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Modeling Scams

Could you really be a model or actor? Or maybe it’s your kids who have the right look?

Rental Listing Scams

When you’re looking for an apartment or vacation rental, you’re probably looking at price, location and amenities.

Consumer Alert

FTC Commissioners aren’t calling you — really

Andrew Rayo
Scammers have been calling, pretending to be people from the FTC. While the names they use might be real, they’re actually scammers — some of them hoping to trick you into thinking they’re an FTC Commissioner. But they’re not. Whether the caller promises you a prize or threatens you with arrest — and even if they give a (fake) badge number — that’s a scammer. So that call from someone who wants your money or info, and says they’re Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya from the FTC — or Commissioner Noah Phillips, Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, Commissioner Christine Wilson, or FTC Chair Khan? That’s a scam.

What To Do if You Were Scammed

Find out what to do if you paid someone you think is a scammer, or if you gave a scammer your personal information or access to your computer or


Mystery Shopping Scams

Getting paid to shop sounds like a dream job — especially if you’re looking for a side job or going to school full-time.


What To Know About Advance-Fee Loans

Some companies promise you a low-interest loan or credit card, but want a fee first. They’re scams. Learn the warning signs.