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Expecting packages shipped to your home this holiday season? You’re not the only one… scammers are, too.

Did you get a text message with a shipment tracking code and a link to update your delivery preferences? It's a scam. Learn more.

We’ve learned of a phony “delivery failure notification” email making the rounds. It looks like it’s from the U.S. Postal Service — but it’s not. The email says you missed a delivery. But, it says, if you print the attached form and take it to your local post office, you can pick up your package and avoid penalties. The message might also include a link for more details.

Here’s the truth: the email is bogus and there is no package. And if you download the attachment or click on a link, you’re likely to end up with a virus or malware on your device.

Con artists often use the names and logos of familiar organizations to get under your guard. So how do you tell what’s legit and what’s a scam? Here are some ways to spot a bogus email:

  • It tells you to click on a link or download an attachment
  • It urges you to take immediate action
  • It asks you to “re-confirm” personal or financial information

Another sure sign an email is a scam? If you hover over the link in the email, it won’t show the official website of the supposed sender — in this case, the U.S. Postal Service website.

For more tips, check out our articles on phishing and malware. And if you have questions about a delivery by the U.S. Postal Service, visit or call 1-800-ASK-USPS.

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June 23, 2020
I just received a text that says: "Hey, is this [they put my real name here]? We tried to arrange the delivery for you but you weren't home, please go to TX Trans" The .info link was hyperlinked. I've been home all day. This smells scammy to me.
June 28, 2020
I'm requesting the tracking number in APC but they say the company manager is going to give more amount to pay
June 28, 2020
Hi i was met a guy online and we have been for 1 year of communicating. So much things his ways of asking me to help him to get his money from his late father's company asn he was a co owner too. he asked me to help him but i told him i dony have money. Things changed but still he is communicating with me. now he said after 1 year he got the money and told me he will help me. he cant send money to me through bank or remittance because its not available now. (how come it is not available), instead he will send parcel. June 26, he said he will goshopping and he will put the money inside. but he told me i have charges to pay. then i confirmed its a scam. 27th june he sent the tracking number even the receipt from PRIMEBAZE INTERPARCEL COURIER AND CARGO SERVICES. and i found out the package is from Turkey and he was in Malaysia. 27th June it was sent. seeing the tracking TURKEY-USA-DUBAI-PHILIPPINES these are the route. Now i checked it is already in Philippines. its very very fast from June 27th turkey and 29th it is already in Philippines? Funny is that they misspelled the country Philippines and they write is PHILLIPINE. Please help me how to catch this kind of bugos?He shamed me and curse me.everytime i refused him to give. i know it is scam i just played with it i promise him to send but i didnt. because i want to know and confirm more if this really a scammer. because he is with me talking for 1 year. thank you please help me.
Power of Hope
June 29, 2020
I have also same experience and i want to see them in jail, not considerate their bad action, I met someone someone thru email named Seth Cody West Ave, California USA, and after a month (3 months) talking about married business here in philippines, then when the cargo/parcel already here named Zippy Express Services Courier they want to send some money amounting 16,300 for cargo clearance in CUSTOM to be clear the said parcel (Home Appliances, Facemask, alcohol to be sell during this pandemic), so that we can help people, I send a money thru Palawan Pawnshop to the said Agent Named Micah Jean Arguilles and Ciampagne Aguilar Legarde, but after that a few days ago, they want to send me a money again amounting 35,000 pesos because the custom found out that their is a money inside the Samsung washing machine amounting 97,000 dollars, and it has a penalty for money laundering and they try to scare me that im going to jail if im not going the said money.
Power of Hope
June 29, 2020
Is there anybody here know about Zippy Express Courier Services?
Dankwah Christopher
June 30, 2020
Someone told me that she wants to start a business with me the person is not in Ghana so she told me she is going to send me a package after she finish sending the package she told me she had paid for delivery so I'm going to pay for the clearance fees so I should pay 300ghc for a certain code before I can clear the package ,if not the package is going to be block , so it's true that you pay for a code before you can clear any package?
LizbethDon't u…
June 30, 2020
i was send a package from London UK, from Classic Cargo Logistics London UK. From Jacob Felix customer care my boyfriend send the package from Military Afghanistan, he paid to come to the USA but now they are holding the package asking me to pay $2850 dollars for insured clearance I can't pay that is this a scam that they just want the money package is still in holding store cargo what should I do?
June 30, 2020
I am about to receive a parcel package from military in Kabul Afghanistan, but the ABC courier ask me to pay $1,500 for the US Tax.. Is this scam or not?
July 01, 2020
I have a question I met a military staff online, he even send me his certificate for being deployed in Kabul Afghanistan, but recently he asked to take a picture of my DL for him to send the package. He even told me that the package was send and ask to contact the courier in whatsapp
July 25, 2020

