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When you go through a toll, you know you’ll need to pay a fee to use that road or bridge. But scammers are targeting drivers with text messages pretending to be from the tolling agency collecting “overdue toll charges.” Here’s what to know about this text scam.

The scammy text tells you to click a link to pay “overdue toll charges” to avoid late fees. But it’s probably not the tolling agency contacting you. It’s probably a scammer. Clicking the link can lead to a phishing attack, where the scammer tries to take your personal information (like your driver’s license number) — and even steal your identity. And if you pay, not only are you out the money, but the scammer gets your credit card number, too.

To spot and avoid text scams about a fake toll:

  • Slow down. Don’t rush to click on links or respond to the text. Scammers want you to react quickly when they send you an unexpected text message, but it’s best to stop and check it out.
  • Check with the tolling agency. If you’re worried the text is legit, check with the state’s tolling agency. But use a phone number or website you know is real — not the info from the text.
  • Report unwanted text messages. Use your phone’s “report junk” option to report these unwanted texts to your messaging app or forward them to 7726 (SPAM).
  • Don’t engage. Delete the message. Unwanted messages often lead to scams. Once you’ve checked it out and reported it, delete the text message. And don’t engage.

Share this information with people you know so they also can be prepared to spot and avoid the scam. And if you spot a text scam, the FTC wants to hear about it. Go to and tell us your story.

Toll text scam

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Charles Lowery
May 09, 2024

Yes--I just experienced this--a text message stating that I owed a toll to New Jersey. So I called the New Jersey toll office and they had no record of me owing a debt. I have since received additional text messages on this topic which I have ignored.

Linda Lesemann
May 13, 2024

In reply to by Charles Lowery

In my experience, notices of tolls due or overdue tolls always come by snail mail!

Judith Lund
May 09, 2024

Thank you for the important information!

May 09, 2024

Thanks for update, I got a text like that a month ago for a state I had not traveller through.

May 09, 2024

The TEXT about overdue toll charges is 100% scam.
If you owe a toll, they will notify you BY MAIL. Not text, not call, not email, not facebook messenger. By MAIL. Keep that in mind, when you get a message about overdue tolls, lost packages, and such.

May 09, 2024

This just happened to a friend of mine. She got a text that she owed California $11.69 and if she did not pay it she would be fined $50.00, She told me she went there in 2017 and asked me if I could help her pay it. I told her it appeared to be a scam but she asked me to pay it anyway. So I did it on her phone with her debit card. I told her to go to the bank the next day to make sure it was legit. This was a Sunday. Monday morning it was really bothering me so I looked it up and found something about it with the exact same amounts of money but from a different state. I contacted her and she went to the bank and got her card cancelled and they gave her a new one. Thankfully they didn't get any money. I also posted this on FB as I have many friends who use EasyPass and could also get scammed

rick reeves
May 09, 2024

I keep getting requests to pay my Florida transportation bill for a toll in Florida. I live in Washington state but how do I stop these?

Joe Huntoon
May 13, 2024

In reply to by rick reeves

With the message visible in your message app click on the menu and choose block number. This may appear not to work as these spammers use many numbers and number cloning. You may still get a message from another number. Just do the same thing again. That is the best we can do of which I am aware. Eventually, the FTC will get them. Good luck.

May 28, 2024

In reply to by rick reeves

That's the terrible thing. You don't! You can block the number but they can spoof any number or use burner phones. Scammers are clever and persistent. Best thing to do is stay vigilant and look into everything before going forward. Also, when in doubt, wait for snail mail.

Margarita Terry
May 09, 2024

Im recibe same Tex Said I’m overdue. Payment

Stevon Graham
May 09, 2024

Great info!

May 09, 2024

I received this text last week and deleted it. Having recently paid legit tolls online, it may have given me pause but I knew any tolls I had were paid.

May 13, 2024

The new technology is not good for the people it is for fraud and malicious activity because the phones give out all of it internet all of it it's wrong and no one's doing nothing about it thank you

May 13, 2024

Toll scam text from

Jim Smith (alias)
May 13, 2024

Just got a text like described above.

Sarah B
May 13, 2024

I received a text saying Wisconsin tolls are overdue. Ha Wisconsin doesn’t have any tolls. I reported to ftc. Thanks for the helpful article!!

Steve K
May 13, 2024

I got a message like this from “Wisconsin Toll Services.” Wisconsin has no toll roads.

May 17, 2024

In reply to by Steve K

Um. Just FYI. Wisconsin DOES have toll roads. Take a look at the 290 and 294 for instance. Nonetheless, good job catching the scam.

