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Can you spot an investment scam?

Terri Miller
Investment scammers claim you’ll get big returns investing in a hot new money-making “opportunity” — maybe something like cryptocurrency. Some scammers say you’ll likely make a lot of money if you
Consumer Alert

What to know when buying a used car online

Jim Kreidler
Buying a used car instead of a new one might save you some money. But finding, researching, and negotiating to get a used car can be challenging. Online sellers might claim to make buying a used car
Consumer Alert

When gig work isn’t as advertised

Kira Krown
When you’re looking for gig work, pay is likely a big — or the biggest — factor you think about. But what if a company promises you’ll make a certain amount, and then ends up paying you less?
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Military Consumer Month 2024

Samuel Levine
July is Military Consumer Month, so we’re deploying advice you can use. No matter what stage of military life you’re going through, you could encounter an imposter scam: someone pretending to be your
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FTC stops another student loan debt relief scheme

Ari Lazarus
Some student loan debt relief companies will lie and say they’re affiliated with the Department of Education when they’re not. They want their bogus claims of “guaranteed” loan forgiveness (for a fee)
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What issues do renters face?

Anna Burns
When you want to know what’s happening in housing, you go to the experts. That’s why the FTC joined renters, renters’ advocates, and researchers in Atlanta to hear about issues affecting renters. They
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Job scams that start on social media: Appointment Setters

Colleen Tressler
Here’s a new scam spotted on social media: appointment setting jobs. They claim you can work from home and make big money. But just what does an appointment setter do? And how can you tell the