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Here at the FTC, we think about scams all day long. What are the scammers’ new angles? How can we keep ahead of them? We hear from people about the scams they see, and we turn that into tips people use to spot and avoid scams.

But scammers find FTC staff, just as they find the rest of America. My colleagues and I have even gotten calls on our work phones, offering reduced credit card interest rates, or claiming to be tech support calling about problems with our computers. We also get the calls at home. In fact, someone claiming to work for the IRS called my house just last week:

This has all the signs of an IRS imposter scam. In fact, the IRS won’t call out of the blue to ask for payment, won’t demand a specific form of payment, and won’t leave a message threatening to sue you if you don’t pay right away. Have you gotten a bogus IRS call like this? If you did, report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA – include the phone number it came from, along with any details you have.

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January 28, 2016
I just got one IRS Fraud etc... cursing aggresive. Here is the number they called from New York (347) 349-4938
January 28, 2016
Received a call from 559-469-0069 from someone graciously offering me help with the IRS; "let us help you!" She offered. Didn't call them back but very surprised they actually left a message.
February 01, 2016
I just received a call by an robo caller stating the IRS is filing a lawsuit. The gave a number to call as 202.476.0697 This is the same number that came up on the caller ID. I had been receiving theses calls for a week and just now listened to the entire message. I typically hang up as soon as a computer voice comes on.
February 03, 2016
I received a call from a 509# stating the irs was filing an lawsuit against me is this true?
FTC Staff
February 03, 2016

In reply to by tantin12

Please read the blog for more information.

No, the IRS won’t call out of the blue to ask for payment.

It won’t demand a specific form of payment.

It won’t leave a message threatening to sue you if you don’t pay right away.

Please report the call to the FTC and to TIGTA. Include the phone number it came from, along with any details you have.

February 03, 2016
I received three automated messages today as follows. "This is officer Ron Snyder from the IRS department. The reason for this call is that the IRS has issued an arrest warrant against you and your physical address is under federal investigation. So, call back to get detailed information about your case" The number was 877-382-4357. I immediately reported it to the FTC. I don't know how much they can do. Do these scammer really think they can fool most of us???
IRS Lawsuit
February 09, 2016
Received a call/robot voicemail from 509-288-4986 indicating IRS had filed a lawsuit against me and required me to call back. Based on other posts, will just leave it as is. Glad that this site allows people to post so others can be aware of these scams.
IRS Lawsuit
February 09, 2016

In reply to by IRS Lawsuit

Received same automated female voicemail from same number 509-288-4986 in the afternoon again.
February 11, 2016
Just wanted to add another number to the list-- got a call saying IRS was about to sue me so I should call 914-600-5421
February 11, 2016
IRS phone scam from 509 207-4156. They left a robocall stating that there was an IRS lawsuit and I needed to call that number.
Happy Heather
February 11, 2016
I received a call on February 8 and 9th from the number: 206-451-3738. First message call they stated they were the IRS calling. I did not call back. The second time. the message said it was the IRS and this was my last chance to respond and that there was a lawsuit being filed against me. I knew this was a SPAM as I am Suzie-Q honorable law-abiding citizen!
Work on your r…
February 12, 2016
I've read many of the comments, and 'Bridget Small's' (probably a robot, since her comments are always the same), but what I'd like to know is what to do AFTER somebody (elderly, typical target) fell for the scam. The seniors I know filed a police report, but what does the IRS suggest to do, in order to protect said victims from falling for a new scam, or how worried they should be about their identity has been compromised? Non-automated suggestions appreciated ;-)
FTC Staff
February 12, 2016

In reply to by Work on your r…

To get information about what the IRS suggests, just follow the link we provided in the blog post. It goes directly to TIGTA, and there's information from the IRS there.

If you want help with identity theft, go to  Victims of identity theft can get a personal recovery plan, affidavit and check list of steps to follow when they report to

To find more FTC information about consumer protection, click on the tags at the end of the blog post. They'll take you to a wealth of information about idenity theft, imposters, IRS scams and so on.  If you haven't explored the FTC site yet, look at our Pass It On campaign material. There are fact sheets, bookmarks, a video and other information to help older adults avoid fraud.

February 12, 2016

Who falls for this? I'm tired of these calls! Received two today.., one from Seattle, the next from Miami.

