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The FTC and state consumer protection agencies have shut down dishonest timeshare resellers for bilking timeshare owners out of millions of dollars. If you’re selling a timeshare, listen carefully for the promise of lots of money quickly and a request for an upfront fee. Those are two key signs of timeshare resale scam — and someone you don’t want to do business with.     

In one recent case, Vacation Property Services claimed to represent big-name companies eager to buy timeshares for business travel and events. The company guaranteed timeshare owners hefty returns if they moved quickly on the offer. But first, the company said the owner had to pay from $500 to $2,000, via credit card, in “registration” and other fees to seal the deal.

Timeshare Resale Scams Infographic

Timeshare Resale Scams

The company’s promises of ready buyers, fast sales, big profits and money-back guarantees turned out to be lies. What’s more, the timeshare owners were stuck with debt on their credit cards from paying the “fee” after the company told them that the sale would be complete — and that they’d have their money — by the time the credit card bill came.

If you own a timeshare, question any offers to help you resell it. Be skeptical of companies that:

  • claim the market in your area is “hot” and that they’re “overwhelmed” with buyer requests
  • say they have buyers ready to purchase your timeshare — or promise to sell your timeshare within a specific time
  • guarantee you’ll get big returns on your resale
  • require you to pay fees upfront — even if there’s the promise of a “money-back guarantee”
  • don’t provide a contract — or provide a contract that doesn’t accurately reflect conversations you had   

Read about buying and selling a timeshare, or check out our infographic to see how timeshare resale scams typically work.

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May 03, 2018

In reply to by IveBeenScammed

What made you not sign? We have same thing, different seller name but same group. Final meeting today.
May 13, 2018

In reply to by Ambsk

Everything we are reading on the internet says don’t do this. They have not asked for any money up front and offered to let us get our own attorney to pay the taxes directly to the Mexican govt. Still checking into whether or not the bank account they have set up for us is phony or not. Did you sign.
I've been scammed 2
May 07, 2018

In reply to by IveBeenScammed

Going through the exact same thing myself right now. Thanks for posting this. Sure sounded good.
April 27, 2018
Has anyone ever had any dealings with a company called Colorado One Real Estate LLC, they have made us a offer for our timeshare and could use some good old fashion advice. Thank you
May 13, 2018

In reply to by pjd

Yes. They called me too. They gave me excellent offer for my property too. Did you get any advice from anyone who got scam with this company?
April 28, 2018
Has anyone heard of Silver Creek investments.
Concerned daughter
April 29, 2018
Has anyone been contacted by Sugar Creek investments. They have contacted my parents.
Feeling vunerable
May 01, 2018
I was contacted by Magnum Realty as well and everything seems very professioanal and upfront,until Capital Transfer Associated Services LLC sent several pages of documents with the last one asking for money through a wire transfer...smells funny to me. Can anyone confirm they are a feels this way to me.
RE: feeling vu…
May 02, 2018

In reply to by Feeling vunerable

I am currently being contacted by Magnum Realty as well. As you say, they seem professional but is it too good to be true that you could get your money back with the possibility of a bit of profit? I have not yet received any written correspondence but will surely pay close attention to detail.
Doobhuffn't us…
May 01, 2018
we are currently dealing with R5-Realty out of NM and escro Management out of colorado, to sell our time share in cancun, we recently wired 2,175 to mexico for a supposed number to be able to transfer money from mexico, today they told us we needed to pay Mexico 3000 dollars for capital gains, as they had our money leaned on until they did, I had researched, and they looked legitimate, but not enough, all day long, been calling attorney generals, etc. our time share company thinks we are being scamed, so we have filed a lot of papers, and are going after them. we lost 2175, looks like, but no more, the numbers they gave me in mexico have come back invalid, etc. really be careful out there, our attorney general said a big sign of fraud was when they offer you more for your timeshare than you paid for it. they did
May 03, 2018

In reply to by Doobhuffn't us…

Total scam - they are being investigated by the NM Real estate commission. We just about signed up as well. They did get our drivers license numbers and date of birth. Called our banks and DMV. No money exchanged.
Graham L
May 02, 2018
Was offered 50K more than my TS was worth by Magnum. Sounded very professional on phone and email replies. They did not like my idea of setting up a Trust Account through my lawyer. wanted me to use one of their accounts. My lawyer did some background investigation and smelled a rat. I believe this is a scam.
May 03, 2018
5 star Realty is a total scam outfit. Michael J Buck. Daniel H Boardman. Deborah Hemphill Gary Benson Jr. And Patric Luna - all fake. Names I am sure. But we have been in conversation with them since March 22. Just about to close a deal that seemed too good to be true. Called the NM real estate commission - they are under investigation we learned this am. Thanks everyone for being diligent and checking up on companies that want our money and probably identity as well.
Don't use your…
May 03, 2018
Robert Abbott w/Sugar Creek Inv. is total scam!!!
May 03, 2018
Just had a call from Magnum Realty Sacramento offering to buy timeshare. Very good talkers but I was suspicious from the beginning. Awaiting their offer but thankful I found this site. There will be no further correspondence with them.
May 04, 2018

