (not verified)
February 14, 2019
I have been talking to Michael in Lagos, Nigeria.went to work construction there with7 year old daughter .end result.lost passports no money starving ..wants to marry me .sent Amazon cards sent ITunes.don't know what to believe .he only needs 4,000.00 to get back to me .I live on Social security .when he says they have no food breaks my heart .I'm at my wits end.Help ..
Cslaugh (not verified)
February 14, 2019
My friend recently got romance scammer by a man that was going by Anthony Felipe who claimed to be Italian, from Texas, a software engineer contractor for Apple and is currently in Thailand. He has sad story after sad story. His mom was in a coma, he got severely beat up and robbed while in Thailand and his leg was busted, his employee is in a coma. He lost his passport and his leg was broken and he's about to be thrown in a Thai jail. Send me money! Lol! We found the real man who had his pictures stolen, a Brazilian man. John Anthony's Facebook was shut down but he will be back under a new name and pictures.
ryan11 (not verified)
February 15, 2019
Ladies dont settle for just online dating and chatting theres a lot of guys out there youll feel it when you see it . thats the reason why your prone to scams coz ur making urself a target .
Blinder's Off (not verified)
February 15, 2019
What happens if they use a Famous persons profile? How do they access it? I was sent a chat from Boz Scagg's fan page on Facebook originally. Then it graduated to Google Hangouts, for almost 2 months...Geez was I a dreamer... He never got anything from me- but he tried. (iTunes gift cards) Be wary girls. If it sounds too good to be true. It most likely is.
foxyfox9 (not verified)
February 15, 2019
has anyone ever heard of a guy named edward casterline? my grandmother has been talking to this hangout scammer since august 2018 and he has damn near cleaned out her savings account.she has sent numerous itunes gift cards, he says hes from california and is in dubai working as a engineer and wants her to help pay for a plane ticket to come be with her and live happily ever after. but every time its time for him to come there is alwys a reason as to why he needs more money to be able to come, i have tried to explain to her that its weird tht he is in dubai but western unions she sends is always in these weird nigerian names and sent to legos nigeria. i want her to stop before its gone way to far
Babybubba (not verified)
February 15, 2019
Has anyone been contacted by a medical Doctor contracted in Syria his name is Jame Brown Mark and says he has a 14yr old boy his wife died and his parents died when he was very young kind of weird. In a plane crash. How can someone say u are the love.of.their life in 2 days
JInAZ (not verified)
March 03, 2019

In reply to by Babybubba (not verified)

Oh my goodness yes. Except he has a 13 year old daughter lives here in my home state and immediately wanted to private text off the dating site. However the dating site does expire after 1 week so that part is true. But all of a sudden he was in Syria and his wife passed away. He shared something that was bothering him about a general who left him a bunch of money. I told him that wasn't believable. I'd be interested to find out what else he has told you. And what his phone number is and email
Alissa (not verified)
February 16, 2019
I have been communicating with someone on Instagram for a few weeks now, and he has always seemed off to me. He never asked me for anything, but to love someone in 2 days is not normal. I never said I loved him back, just that I loved “his spirit.” He says he’s an orphan, his mother (adoptive?—whatever) is dead, and he has a 2 year old daughter whose mother died in childbirth. His “cousin” happens to be stationed with him in Afghanistan. Which would make him a very lucky unlucky person. I think he uses the cousin profile to help validate his primary one, which I told him from the start I didn’t believe. Then the “cousin” introduced herself. Thankfully, I’m still in love with my ex and was unable to develop any feelings at all for this fake guy. I have lost no money, I have no hurt feelings. But I was curious enough to Google fake Instagram profiles, because I’m tired of his gushy love messages every day and thought he just can’t be real because no one is this lame— and I found this. I only posted my story here along with everyone else’s because the “cousin” communicating with me too is a little different, but still fishy. She texts the exact same way he does. They are from Chicago, but their English is not quite right. You’ll notice if you see it. Also, he wasn’t even able to get his name right. The last name on his Army uniform is Morgan. When I asked his whole name, he said it’s Andrew Morgan Olivia. I do notice that in one of his pics, this guy has a tattoo of his child’s name and birthdate. The real person apparently has a daughter named Olivia. Olivia is obviously not his last name. Another reason I lost nothing here, including my feelings. I can’t love a liar. And for the first time in a long time, I’m thankful to still be in love with my ex, the main reason I couldn’t love Morgan or fall for his story. I’m so sorry you all had to go through all of this, and that so many of you lost so much. Peace and blessings.
Ecolond (not verified)
February 16, 2019
John Torres he says he is in the military that was in Iraq and that they going to move to afghanistan to train other soldiers. he claims to be a widow that his wife died of cancer that his son is in boarding school that he doesnt have no one in this world. That he has a box if I could hold it for him until he comes home. It was thru Safeguard company too. He wanted me to send 5850. To send for the box. Ladys just dont trust no one that says they love u from the begining they just scammers. No matter how convincing they seem dont trust..
Penkam8 (not verified)
February 22, 2019

In reply to by Ecolond (not verified)

Almost sounded like a guy that’s said almost the same thing to me he said they sound gold in Syria and wanted to send it back to the states for safe keeping. He goes by general Chase Xavier and has a son in boarding school and is a widower
Nofool (not verified)
October 13, 2020

In reply to by Penkam8 (not verified)