February 13, 2016
Just got a call from 347-826-4646 The people are just such losers...Our government SHOULD be finding them, and putting them in jail.
February 16, 2016
Got two automated calls today threatening that they were filing lawsuits. Both calls came from (206)319-2164. I filed a complaint and don't plan on answering the phone when they call.
February 16, 2016
I just got a call this morning from773-225-3588. It was a robocall. they only gave me the call back number once and it was so fast that I didn't have time to grab a pen and paper. Im afraid to call back. IDK wat to do???
February 20, 2016
Ok got a call early this Saturday morning from the IRS advising me that I did tax fraud and there is a arrest warrant out for me,,,if I pay this amount it can be settled out of court,,if not I can be sued for $35,000 and 3 years in jail in Alaska he said,,,laughing the call came from 202-599-9680,,had name and badge number too
February 23, 2016
Got automated robocall saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit with 360-339-4616. Added to my block list.
February 23, 2016
I received a voice message from a very somber sounding robo female, stating... "HELLO, THIS CALL IS OFFICIALLY A FINAL NOTICE FROM IRS, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. THE REASON OF THIS CALL IS TO INFORMING YOU THAT IRS IS FILING LAWSUIT AGAINST YOU. TO GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS CASE FILE, PLEASE CALL IMMEDIATELY ON OUR DEPARTMENT NUMBER, 260-229-4616 , I REPEAT...260-239-4616, THANK YOU." The wording was awkward (the reason of this call), the caller did not address anyone in particular, stating the "IRS IS FILING A LAWSUIT AGAINST YOU", (who?) and of course, there had been no previous contact from the IRS. If the IRS wants to contact you, they will contact you initially only by Certified Letter. Also note, that the robo caller gave a slightly different telephone callback number the second time repeating. Upon looking up this area code, this call is from an Indiana area code, the largest city in 260 a/c being Fort Wayne. There is a regional IRS office in *Indianapolis*, but it does not handle Florida IRS cases. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Don't be fooled by these anonymous scam callers. Do not give them any information, and do not call them back. If you happen to talk with someone claiming to be from the IRS, ask them whom they are filing the lawsuit against. Then tell them you will contact the IRS when you have your tax papers in front of you. IF THERE IS ANY QUESTION AS TO THE VALIDITY or POSSIBILITY of a lawsuit against you, call the Internal Revenue Service directly. One of their most published numbers is 800 829-1040. Don't fall victim to these telephone scammers!
June 27, 2016

In reply to by Phonejag1

That is the exact same message I received, word for word except for phone number, which was 406-941-1686, a Montana phone number. I called Back and a thick Indian sounding man answered. I immediately hung up, and started checking out info about this scam.
March 08, 2016
The irs will never call you. They will contact you in writing first. Don't even give them the time of day by calling them back. That's what they want so they can scare you and pressure you. They need to get a real job instead of herassing hard working people out of their money.
March 15, 2016
Got a call from 509-855-7461 claiming that my IRS refund from a prior year (bogus amount) was never cashed and that they want to send it my way. Entertained it for a little bit until they asked for my checking information. I then called the number back and he answered the phone! Usual ones that I get either has a busy signal or perpetually ring.
March 16, 2016
I received a phone call today from 903-564-2143 from Whiteboro, TX. Message left on answering machine. Was told to call that number because they were going to prosecute me. He had an Indian accent. I constantly had to tell ask him to repeat himself. I was told that they had audit me for the years 2009-2014. He told me that he sent a yellow letter to me in November, a police officer had brought it to my door but I was not home. Then he also said that he left it at my house and I had 90 days to come up with all my documents. I was told that all my bank accounts were going to be seiged, check garnished, etc.. He then asked me did I make the mistakes on purpose or was it an honest mistake. He told me I owed 6,789 and it needed to be paid immediately. He gave me his name John Williams a case number and his id number IRM9856. A man of Indian descent with the American name of John Williams.
Oregon Doe
March 22, 2016

I get these EVERY DAY. I don't want to hear how not to get scammed because it's clearly a scam. I want to hear how I can trace and forward the information to you so legal action can be taken. This is a serious problem and there are undoubtedly solutions, I'm incredibly unhappy with the slow pace of action on these. Also, the do not call list is a joke, I get 10+ scammy calls per daya and nobody checks the list; it's all just bought and sold number databases on the internet...