In reply to by Ready

Also got a call from Magnum Realty Sacramento (Bonnie Dai Smith) who offered 2x what we paid to buy our timeshare in PDC, Mx. Very sweet-polished talker but I was suspicious from the start. Awaiting their follow-up but very thankful I found this site. Playing along with them and stringing them to see how far will they go before they get tired of me.
May 04, 2018
Also got aa call from Magnum Realty (Bonnie Dai Smith) in Sacramento offering to buy timeshare for 2x what we paid. Very good/polished talker but I was suspicious from the beginning. Awaiting their follow-up but so thankful I found this site. Stringing them along to see how far will they go...
David T
May 04, 2018
Has anyone heard of a Jason Randy of Magnum Realty, smooth talker says their is no money up front to sell my timeshare in Cancun, I'd love to get rid of it Krystal resorts in Cancun has done nothing they said they would do. I'm sure this is another scam, happens every year.
Golden Asia
May 07, 2018
Golden Asia seems like a scam too. Wanted me to pay around $5,000 for taxes in the Cancun area.
May 12, 2018
Also got a call from Magnum. I told them that I would not release the property or make payment to them until 30 days AFTER the funds had cleared my bank, not 30 days after the contract was presented. I wanted to make sure that it sale was legit and it was not negotiable. I got a call back today and they said that's not how they normally do business but that they talked it over and felt that it wasn't unreasonable and if I wanted to proceed, then I should let them know so they can present a contract for my attorney to look over. Will see but I WILL NOT be sending any money to Mexico for taxes or special fees etc. That's for sure and my stipulation WILL be in writing on the contract or NO DEAL.
May 16, 2018
Magnum Realty in Sacramento CA has a land line phone number in Riverside CA That's about 435 miles away. Sorry but that is not how any phone company works. Magnum is also a scam.
May 17, 2018
I was contacted by a company in Indiana, World Trade Events they offered me us$21k for my vacation package in Jamaica, they sent me "legal" documents we had to sign in order to move forward, we were told they had a buyer already and all the funds were deposited in a escrow account, then I was contacted by the Title and Escrow company, Emerald Title and Escrow LLC located in Alabama, they sent me the final contract which looked legal and with no hidden statements, however one of the clauses was very confused stating that we will need to pay any fee related with the selling and the money was going to be reimbursed during closing, I asked the question about what other types of fees they were referring to and I was told that no other fee than the initial 10% commission over the us$21k offered was going to be necessary. However I received and email from the Title company representative (very rude guy with the name of Jacob Miller, I spoke with him after receiving the email from him) stating that I needed to pay us$3750 up front for covering Mexican taxes and local fees so the Mexican government confirms this is not a money laundry activity (by the way this was a new requirement from the Mexican government, according to Jacob's email). He sent me all the paper work related with Mexican taxes, wire transfer instructions on behalf of the potential buyer (sure why he did not pay this, no idea), and a new addendum. Of course under these new conditions I decided not to continue with the sale and of course I was threatened with the contract clauses, at this point I knew this was a scam, however everything looked so legal and official that I believed and decided to continue until the email from Jacob, fortunately I did not pay a dime to these robbers, so please be aware of this scam it is too good to be true.
June 07, 2018

In reply to by beariver

I just had this happen as well. Basically the same information they presented to you. Dan Peterson was the World Trade Events representative and Jacob was the Title company rep. Funny he said they didn't know about the new law, 3 weeks after your incedent.
May 18, 2018
Silver City Properties (Jesse Conde, Brian Ivy, Matt Simmons, ) American Finance (Ben Carmona) all one big fraud.
LssDon't use y…
June 20, 2018

In reply to by DJ

I was taken by silver city properties Donald Campbell Richard forte and Benjamin carmina they will take all your money and then disappear don’t trust them in any way or form They are not at the address they say they I check with the city management in ny
May 30, 2018
Anyone know anything about Gold Members Club? got a call offer to purchase one of my Timeshares? also, any information on Timeshares Only?
Nurse Linda
April 18, 2019

In reply to by Lynda

Yes! I was just approached today. I am now nervous because I did put the $1800 on my credit card after listening to her. Oh no! I imagine I have three business days to take it back. Help!
June 01, 2018
have somebody hear about some of these companies: reliance financial holdings (apparently in OK) Closing co, Proteccion S.A de C.V (Mexico) Halicon Brokerage Group
June 20, 2018

