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Consumer Alert

Get the dog or cat instead of the scam

Jennifer Leach
This has been National Adoption Week for pets, and by now, thousands of dogs and cats might have new homes in the hearts of many thousands of people. But as the holidays approach, scammers know that
Consumer Alert

Child Tax Credit scammers are still reaching out

Emily Wu
Many people have gotten their advance Child Tax Credit payments this year, but scammers are taking advantage of this new program to try to trick you out of money or information. They’re pretending to
Consumer Alert

Communities thrive when we work together

Ami Dziekan
Every day dedicated community advocates work to improve the lives and protect the rights of people across the country. The FTC is proud of our work with the legal services community and we are excited
Consumer Alert

This week the focus is on charity scams

Rosario Méndez
Every year, charity regulators from around the word get together to raise awareness about charity fraud. The FTC joins this effort again this year because it’s so important to know how to spot a
Consumer Alert

Avoid marketing scams during 2022 Medicare Open Enrollment

The Senior Medicare Patrol Resource Center
During Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period (OEP), which begins on October 15 and ends December 7, Medicare beneficiaries can choose the plans that are best for them for 2022. You can get help comparing
Consumer Alert

For-profit colleges on notice

Carol Kando-Pineda
For-profit colleges sometimes use overblown — or flat-out false — promises to attract new students and their money. The FTC is ramping up its efforts to stop shady practices on campus. The Commission
Consumer Alert

Stay scam free for Hispanic Heritage Month: connect with the FTC

Cristina Miranda
A popular saying in Spanish is “camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.” It means “a sleeping shrimp will get swept away by the current.” Which turns out to be a great metaphor for avoiding
Consumer Alert

Paid someone you think is a scammer?

Jim Kreidler
Last week, we kicked off the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month with ideas about recognizing and avoiding scams. This week, it’s about what to do if you think you’ve paid a scammer. These steps
Consumer Alert

How you can recognize and avoid a scam (and help others)

Alvaro Puig
Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the numerous contributions that Hispanic Americans and Latinos have made to our country. This year’s theme, Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage
Consumer Alert

How to spot extortion scams on LGBTQ+ dating apps

Ari Lazarus
Looking for love on LGBTQ+ dating apps? Scammers are at the ready too. We’re hearing about scams targeting people on LGBTQ+ dating apps, like Grindr and Feeld. And they aren’t your typical I-love-you
Consumer Alert

Your boss isn’t emailing you about a gift card

Ari Lazarus
Did you get an email from your boss asking you for a favor? Does your boss need you to send gift cards to pay for an upcoming office party? Before you go out and pay up, ask yourself: is that really
Consumer Alert

How to spot, stop, and report post-disaster scams

Colleen Tressler
Whether you’re starting to assess the damage from Hurricane Ida, the recent flooding in Tennessee, the wildfires in the West, or another natural disaster, coping with the aftermath is never easy. But