In reply to by Kyle

Ohh girl that's a scam ,i already scmmed before way back 2016 i met military from UK and he sent me a gift ,but then i never know that before coz im so inocent and then the parcel texted me that i need to pay the clearance fee worth 13,000 peso after i pay they deliver the package i keep waiting until no package arrived ,That's bullshiiit
July 01, 2020
I have this one particular problem almost the same of others complient here in facebook i did join their games like liked their pages and share this to 10 groups of people you have and you will win a brand new Vivo phone i did all of the said instruction and win the game they texted me that i should click the picture below and click the said links bellow to get your phone and when i did it always lead me to the same context like henry halloran something like that and i chat them that i cant get the phone nor can submit my address to get me my tracking no. And shipping receipt but they did give me my own tracking no. They actually give me my tracking no. And said that if you have not get your tracking nohere is it below. Then click the image below to get your shipping receipt and know how to tract your package then said again click the links below to get your phone track your phone submit your address and get tracking code
July 01, 2020
Tell me cause they repeatedly asking me to finish the said task is it a SCAM ?? Or not ??
July 01, 2020
Do I have the same situation? I have met a man from email,after a month or two,he proposed me and want me to become his wife and make business with me here in PH..after 2 mos of exchanging email,he decided to buy auction items in US and he urgently send it to me here in PH because he's gone for a few months for work and after his work he would go here in PH..sending of package took only 5days as it arrives in one of a courier branch here in our country but when it arrives in a port,the courier affiliates email me that I have to pay 16,000 PH money for the processing of my package to be cleared in their port...I was thinking of lending a money to pay for that clearance fee ..but some of my friends tell me it was a scam and am hesitant to pay that amount...can you help me with this...the courier was zippy express courier services. The sender give me tracking number of the cargo and it was all in good and direct tract as I check it when it was travelling all the way here in Philippines..was I really a scam?? But the company send me the photo of their clearance officer along with the valid I'd and picture of the container van where my items was transferred..and sender send me all the photos of the items he send to me along with the receipt where he purchase those auctioned items...please tell me what to do with this
July 02, 2020
I received a text message that said waiting for me to confirm my shipping for my iPhone 11 Pro but I hadn’t ordered a phone how do I report the scam
July 03, 2020
Hello, I received a text that says, "Hello, is this Alyssa? We tried to arrange a package for you but you weren't home, please go to (they included weblink) UT Transport" ...seems fishy. Any thoughts? It came from the #: 760-908-1895.
July 03, 2020
where we should report the said website and the email of that scammer?
July 07, 2020
hi i recently applied for this job i found from craigslist it was for a personal assistant position So i sent out my resume and they responded quickly long story short They broke it down to me on what will my duties be and also asked me to fill out a contract and They also set me up on a control panel site to track my work So everything seemed pretty LEGIT ! . My duties were to run errands like accept packages take a look at the items make sure everything is in great condition upload the picture to the panel things like that . I received my first package on june 26th 2020 & i did exactly what i was suppose to do they sent an iphone SE i uploaded the pictures informed them i received that package . Then they uploaded the shipping label to the dash board and my duties were to print out the label and attach it to the box and send it out to the " customer" i guess but then i looked at the shipping label and They destination where i was suppose to send this was in new jersey and it put up a red flag for me because the person who sent me the package sent it from new jersey so the first thought that came to my mind was why would they go out their way to send a package some where else when that person is located in the same borough ? So i automatically went into doing my research and This company Calls them selves innovation marketing i cannot find it nothing .. i told the person who kept contacting asking about updates when will i ship and i told him that i did not feel comfortable doing this and HE threaten to send the police to my door . did not ask to pick up the item nothing did not reassure me that it is not a scam is automatically became aggressive and threatened me please help i do not know what to do . I don't know if i should contact law enforcement or what .
July 09, 2020
I have been communicating with a guy on Instagram and our conversations down the road he said he wanted to send me some money as a gift and when I got a email from the delivery service that was supposed to be delivering called Royal Mail delivery they asked me for money to pay the fees for the Border Patrol. This is a scam right
