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Avoid scams during Medicare Open Enrollment

If you or one of your loved ones are on Medicare, you’re probably aware that open enrollment ends on December 7. And you’re probably reviewing and comparing different options to select a plan that’s right for you. But as you shop around, know that scammers might take advantage of this period to impersonate Medicare agents.

Scammers may sound professional, say they’re from Medicare, and have your personal details. But in reality, they’re trying to steal your money, Medicare information, or your identity. Here’s how to spot potential scams and what to do: 

  • Don’t trust the name displayed on your phone. Scammers can fake a caller ID.
  • Hang up if anyone calls and asks for your Medicare, Social Security, or bank or credit card information. Legitimate Medicare employees have your Medicare number on file.
  • Don’t be rushed into making a decision. You have until December 7 to enroll, and Medicare doesn’t offer extra benefits for signing up early.
  • Ignore threats to take away your benefits. If you qualify, your benefits can’t be taken away for not signing up for a plan.
  • Don’t talk to anyone that suggests their plan is preferred by Medicare. The truth is that Medicare doesn’t endorse a specific plan.
  • Get help to deal with Medicare fraud and abuse at
  • Visit the Eldercare Locator or call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find local resources that can give you more information about the different Medicare plans available.

To report someone pretending to be affiliated with Medicare and other Medicare scams, call 1-800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227) and tell the FTC at

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A. Lewis
November 04, 2022

Received a call from 443-737-6468 stating that I will be receiving a new Medicare card but they needed to verify my #. I Reported to Medicare

Bill Chestnut
November 04, 2022

Can anything be done to reduce or end the phone calls all claiming to be Medicare Services or other such names? I'm on the do not call list but during open enrollment period, I get two or three calls a day. They are usually computer generated, so getting info from them requires pushing a number, which they would say I requested the call so the DNC doesn't apply.

Very frustrating.

November 17, 2022

In reply to by Bill Chestnut

Medicare robocalls are endless, I get them all day long on my landline, Mon-Sat, they seem to skip Sunday and the calls usually stop around 5-6pm. My phone provider ATT suggests how I can stop the calls but what info they offer is totally useless. I even bought a phone with a Block Call button that does - nothing. Apparently I need caller ID for it to work, which in my case would be an additional expense that ATT says likely wouldn't help if I did purchase their service. It's unfortunate that companies like ATT & others allow scam calls to go through and folks lose lot's of money.

November 04, 2022

Yes my phone rings off the hook with Medicare callers, I block them with no success. I'm also getting call from Healthcare too. These calls are very annoying. Unable to stop them from calling, so frustrating!

Douglas Scott Treado
November 07, 2022

In reply to by Maria

Me, too, but I receive them almost every half hour from 8 am to 6 pm! I've blocked them all to no availl--for the past 5 weeks!

Marlena Brause
November 07, 2022

In reply to by Maria

Thank you for this information. It is really needed as most of us seniors don't know when we are being scammed when it comes to people telling us they are with Medicare and needed information such as our ID Medicare number. Seniors are be too trusting.

Patricia Barnes
May 05, 2023

I get up to 52 calls per day except Sunday for the little over three years from the same phone numbers with idiots that have squeaky foreign voices that cannot speak English well. I never give any information and answer the phone now with, "Trash Department, what kind of garbage Medicare information do you have for me today". I can't redial and get them back. No one can call them back. I have reported this to the FTC and my state's Attorney General but, you must want senior citizens to be scammed. You do NOTHING. NO ONE does anything. You and the FTC are absolutely worthless.

Gwen Reed
November 07, 2022

This article was a tremendous help because I have been receiving all kind of scans calling concerning medicare. Thank You so much. The article was very informative, and very empowering. 😊

Mike Muroski
November 07, 2022

I was once asked for my ssn. I simply do not give that out over the phone.

That may be a good rule for us all.

kay newton
November 08, 2022

In reply to by Mike Muroski

Yes, it is a good practice/rule as we should NEVER give out our social security info over the phone to anyone.

Michele Mauritz
November 07, 2022

Thankyou for the information about Medicare fraud because there are so many scams trying to steal money, identity, benefits ! ,everyone is at risk these days!

Douglas Scott Treado
November 07, 2022

I have been inundated with robot calls from both local area codes and so many others concerning Medicare "Supplement" insurance policies...I reported this to the FCC to put my cel phone number on the "no call" list, and after 31 days, this service has not obviously worked. I receive calls every half hour or so daily, from 8 am to 6pm..!

Rita Derrow
November 08, 2022

In reply to by Douglas Scott Treado

your do not call robot calls have not stopped signing up for it. What a waste of my time, thinking the goverment would help us.

Dennis Milotzky
November 07, 2022

Good info! Thanks.

J Senior
November 08, 2022

A big problem is that "Medicare Advantage" plans are all basically scams.

Dale L
February 17, 2023

In reply to by J Senior

Wrong. Medicare Advantage plans are Medicare part C and are legitimate alternatives to Medicare supplements, especially for people of limited resources. Get your facts straight.

November 08, 2022

I'm assuming that this also applies to scan emails....

November 17, 2022

I get these calls DAILY since Sept before open enrollment. Ive NEVER had SO MANY SCAMMER CALLS DAILY IN My LIFE. I dont even report them anymore b.c NOTHING ever happens to them. Whats the point.?

Ramona Wardlow
January 18, 2023

I get on average 20 calls a day starting at 8 am until after 6 pm I AM on the do not call list but evidently it doesn’t help 9 out of 10 is the Medicare advantage plan offers- is there nothing we can do about this?? I block each number but they seem to have endless numbers from which to call
from- is there anything we can do to stop these calls??

Magdalen Perez
April 13, 2023


Happy Holidays.

Thank you for your excellent advice. Love you...

Magdalen S. Perez R.
Medford Sq. MA

January 18, 2023

I have been on the do not call registry since 2003...doesn't stop Medicare scams.

Susan Soden-Brown
January 18, 2023

Why are we still receiving calls regarding Medicare plans as of today 01/16/2023? Open enrollment has alreay ended. I was so happy it ended because I would no longer be receiving the hundreds of calls! My sister in law and I actually celebrated! But today I received yet another call. Hung up of course!

Carl E Graham
January 31, 2023

In reply to by Susan Soden-Brown

I too have been receiving endless calls about Medicare benefits. Also burial and cremation plans(a pleasant thought just before eating dinner). Yes we can choose not to answer the phone but we still have to check whose calling. I'm for legislation to simply make these soliciting calls ILLEGAL! Also if a call comes from a call center overseas(as many do) we need to have a way to identify it. Us senior citizens need to stick together!

Laurel Zein Faulk
April 13, 2023

A couple of people I know under 65 getting medi-cal and medicare and are on social security have got calls saying they need to enroll for medi-care options because they are turning 65. They did so and it screwed their insurance coverage all up, if you are already on medicare and getting medi+cal because you are low income you need to not fall for these calls you end up having a monthly cost and copays you can't afford and if you are not sure call medicare directly and make sure