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Money Matters: How to Spot, Avoid, and Report Scams

As 2022 winds down, many of us are still feeling the financial effects of the pandemic: from finding work to buying or renting a home; from getting loans to simply making ends meet. And as we work to recover our footing, scammers are trying to take advantage. But help is on the way.

The FTC’s new website, Matters (in Spanish: has your back as you spot, avoid, and report scams — and as you help others protect their bottom line. Let’s say you need to see if a job offer you got is legit: start at Money Matters. Maybe you want to help a friend know how to spot scams when trying to rent an apartment: start at Money Matters.

Or you could be up for doing a presentation in your community. Because you know what the FTC knows: that when people have heard and talked about scams with someone they trust (that’s you, by the way), they’re less likely to pay a scammer. Money Matters has your back there, too, with ready-to-go presentations you can give on everything from credit to car-buying to prize scams.    

If you’re more into sharing online, you’ll find graphics on all the topics, in English and Spanish, to share with your social media followers. Along with this video, which we hope you’ll watch and share. Because none of us are immune to the far-reaching financial impact of COVID-19, and scammers target all of us. So help the people you care about know how to spot, avoid, and report scams: share Money Matters however you can in your community. It’ll make a difference.

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Deedee M.
January 23, 2023

My thoughts on this situation Well you know it could be hard on that person going through that. For one if you put yourself in there shoes for one day and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I learned a lot about this subject for one don't just trust anyone online for two there's people on there you think they are going to help and one day you notice little things then it gets bigger and bigger and the next thing you know it. You end up either on your computer or phone you getting asked a thousand questions and explaining yourself for 4 to 6 hours a day and then when. You try to report it either your phone gose crazy or your computer you can literally sit there and watch your phone or computer go up and down and when you try to send a email they will type right over you and it really gets frustrating and then you might get a phone call it might be quite for a minute then all suddenly it you have a conversation so ya and then you go to bed wake up thinking you are going to have a good day and then there gose the computer or phone before you wake up really good asking did you do this and you have to explain to that person and then after that here comes another one and another one it's a all day thing explaining to this one and that one ànd sometimes you get so stressed out and cry yourself to sleep because you are constantly repeating yourself all day long and sometimes it gets so bad you think to yourself why doesn't anybody believe you why do they think you are lying for and then you might feel that they are just out to get you for no reason and tell you the truth the problem I have I trust anybody because I think they are nice they will help me with this and that and the next thing you know they do terribly things and you are thinking to yourself I trusted this person to help me with something and that's when you bring misery to your life just me. I wouldn't wish this on no one for one it's a bad thing to go through this and the advice I would give anyone just don't trust anyone and became be careful and put everything on private and keep a check on security on your phone or computer because one thing I was taught when I was going up for one you don't steal from people and if you see someone in need if you can try to help them and the last thing I am going to say. If we all work together we can make the internet safer for the kids so they can learn and make it safer for the people that has a disability and make it safer for busses and adults so they do what they need to important and if we all work together I think we could make a difference for all of us on the internet because you never know what's going on behind a phone or a computer and you people has feelings too and people that have a big heart and just want to help someone else and then one day that person is afraid to do anything go outside or get on the phone and afraid to download sometimes and you think if I down load this will I get into trouble the next day? Then when you do down load it the next morning you got thousands of down loads and then your phone or computer gose off like crazy then here you go again. What I am telling you this real serious matter and I think we all need to work together to make Technology a whole lot better for all of us. Thank you for listening be careful out there.

January 11, 2023

Anytime after I use my credit card I end up with spam marketing type phone calls and emails. These companies sell my info and addresses, shouldn't we get some money back on our credit cards, or dividends or something? or better yet be able to opt out?
It is simply impossible to use my phone for emergencies: doctor results, status of people in Hospital, calling the fire dept. when I have a slew of incoming unsolicited calls.....

Martha Key
February 17, 2023 is a scam! My brother invested several hundred thousand dollars with them and they kept asking for more "tax" money, more tax money....when he finally told them he had no more money to give them, they told him that all he had to pay was another $52K in taxes and their bank would release his funds (he paid them over $225K in fees previously) not use them, somehow we have to get the word out.....