July 09, 2020
Hi can i ask ? I met in dating apps and his so nice to me were couple hes so goodlooking and and after a month he say he sent me a gift like bags then he wants to surprise me he sweet because he loves me and he sent tru parcel then the courier chated my package is in hold on malaysia i need to pay charges 30,000 to get the package then im scared and i dont that i dont get the package because im just thinking its scam and i ask my boyfriend why 30000 charges because 35.5 kls of package and i saw it the receiver pay it. And i telling to my boyfriend why i pay 30k he say dont worry about 30k i put 10,000 dollars inside a macbook pro then im shock having a gadget there because he say its surprise... i wont kill to pay 30k among the inside of the package to put 10,000 dollars and he said dont abandoned those package because im done with and effort for you because i love you... is this scam or not?
July 09, 2020
Keep getting a text message from 718-207-6606 (New York area code), saying they tried to arrange a delivery but I was not home. Someone is ALWAYS home. Tells me to go to RA Transport. Don't be fooled; total scam.
July 11, 2020
Hi Am from India .... A FB frnd of mine told that she give me a gift for my bday and send a parcel gave me a Tracking I'd and website .... Is it true because now a days everybody says it's scam .... Kindly rply me
July 13, 2020
Hello, I just want to ask, does Skyler Delivery Company is safe?
July 14, 2020
I'm currently going through the same thing. Met a guy in the UAE been chatting from Instragram. He sent me a package or luggage he calls it gave me the some code I have to email to this expressways shipping logixtics company to verify it had been received from sender. Now I get email stating it has been put on hold in Turkey and they want me to pay $1200 taxes to release it. Money I do not have! His name is Jamal Miles online. Then I get emails from company to pay thru western union cashapp or bitcoin! This raises red flags. Of course Jamal says he'd pay it but stuck on oil rig and he finds it odd too but I need to pay it so I can get pkg. I want to believe him lord I do. Anyone have this issue??? Am I being scammed??
July 14, 2020
Hi, I received this in my inbox! Unfortunately, we have to inform you that your package was not delivered correctly. EXPRESS DELIVERY Shipping Estimated Delivery: ~ 2-4 days Shipping number: #CXXXXXXXXXXXX International shipping number: #INCXXXXXXXXXX Track your package Sincerely, EXPRESS DELIVERY You received this email because you registered on our website.
July 16, 2020
I met a guy on Instragram that lives in Dubai orginally from Egypt. We have been talking and planning a future. He claims he sent me money to via expressways shipping out of Al Faqa. Now package is being held in Turkey for Taxes from the EU?? Says if I pay an agent they will give money to customs and package will be sent to me. They want $1200.00. Which I have not paid. Jamal was upset it was held up and after a few days he supposedly he has 2 options I can pay the 1200 and it will go to me or he can pay 3300 to get parcel back. Now hes mad at me because I haven't paid. He goes from being sweet to cruel. I told him money would be seized if it came to states he said I'm just using that as an excuse and that he understands I'm scared he is too. But I need to pay so we can start our life together. I'm afraid this is a scam. I don't want it to be but I'm fearful it is. Anyone else in this boat??
July 18, 2020
Hi 2 days ago, a guy named Ahmed Adrian from UK and working in Malaysia, message me in Instagram. He is handsome and he told me he is a cardiologist. I tested him, asking that I was sick and need prescription. But he can't even tell me a name of analgesic which is basic for any doctor. He was telling me that he liked me and he want to give some gifts to me. He asked for my likes and shoe size. The following day, he sent me images of what he bought like bags, shoes, necklaces, watches and iphone and wanted to shipped it out to my address immediately. So I give to him my address. Then she messaged me telling that he inserted $25,000 in the package and he is telling me that I should need to pay for the custom clearance worth $500 USD before it can be delivered to my address. I told him why he can't pay it, and he told me that the logistics insisted that the recepient should pay. The logistics was GLOMAC EXPRESS DELIVERY. To confirm his identiy : * I called him (video call) but he refused * He called me (voice call).. When I heard his voice, his accent is like an Indian. * The waybill he sent to me is on hand written and names many erasures. No Tracking number and OR number. No name of the shipping service. * He wanted me to withdraw my money in my trust fund so that I can pay for the local clearance. With this, he is always insisting that I should pay. * I told him that I have a friend in customs and I can ask for help. But he told me that I should not contact customs because their is no need and I just have to pay the required money. With all of these, I realized it was a scam. I immediately blocked him. I hope everyone is vigilant with a guy we met online. Do not be deceived with the handsome pictures, their promises, gifts, their sweet words and lastly always pray to GOD to ask for guidance and protection. Clear your mind, rethink and rethink before sending money. THANK YOU.