Omg I have been talking to someone that wants to send gold back they found in syria. Wants me to pay for the documents and store it in my house . Goes by mark Kenn lacroix
BIBI (not verified)
February 17, 2019
Met this guy on dating site, he is 66 years old, white male, goes by Franklin or Frank B. We have been communicating via email, then by text, only spoken to him 2 x on the phone. He has a very pronounced "dutch" accent, even though claims has lived in the US for over 40 years. He sent me picks with his son, who is an adult, but looks younger in the picture. He claims son lives in California, and he lives in Texas. I checked the internet and he shows up as active on Lidenkin (business owner - Engineer), also checked MyLife and he also show up there, and son and other's show up under his name. He also sent me his website of his business., so needless to say it all seems legit (right). Around a week ago, he sends me a text that a proposal he submitted was accepted and is off to Canada to make a presentation, next thing I know he is texting me saying that he won the proposal and is off to Kuwait for a drilling project. (all good right). Well he did send me a copy of the contract with Kuwait Petroleum, signed, and sealed. Then 2 days later we text and he told me that he can not get all of his equipment there in Kuwait (I don't know if he understands that I researched and Kuwait is a drilling nation, and all types of equipment is available there). He told me that needs $55,000 to obtain the equipment from the US, that he has $39,000 is short $20,000 and how much can I afford to lend him. I said not a penny. He did not mention it again. I referred him to call his son for the monies, which according to him he did, but the son could only give him $9000 because of family responsibilities. A day went by then again he asked for 7,500 which he said was short, again I said not a penny. Yesterday 2/16 he text again, hi my love, baby, sweetheart are his words of choice, after pleasantries he says that he is not doing well, as he does not have any personal money, and needless to say he asked for $4,700. I did not reply. Last night again he sends a text and says "have you been able to think about the money" which I did not reply. Today I sent him an email letting him know that I am on to him, but if what I was thinking was not true, that I am sorry. Anybody else have encountered this person, is he a scammer or just a guy on hard luck, needless to say I will not send monies to any one. I hope I made the right decision.
Tiredofscammers (not verified)
February 17, 2019
Met a guy going by the name, Thomas Parsley from Meetmindful. Said he was a widower had a daughter, and an only child and his parents were dead He sent me flowers, and a cheap ring that was supposed to be some kind of engagement ring...I guess. Anyway, I haven't communicated with him in a long time. I did not respond to his proposal and he hasn't contacted me since. I assume he has other women on his hit list. Now another guy requested friendship on Facebook. His credentials are almost identical to Thomas Parsely. Only this guy's name is Jimy Benadictus ! Lol..strange last name, huh? Incidently, both men claim to be wierd...I am going to unfriend and block this guy. The other thing these 2 guys have in common is they claim to be wealthy. Thomas' dad was supposed to have been in the oil business, and that's how he could be in the Army but have loads of money. He emailed some documents that appeared so official. The documents appeared to be a financial statement that showed him having 7 million dollars credited to him. He then said the bank had frozen his account, but could I please buy some gift cards and scratch off the pin numbet and tell him the numbers. His excuse was that the money was somehow going to benefit both of us !! Haha. Now this guy , Benedictus himself is in oil !! What a crock !! And a crook ! Don't fall for it. If it's too good to be true, it is.
Tired of scammers (not verified)
February 17, 2019
Hey is anyone talking to a Jordan Hopkins in the army and stationed in Somali? I've been talking to him for almost a week. Hes a single dad and his daughter Laura is in a boarding school in Canada.....and hes from California. Today he said he needed money for her excursions....of course he sends me a picture of a beautiful little girl cos he knows I'm a mother and loves kids! No I'm not sending him a dime! The nerve of these scammers!!!
abc0709 (not verified)
February 18, 2019
does Alvin martins ring a bell to anyone?
Hmmm (not verified)
March 04, 2019

In reply to by abc0709 (not verified)

Martin Albret.... engineer in rig in Newfoundland Canada... needs money to pay for shipment of his supplies because the bank froze his account...Daughter Sharon.. he’s from Norway.. he is gorgeous!! Pics of him in a beach, standing in the water.. tattoos on both arms and chest.. also pics of him on plane and in hotel room.. and standing in front of the Chase Bank in NYC with 2 of his business associates.....he’s sweet that’s for sure!! Hasn’t gotten anything from me and won’t ever!! Sound familiar to anyone??? He’s also listed as Martin Albret Jonathan????
Blonde by choice (not verified)
March 08, 2019

In reply to by Hmmm (not verified)

Contacted me on LinkedIn. Similar story. From Norway, daughter Sharon 8 yrs. Divorced, just needs a friend. To me sounded like more than one person writing. Never got to ask for any money as it was fishy to me so i removed him from my contacts. Profile picture in a hotel I think.
A fellow blonde (not verified)
June 28, 2019

In reply to by Blonde by choice (not verified)

I’m sorry I didn’t see your post sooner. Also met him through LinkedIn. Said he was interested in getting to know be better. Goes by the name Jonathon Albret, from Norway, divorced, has a daughter Sharon who is 8. I looked up the company he said he owned, doesn’t exist. No phone and then he took his LinkedIn profile down. Handsome and a smart dresser. Luckily he didn’t ask me for money.
Cute RN from PA (not verified)
June 28, 2019

In reply to by Hmmm (not verified)

He hit me up through LinkedIn. Just started so I’m waiting to see what he wants...,
Vswift (not verified)
September 21, 2019

In reply to by Cute RN from PA (not verified)

Does he go by Robert Kokholm? Or Scott Kokholm I’m desperate to know. Have you seen pictures?