In reply to by jcvillac

All of these are scam companies. Do not engage in any conversations with any of their reps. It is a very elaborate scam.Seems very legitimate but it is NOT!
June 01, 2018
Has anyone heard anything good or bad about They sent me an email to sell my timeshare.
Eneas Barnabe
June 04, 2018
I received 2 calls from different companies (YATRA and THINK HOTELS), they made an offer to my UVC timeshare and the did not ask for money in advance. They request a cover of my contract (first page), I wrote VOID in it. Did someone received calls from them? And yes, I think UVC is selling our information out there, they new my e-mail, name and telephone.
June 20, 2018

In reply to by Eneas Barnabe

Yatra contacted us with the interest of purchasing our 2 bdrm unit at Pueblo Bonito. They requested us to wire over $4K to them to cover escrow fees and they would then buy this property for over $40K. Thank God our bank is on to these possible frauds. I am being pissed!
July 23, 2018

In reply to by Eneas Barnabe

I received the same call you had by Yatra to buy my UVC membership. Do you have new development after sending your signed offer and the first page of your contract? I want to be shure this is not a scam? If somebody have the same call could you help us? Thanks
November 17, 2019

In reply to by Eneas Barnabe

I received an email from William Martin on a letterhead entitled Morgan Equity Partners from a Wisconsin Address. I was offered a Letter Of Intent(LOI) to buy my UVC timeshare. My local realtor said a LOI is not a contract commitment, however, I should have my attorney write a contract in my best interest. Do not sign their contract until reviewed by an attorney. Their offer $$ to buy my timeshare was "too good to be true"(TGTBT). I do not plan to go any further on this offer.
June 07, 2018
was just contacted by a landa page offering to buy my timeshare. I did not list it for sale, and had no intention of selling. She said she was deaf and would be dealing through her broker, she would pay brokerage fees and closing cost. and the money would be placed in escrow account with First American Title, who would deal with my home resort. Sounds legit, but the one thing that didn't make since to me, is she said she is trying to obtain properties to start her own rental business. She could buy hundreds of these properties for pennies, why offer 13,000 fo mine. I paid 22,500 20 years ago. It just sounds fishy.
June 11, 2018

In reply to by thermax

Be very cautious. Landa Page has emailed me, too, and I’ve never owned or rented a time share. I’m wondering if he or she has acquired the mailing list of one of those companies that used to mass-market time shares to the general public, and is just spamming everyone on the list looking for likely pigeons to take advantage of.
June 22, 2018

In reply to by thermax

I have never owned a timeshare but received the same email. Responded yes to see what would happen. Got generic response. Then responded asking how she knew I owned a timeshare but haven't heard back. :-)
June 30, 2018

In reply to by thermax

I received similar email from the person named Landa Page on June 19,2018. All the email details are same to same as in this post except for the price. When I asked her to go thru my listing company, she was not ready so that sounded something fishy. Anybody else actually dealt with her?
June 08, 2018
Been recently contacted by ThinkHotels.MX (not .com) about my UVC membership. offered $20k on a $9k investment. Followed along for awhile then bailed out. Another contact a week later. Same thing. 2 weeks later Agoda has been in touch with an almost identical offer. Too good to be true. If someone wanted a membership like mine would be too simple to just buy from UVC for half the offered price. I send the contact info on to UVC for their records. Don't fall for this crap.
June 11, 2018
Has anyone gotten a call from Hudson Holdings Group LLC to purchase back your El Cid property timeshare saying that the resort is going to be turned into Condominiums? They said they give me a hundred and twenty five percent of of my investment. I just purchased this timeshare a few months ago and was not looking to sell it but was told that if I did not sell it when the resort close down I would only get 50 to 75% of my investment back. Trying to find out if this is legitimate. They said they were already bought 48% of the properties back and only need 51% to proceed with the sale of the property to convert to Condominiums. I haven't been able to find anything online about anybody else in this situation. Hudson Holdings Group LLC seems to be a legitimate group
FTC Staff
July 23, 2018

In reply to by Kath3bys

Did you check on this reseller? Did you call the property to ask if the resort is really being turned into condos?