July 19, 2020
Can i ask if this courier is legit or not ...the courier name is SAFETY WORLD DELIVERY LOGISTICS SERVICES??
July 19, 2020
I even get calls with Sms and email. They offer makes me to think how can they offer. It seems Scam
July 20, 2020
Do American courier express accept Bitcoin payment
July 20, 2020
Hello, please help I need some advice please, I have a military boyfriend assigned in Damascus, Syria and he ask all the information about me like name, address, contact number, and then he said he will send the box in TCL courier service and then he show me paper that has mark of PAID. Now, my concern is after 24 hours the luggage will arrive here in Philippines and then after I received a call and said that my luggage has already arrived and he ask me for 30,000 to get my luggage. Anyways, the number they use to call me is not landline I think it's her personal number and she told me to send the money to cebuana and she give me a name who will received the money. And so until now I didn't send the money yet because I really want to know if this is real or a scam, some advice please.
October 27, 2020
someone send me package in other country then someone called me that they detect that there is money inside the box..and i need to pay the charge of $600 or 30,000 pesos... and if i didnt pay it they sue me because im the receiver.. if i didnt settle it within 24hours they sue me can you help me with this .. is this a scam??
July 22, 2020
I received this text: Hi I tried to arrange a package to you earlier but you werent around See it all Reply Stop to Opt Out
July 23, 2020
I have been talking to this woman who says she is in the military in Afghanistan and she mailed me a package from there to me here in the US, she told me to go to this website called delivery world global and to track the package, now it made throu all the other countries and when came to the US it says that the package is pending and they want me to send $500 us money to them so the package can be released and deliver to me, how do I know if it's legit or a scam
July 24, 2020
Is American Airlines Cargo legit courier?
July 25, 2020
Does anyone know MEGA FAST COURIER COMPANY SERVICES? I’m afraid that it’s a scam because someone send me some gifts also with money though I didn’t ask that person I just met him online and we exchange of mails from that day. It’s really funny that the courier misspelled the country name “PHILLIPINES” how come they misspelled my country???? Hahahah but anyway i really tried opening the link that they send me and it brought me to that name of courier and saw “my package “ that is still on air it was shipped last July 24,2020 and the guy who send me said that it will be received 2-3 working days. I really can’t wait to scam the scammers too. Though the package is still on air and I haven’t received yet a txt msg I strongly believe that it’s really a scam. So people here who’s living a comment with all those scam please don’t try sending money or pay any fees because in the first place the fact that they give us some gifts that we didn’t ask for is supposed to be for free hahhaha
July 26, 2020
Is pentagon cargo logistics a scam?
Irritated consumer
July 28, 2020
Keep getting these to my text message: (Hey, is this null? I tried to arrange the delivery for you but you were not home, please go to DJ Transport) with so much garbage online, dont know who from, if legit, if yes, why came this way. I do get a lot of packages that deliver to my house, and many times they leave at post office as undeliverable. Not sure if same packages, or coincidence. Been reporting as spam, but I get a dozen a month!
July 28, 2020
HI, I met a guy from Malaysia (so he claimed). He said he was going to send me a parcel and I may be required to pay some fees. He used Fast airway delivery (is this company legit). Cause when I looked up the company's website it looked basic. However, none of the tabs on the page were navigated. I then received a text through whatsapp that my package had arrived and I'm required to $2k first before receiving the package. He gave me someone bank account that's domestic. He said I need to sent cash asap and after the payment is confirmed then I'll get the package. However, 3 days later, I received another text stating that after their final stages of sorting out the package, they did a final run on scanning the package noticing that there's a possibility of large amounts of money in the parcel (with the exact amount that I told by the sender). I asked the courier how did he know the exact amount of dollars in the box with just scanning the box or maybe he opened the box (he claimed he didn't). Now, the courier stated that I need to pay $15k in order to receive the parcel and I told him I don't have that kind of money. So he reduced to $5k. He agreed on payment installments. Im just so skeptical bout all this and I maybe scanned like the others. Please help me and tell me that all this is all a lie. I already paid the $2k beforehand without any consideration but he asked for more payments I just don't feel right bout. I spoke to the sender as well, he made everything seemed like the package is real but I don't know if it is or not. Please help me
August 08, 2020