March 21, 2016
call is from 954-256-3784 Final notice form the IRS. We are calling because the IRS has file a suit against you. Please call 954-256-3784 ... I tried to trace the number and it landed near the French Polynesian Islands in the Pacific.
March 21, 2016
Got a call today from the same stupid Indians from a Florida number, telling me that the IRS had issued a warrant for my arrest but couldn't tell me what my name was! I called them back and told them to stop calling me because I knew they were scammers. I dropped the F-bomb several times, and repeatedly called them back telling them to stop calling me. One lady even asked me why was I calling her. I told her to stop calling me because they were " scammers, and that I was calling the REAL IRS to report them. They finally quit answering my call! I'll try calling them again tomorrow, that should keep them busy!!!
Del W
March 22, 2016
I received the exact same robocall, but the number that contacted me was (480)399-0461. Twice today ... first call at 1:12 pm CDT, the next at 4:32 pm CDT.
March 22, 2016
got a call from 516-384-3653. Foreign accent. Call to the local police - it is scam...
March 22, 2016
Income tax season (Jan-Apr) is a very busy season for CPA's, Tax services etc. AND Con Artists! I received a voicemail from a 917-460-0448 number telling me they are calling from the IRS and I am being sued and to return their call immediately! As soon as I heard it, I immediately became ticked off because I without a doubt, knew this was a scam especially since I had just recently received my income tax returns! I wouldn't have received my returns, had the IRS was going to "sue" me! It also occurred to me that had I spoken directly to someone, they would have asked me personal questions (social security # etc.) which is another sign of a Con Artist. I tried calling the number back twice and both times, I got an error message, telling me that the number I have tried dialing is not a valid number. I get tons of calls throughout the day so most go to voicemail but I sure wish they would have gotten me directly because they certainly would have gotten an ear full. I'm sure they will call back, possibly using a different number but I will answer it and I will listen to their speal and then it will be my turn.. I'll start off by telling them that "I work for the IRS" so I know that they are full of crap so if they haven't already hung up on me, I will finish by saying" The IRS will never contact someone personally and threaten to sue them! How ignorant are these people to think that most people will not figure it out immediately? IRS will sue you? They can't come up with something better than that? The IRS has their ways of getting their money from you and one of them will never be to sue you! The second thing I'm going tell them is: I've already reported them to the authorities. These losers who spend all this time & energy trying to take advantage of the working people will someday come face to face with the inevitable....Karma! I surely hope that those people who are more susceptible to scammers, have someone to help look out for them because I'd hate to see someone succumb to these idiots, giving them exactly what they're looking for.
March 25, 2016
I have gotten 2 calls this morning from (646)883-9385. Automated calls from the "IRS"
March 28, 2016
I just received a call from "IRS" from # 347-602-3556. When I told them I thought it was a scam they hung up. If Someone could shut these people down it would be great.
March 30, 2016
got a bogus call from 209-975-7270; recording said it was from "Internal Revenue SERVICES"
tired of these scams
April 01, 2016
i got a call form the number 1-425-281-5716 saying IRS has a lawsuit against me and i need to call that number, i have gotten like 2 of these calls. i will not be answering these call again.
April 07, 2016
Just got a call today from a 323 number (L.A.), but the caller sounded American. However, having lived in India, can assure everyone that corruption is even worse there than here. They also pose online as the Tech Depts. for major computer companies, where if you're not aware of the scam, they get you to let them 'enter' your computer and -----BINGO ----- totally CORRUPTED !!!
Michele M
April 07, 2016
I received a call today from the following number (509) 690-5008 He gave me his name and ID said he was from the IRS and they have a law suit against me and have already tried to send agents to my house to arrest me. They talked about me under stating some of my tax returns but I hung up and did not let him get that far as to try and get money out of me. He asked if I had a lawyer. His Name was Jordan Taylor IRN number 20969. They told me they had sent me several things in the mail and are now suing me. Please comment to this if you need more info on it.
April 08, 2016
I received a call just now from 347-430-5362. The rep was extremely rude. She had a heavy Indian accent. She had my name but made no attempt to verify my date of birth or last 4 of my social which I found odd. I told her "if you are in fact from the IRS, why are you not asking additional questions to verify my identity" - she got upset and told me not to worry about that. I questioned everything she said and she got upset. Said she is calling from the IRS Investigation unit and that two letters, 20 pages long, forms CP2000 and CP11, were sent in Feb and March and that I never responded - I never received any letters. Said they cannot send the letter a third time. Asked if somethings wrong with the postal service which I advised her "How Am I Supposed to know that? I don't work for the postal service!". Very rude. I got frustrated and asked for a supervisor. Supervisor also happened to have the same thick Indian accent. I asked where they're located, she said Brooklyn NY 112011 and her name was Megan Tann, ID 007601, title Sr Division Head of Investigation. I only asked for a supervisor. Said that one they hang up the phone, my case/file is forwarded to the police - a warrant will be issued for my arrest and I'll be arrested in 3 days. She said "you BETTER get an attorney" - I said "I BETTER?? Youre not going to "advise" me to get one - instead, you are telling me that I "BETTER" get one???" That seemed odd - she spoke to me as if I was a criminal stating that I committed fraud but couldn't specify any information. Eventually, I hung up. I tried calling back -it rang a few times and then was directed to a voicemail for the IRS Investigation Unit... I NEVER knew the IRS has a voicemail system... very suspicious. I will block this number and also report this.
December 10, 2016