Read the FTC article about timeshares and tips about checking on resellers:

  • Don’t agree to anything on the phone or online until you  check on the reseller. Contact the state Attorney General and local consumer protection agencies in the state where the reseller is located. Ask if there are complaints on file. You also can search online for complaints.
  • Ask the salesperson for all information in writing.
  • Ask if the reseller’s agents are licensed to sell real estate where your timeshare is located. If they say yes, double-check with that state's Real Estate Commission.
  • Do business only with licensed real estate brokers and agents.
Fred C
June 12, 2018
We purchased a "fractional ownership" stake in a resort located in Playa Del Carmen Mexico in February of 2016, entitling us to 4 weeks of rental at the resort. In October 2017, we received a call from Brandon Parker from a company called Regal-M stating that they can resell our annual entitlement of 4 weeks to customers in Mexico. They offered a re-sail proposal of $18,732 for use of the 4 weeks at the resort. However, we would need to pre-fund the booking fees in a "trust account". They assured me that all fees required to proceed with this transaction would be reimbursed by their customer. They offered a contract and introduced an escrow company named Berkshire Greens to handle the transaction. Berkshire Greens assigned an escrow agent named Benjamin Miller. They sent me "Rental Closing Agreements" showing all of the associated fees and expected funds transfer amounts. My first wire was to a Mexican bank account at the instruction of Berkshire Greens was in the amount $6001. 45. This amount was required to cover the maintenance fees at the resort for the 4 weeks of rental derived from the ownership agreement. We were then told that the Mexican government was charging a "surprise" tax of 25% on the deal that would also need to be funded by us. We were told that these fees would be reimbursed by their customer as well as per the rental contract. I asked to see the invoice from the Mexican government, which they provided. We wired an additional $6186.36. We were again told that we would need to pre-fund the realtors 8% commission and the closing costs to the escrow company in the amount of $1498.56 and $1499. We were told that our escrow broker, Benjamin Miller, had to fly to Mexico to find out what was happening at the bank with our funds. We were told by Benjamin Miller that our funds were being held "hostage" by the Mexican government because of a 13% "Excess Income" lien of $4,408.86. We were than informed that we were being imposed a US Customs fee of $3000 that needed to pre-funded. They sent a copy of the US Customs Invoice. At this point, Berkshire Greens offered a "guarantee" that if ANY other fees or encumbrances are imposed, Berkshire Greens would cover the costs. Benjamin Miller personally assured me that his company had to take out a special insurance policy to cover this "guarantee". After a week of no contact, I called Berkshire Greens, to inquire about the funds and was assigned to a new agent named David Cristianson, who informed me that a new unexpected fee has been incurred, by the Mexican Bank, in an amount of $3990. Berkshire Greens declined to honor their guarantee because they claimed that these fees were for attorney fees which were outside of their control and was not considered an encumbrance. After the wires were sent and confirmed, we were told by Brandon Parker that their customer had chosen to cancel their interest our room nights. We were provided with a "Cancellation Agreement" that stated that all funds would be returned in addition to an amount of $9,366, representing 50% of the original contracted amount. The cancellation agreement stated that the funds would transfer within 30-90 days based on when the customer chooses to release the funds. The agreement was signed on March 23rd 2018. On May 17, 2018, I was contacted by Emma Taylor from Regal-M, representing herself as a member of their legal team in charge of investigating this account to determine why this has not closed as of yet. We've had several conversations, trying to get her to understand the history of this account. On May 22nd, 2018 - I received an email from Emma Taylor stating that the Mexican bank was charging me with a processing fee of 15%, totaling $6,797 based on the total amount of funds expected to transfer of $45,593.25 and that if I do not pay this fee the bank will freeze my funds indefinitely.
June 25, 2018

In reply to by Fred C

What are you planning to do about this scam you got pulled in and lost money now?... ;[
June 12, 2018
I was contacted by Andy Rizzo from Royal Travel Group that someone was interested in purchasing my timeshare in Cabo. Once I agreed to an amount, I was then handed over to an Escrow Officer named, Victoria Page. We started the contract and we were to wire money to pay upfront costs with the promise the buyer would reimburse the escrow account and we would get that money back. Victoria suddenly had a family emergency, and I was then handed over to Angel Lopez for him to help close my sale. They wanted me to pay 10-12% upfront fees to set up a foreign account to complete the sale and receive my money. That's when it hit me to dig a little. I should have verified all this before sending any money. This was confirmed to be a fraud. I checked the BBB for these two companies, and they checked out. I should have just called my timeshare place to confirm, that's my bad. Please pass this on to others...I want to make sure they don't dupe anyone else! I find peace knowing that my God redeems and justice will be served!
Don't usour e-…
June 20, 2018
Silvercity..scamed us too..brian ivy u slim ball..were not done with u.
Duped in Canada
July 09, 2018

In reply to by Don't usour e-…

I've got myself into this one as well. What are your plans to get out of it and try to get some money back?
June 20, 2018
All of this sounds like what I am currently experiencing but the company is Hudson Holdings Group LLC out of phoenix, AZ. Has anyone else heard from them?
June 29, 2018

In reply to by SandyCanadian

We were contacted by Hudson Holdings Group as well - what did you end up doing?
July 04, 2018

In reply to by SandyCanadian

I was also contacted by Hudson Holdings Group llc out of phoenix. Finally realizing it is probably a scam. I already sent them money. What happened with your situation?