Susan Rice
May 28, 2024

In reply to by FTC Staff

Thank you, I received a text stating I owe toll here in OR $11++ and will incur late fee, website is phone is 902-986-3062. I reported to 7726

FTC Staff
June 05, 2024

In reply to by ant

A thief can use your Social Security number to open new accounts in your name, or get a phone or utility service in your name, or do other things. Learn about the warning signs of identity theft, and if you see problems, report identity theft at When you report, you'll get help making a plan to fix problems caused by the theft. Click on this ling to read about the warning signs:

May 13, 2024

I just received one of these which says I owe outstanding tolls in Wisconsin—where we don’t have toll roads! Unbelievable what these scammers are trying to pull.

Levi Christopher
May 13, 2024

Thanks, I haven't been to Washington state for a year and haven't rented a car to leave a data trail.

May 13, 2024

I have been scammed by the company that takes the pictures. Went through the toll with the device on the front window. They took a pic of the license plate and sent a pic of it. If they took a pic of the windshield they would see their device there. I wanted a trial to face my accuser and they would not do that. Was the Delaware bridge in NJ going to PA. So much for the constitution.

May 13, 2024

Just got one of these texts from “Alabama Sun Toll Pass”.

I don’t live near any toll roads, and the best part?

I don’t even have a car, lol

May 13, 2024

Helpful! Thank you. I received this text today, for an tiny amount $11 something.

May 14, 2024

Just got a text from a Alabama Toll Service with a link on my phone
and i don't even drive disabled 902-986-0916 i know its a scam and blocked them

Laura Thie
May 14, 2024

I got a supposed overdue toll of $11.69 from phone number (902)986-2330. I knew it was a scam because I don't travel on toll roads. Beware!

Barb Bolton
May 15, 2024

Thank you for this helpful notice. I was thinking this must be fake since the http which I checked on a second device would not go through. Also the big tip off was that I do not drive on toll roads regularly or even irregularly. Barb Bolton

May 15, 2024

1-902-986-0255 is the number that sent me the toll fee text. Get these stupid jerks out of here.

May 15, 2024

I got a text today from
902-980-0468. Said I owe 11.69 in tolls in Arizona and to pay through link to avoid 50.00 late penalty fee. Arizona doesn’t have tolls. I lived in Denver and would receive toll charges by mail. Even after I moved I received a toll charge by mail through my cars registered address at the DMV.

May 17, 2024

As others have mentioned, this is a phishing scam from 902-529-1032:
"Arizona toll services: We've noticed an outstanding balance of $11.69 on your record. To prevent a late fee of $50.00, please visit https: [slash slash] sunspasservicestoll [dot] com. GoDaddy WHOIS says that this fake and misspelled domain name was registered 5/14/2024 from a Hong Kong-based domain registrar and uses China-based DNS provider. Obviously fake because AZ has no toll roads, 902 is Canadian area code, foreign domain registrar.

May 15, 2024

My wife got one for AZ, same amount $11.69. We don’t have toll roads in AZ.

May 15, 2024

I received this Tex at 11pm last night for an AZ toll fee. I live in a small town in AZ. We don't have any tolls or bridges to pay for crossing. This is a flat land desert. It's a Scam. Delete the Tex and don't reply.

May 17, 2024

Yes. I just received a text for owing that amount in Colorado which I have not driven in for over 6 years and certainly not on toll roads.

May 17, 2024

Yup. I got one too for Arizona toll roads. Since we recently traveled out of state, I thought I may have missed something. However, there are no Arizona toll roads! Reported. Deleted.

Anita Snedley
May 17, 2024

I got a text message saying I owed a toll fee to Arizona toll services from a phone number 902 986-3062 that I found was a Novia Scotia number. It said there would be an additional $50,00 charge. I tried to forward it to spam 7726 but it did not go through - then I deleted it.

I checked and don't really owe any toll. Wish the government could stop these people.

May 20, 2024

Just got a text this morning saying I owed a toll in Louisiana, there aren’t even tolls in Louisiana and I haven’t had a car since 2019.

Tom Richards
May 20, 2024

Thanks, that was what I thought especially when I checked the area code and it was from eastern Canada

May 21, 2024

Just got the $11.69 toll due in Maryland. I live in Colorado. Definitely a scam

May 22, 2024

Thank you i got a text saying i own money for using toll roads in oklahoma WITCH i use all the time. But when i hope on my pikepass app it shows nothing. So I went to the Internet to do some looking and I found this page.

May 23, 2024

Thank you for the information. I also received a text for 11.49 with a $50 fine. Thankfully I had enough sense to delete. But I feel much better now checking these comments.

May 24, 2024

I received the same text. Owing $11.69 with $50.00 late fee for not paying. Connecticut does not have tolls .

May 28, 2024

LOL we have no toll roads in Mississippi, I guess they'll just have to "charge" me the $50 late fee and sue for their payment ;)