In reply to by Sarah

I got a call from these people yesterday. The event caught me off guard and ruined my day. Same type of dialog as above, same name ID number. They called from 347-298-5564.
April 12, 2016
You don't have to put up with these scammers. I dial *60 on the phone and the message will ask you to block numbers, including the one that just called. Just follow the prompts and that number will be blocked. Takes all of 15 seconds anad it's done. I use it a lot. Simple and effective.
Those effing S…
April 13, 2016
347-560-5191 Called me and left a voice mail claiming to be from the IRS and threatening legal action against me if I failed to return the call.
April 14, 2016
Never was aware of this scam until I received a call myself. Knew immediately it was not legit. My caller id however, listed it as the IRS, which is why I answered. Was told I owed some ridiculous amount in unpaid taxes for earnings. Told them, impossible, haven't worked in years. Was threatened with arrest within 1/2 hr. if I hung up the phone, as I said I'd do...told them, good, come and get me, and hung up. Needless to say, this did shake me up, after I checked the number and it's listed as the IRS. Wondered if someone worked under my name or something? Immediately called the local police; was told his is a popular scam, ignore it, go on the IRS site and report it as well. I did. Almost to the 1/2 hr., there was a knock on my door. Great follow up to that scamming call...joke was on me. Cautiously I went to the door, checked before opening, and it turned out to be my RX delivery person...Perfect timing....for the fright of my life, even tho' I knew it was a fake call !!
April 19, 2016
have been getting calls from people claiming to be the the IRS "Investigative Bureau" from 347-537-2742 and 347-875-7952
April 21, 2016
17202499928 - Scamming scammer. Fake IRS, automated lawsuit call. Reported. 4-21-2016
king solomon
April 22, 2016
Yeah, they called me for years, I pay for the phone, I call who is important I don't have to return a call if I don't want to. Scammers try to intimidate make you worry, be strong If your in any violation, the law will hand you a summons or the law will take you in for questioning, pay it no mind erase the message, forget them cowards.
April 22, 2016
I got two calls today210-714-5322 and 214-491-5672,Steve Parker Officer of internal revenue services,he told me i need to get in-touch with him immediately or my state police were coming to arrest me for tax fraud against the U.S.Govt.I thought you need papers charging you of these things.They are doing real great,i have had over 51 calls this week,Thank God for Caller ID.
concerned reporter
April 25, 2016
received this twice on automated robo-message on voicemails ""Hello this call is officially a final notice from IRS Internal Revenue Service. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuit against you to get more information about this case file. Please call immediately on our department number 202-704-3076. I repeat 20270433076. Thank you."
The Equalizer
April 25, 2016
Received scam call someone saying they are the IRS with contact phone 205-830-3908.
Annoyed in Cali
April 26, 2016
I've gotten several AUTOMATED phone calls from "the IRS" stating there has been a CRIMINAL LAWSUIT filed against me under case # CH76295. The message even says that if I or my retained attorney don't call them back that the only thing they can do is "wish me good luck". Here are the different phone #'s these calls have either come through or have given me to call them back at: (213) 289-3855, (213) 289-3862 & (202) 702-5230. I'd troll them but I'm just getting annoyed & I don't really feel like wasting anymore time on them. 4/26/16
April 26, 2016
I received a woman's voice like a robot call today several times from 202-394-0923 saying they were the IRS and that they would be filing a lawsuit against me. So glad I checked this website! I am a senior citizen and that message truly scared me! :((
April 27, 2016
i received a call from the IRS 509-563-9145 stating they had filed a law suit against me. When I asked them to confirm they are in fact the IRS they hung up on me.