In reply to by Sherry

Sherry, sounds like we met the same guy! I am/was *this* close to sending the $2k for the package but my gutt feeling has been strong since I found out I'd have to pay for delivery. I couldn't find the courier service online. There's more than one "FAST LINK" service. I asked for a phone number, website, something that identifies them as a company as their emails are generic. Nothing with a company logo. I sent some of the money, $19K but it came back to me because the "banking" info was that of a Chime card. I told them and this "guy" what happened and the courier company gave me banking info of a Wells Fargo in Alaska. I don't know how these couriers work but I think its odd that I have to route money domestically for a company not in the US.
August 14, 2020

In reply to by Denise

I have also case like this months of August Gmax logistic cebu...i have bf i find him in the dating app he is us army ..he base in the kalsu iraq now i always talk to him i see him wearing us army uniform then after a months chatting and lover then he told me he send money to me and something because he dont know life there always have car bomp so he deside to send me money ...GMax logistic asking money pay 550dollar the gmax company after a pay then the girl call me then she told me you inside the box money she find where is the certificate laundering money like if no certificate ..we are pay for penalty 75thousand im thinking maybe this is scam..?
August 20, 2020

In reply to by Sherry

We are almost the same situation. I don't know if its true, I recieved a certain message asked me to pay for processing fee.
July 28, 2020
hi, I met a guy through IG from Malaysia. He said he's going to send me some money and gifts. I, then received a text through whatsapp regarding the package. The courier first stated that I need to pay $2k fee before I received the package. He sent me a bank info within the states. I paid for it and then got another text saying that I need to pay additional $15k because the parcel contains too much money. I was confused as to how it knew that the package has money in it and the amount to be exact. Please tell me if this could be a scammed or not. Cause I lost $2k already...please reply asap
July 29, 2020
Hi, i have a package from Safety World Delivery Logistics Services from UK and it has arrived today here in the Philippines..My question is are they legit coz ive got a text message that my package just arrived in the Philippines and told me I need to pay 20thousand pesos. And they said i could pay from Cebuana or money remittance center.but im just asking here is this not a fraud or scheme?
doodah tan
July 31, 2020
hi!,would like to ask if MASSART WORLD DELIVERY Is alegit company? coz a friend of mine from USA california send me a parcel with diffrent stuffs inside and a huge cash amount...uoin receiving a call from the company here in the phils the agent told me i need to pay 26k for the clearance of the release of the parcel so isend them...after that i call them again confirming my payment and when will it be delivered to me... they say i need to pay 100k for the release of my parcel due to the money included in my parcel...y do i need to pay such huge amount in receiving that parcel...i talked to the sender and told hjm that i cant pay that huge amount for the release of my parcel... i talked to the company owner j the US but keeps on insisting me that the company is legit and they will deliver right into my doorstep my parcel...what is this???
July 31, 2020
Hello! I also had something like this. I met a man form a dating app. We've been chatting for almost a month. One day he told me that he was thankful because I have supported him all throughout a contract conference award and he said that he will send me some surprises because he succeeded. A message was sent to me that the luggage has arrived in our country but I need to pay 25000 first. Is it a scam?
August 01, 2020
i want to ask something if it is a scam or not i have a tracking # and full name adress and also contact # of the sender and im going to ask if he already paid for the delivery charges cause i will arrive here tommorrow in August 3, 2020 at 2am his name MARK JEROME...please help me what im doing this...thank you and god bless hope you will answer my question...and i already click your link and enter the tracking # and i saw it his information and all and its have many result and i dont know if its true or not or if its a scam??? please help me
August 03, 2020
My bf send me a parcel them a i got an email from aeromover saying my parcel is currently in the Philippines . And i need to pay 700US DOLLAR FOR ME TO GET IT