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Have you seen ads promising easy money if you shrink-wrap your car — with ads for brands like Monster Energy, Red Bull, or Pepsi? The “company” behind the ads says all you have to do is deposit a check, use part of it to pay a specified shrink-wrap vendor, and drive around like you normally would. But don’t jump onto the bandwagon. It’s only easy money for the scammer who placed the ads.

How you spot the “offer”

You might see an ad on a job board or on social media. Or someone might send you a message — maybe because they saw your profile or resume on a job site.

How the scam works

The message says you’ll make a couple hundred bucks. But when the “company” sends you a check, it’s for much more than that — a couple thousand dollars. They tell you to deposit the check, keep part of it as your share, and wire the rest to another company that will wrap your car.

Weeks after you wire the money, the check bounces and your bank tells you it was a fake. The money you kept as “your share” disappears, and the money you wired is long gone — no getting it back. On top of that, you’re on the hook for paying your bank back for the fake check. And, of course, no one’s wrapping your car.

How you can tell it’s a scam

If you get a message urging you to deposit a check and wire money back, it’s a scam. Every time. No matter the story. And if this were a legitimate car wrap opportunity, wouldn’t the company directly pay the car-wrapping vendor, instead of asking you to do it?

Has this happened to you? File a complaint. Want to know more? Read our articles to learn how to spot variations on fake checks and money wiring scams.

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August 03, 2020

In reply to by Kalece06

I got that same check and I shredded it. I’m so glad I was smart enough not to deposit it. I had a family member who deposited the check and she went to jail and has a criminal record now. People don’t deposit the check. I was thinking about taking it to the police station
August 12, 2016
I got caught up in a scam about money winnings with the government. the person that introduced me to the sight, was using a friend of mine name. after nearly 2 mos, I was talking to another friend she told me that the friend name was being use was still in town. I finally spoke to her. she had no idea what was going on.
February 28, 2017

In reply to by DRIFTWOOD

I think. I got a scam, I'm not sure but they asked for money I thought I was getting a job, but to pay for a job
June 12, 2017

In reply to by DRIFTWOOD

johnnynel79 Is this the email of the "representative ?" The scam is exactly like halls except it was red bull my car and I deposited the check but had a hold on it and the funds became available but I waited 3 days and now the check is not available! Thank God I ddlove my spend money
August 15, 2016
I got called at least 40 times last week about the IRS claiming to have a lawsuit under my Social Security Number. I never answered the calls but it was an automated recording left on my voicemail it's very annoying they keep calling and filling up my voice mail.
bunny girl
July 18, 2017

In reply to by Teresa

The IRS will never call you ever. Ask for a badge number they won't give you one. It's all a scam
August 18, 2016
Anytime someone wants you to deposit a check, money order, wire transfer or whatever, into your account, assume it's a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it's a scam. There are too many schemes out there to list. Free money doesn't happen, unless you inherit it and you'll know because an attorney will contact you and not expect you to send money now or later. Taxes will be paid after(if at all)when you file your normal taxes. If someone is asking for money up front for anything other than a legitimate purchase on a reputable site, run screaming the other way! And as far as bashing the FTC or whomever, ALL government agencies are short-handed and underfunded. These con/scam artists are harder to catch than regular criminals. They work a scam, grab money and close down quickly. They have fake accounts and identities; they are ghosts. We have buckets of money being thrown at Homeland Security, so this is not a high priority for the government. They're too busy trying to keep terrorists from committing further atrocities in and against our country.
December 08, 2016

In reply to by StateCop

i wish i could get your help I believe that I know whom is doing alot of these scams the man i live with has a checking account many of them that have 60000 or more of money and he pays out 5x more than he makes but his accounts go up 10000 a mounth after . WHAT????? I am scared of the state police here he called the police on me the first time I found out they were not real police now how did i get that charge agian help if u r a real cop u can get my info
FTC Staff
December 08, 2016

In reply to by styles

You can report fraud to the FTC at

You can give details about the person doing the fraud, and you don't have to give your personal information if you don't want to. The information goes into a secure database that only law enforcement agencies can see.

But if you do give your personal information, the FTC or other law enforcement agencies that see the report can contact you if they need more details.

r baggett
August 08, 2017

In reply to by styles

Can you move? It seems like you are in a scary situation. Maybe buy a cheap phone so that you can reply to that policeman on here with your phone number so he can help. I am on here looking up car wrap scams. I received a $3000 check today. I would like to go to the address of the scammer where I am supposed to send the wire to and take a policeman just so i can see them get arrested. Scammers need to be stopped.

August 20, 2016
Got scammed of buying iTunes gift cards to pay for car purchase online. Car was posted on Craig's list, emailed owner and said she had contract with EBay Motors to handle the deal. She only needed my name and shipping address to give to eBay who will contact me. So she got it. Received invoice thru email, from eBay Motors. Looked so real but too good to be true. But I needed a car for my daughter. They asked me to pay within 24H with iTunes gift cards. So I bought the cards at Walgreens the cashier asked me what for, then told me why not eBay cards? DING! I already had the cards! Called eBay customers service, forwarded the email, SCAM! Now, I'm working on how to get my money back.
FTC Staff
August 22, 2016

In reply to by AngryBird

You can call Apple Support at 1-800-275-2273 to ask about a refund, or talk to customer service at the store where you purchased the card.

August 20, 2016
Why does the FTC make it so difficult to file a complaint? It would be much simpler and easier to forward the emails involved than it would to explain the situation.
FTC Staff
August 22, 2016

In reply to by Wranny

When you file a complaint at, you can tell the story in your own words. You can also copy & paste emails into the box that lets you tell the story.

Hart and huntington
September 25, 2016
I want to know if this is a scam with hart and huntington. They post on Facebook and they say it's a wrap on car and like someone said here they want you to deposit check and send them money. Concern
FIFA scammed
November 07, 2016
I was searching for jobs on a College Job board and saw this job about having your car wrapped and earn $300 per week just driving around. I applied. The job was to have my car wrapped with advertising for the 2018 FIFA. The emails and text said to expect my first payment in the mail as well as money to pay the specialist to wrap the car. I was to contact him when I had the funds so that he could set me up with the "specialist". I received the check today 11/07/2016. The amount is $5,850.00. The check did not appear legitimate to me and I was suspicious to begin with. I called the bank and they said the check is fraudulent. They have not tried to email or text me this afternoon.
November 23, 2016


Attached is a sample of the packaging of car for your review. Estimated costs in automotive packaging are $3 100.00 (including the cost of installation, removal and logistics). So, upon receipt of your information and your management approval, you will receive a cheque for payment of $3,450 to cover the cost of packaging (installation and removal of the stickers) and the initial payment of $350 for the first week. The cheque of payment for the following weeks will be sent by post every week.

Upon receipt of the payment of the envelope decal on your car, deduct you $350 as initial payment and remit the funds to the balance by Wrap Company which will envelop the sticker on your vehicle. Subsequently, the date of your car wrap will be scheduled so that you can make your car available for packaging. We expect your email with the requested information to continue Nathan Dunn Gestionnaire de promotion Bling H2o Eau de source Suite 250, 251 Empire Ave St. John, NL A1C 3H9 Tél.: (705) 243 - 6693 Courrier électronique: H2o@ summeradvert.

November 30, 2016

In reply to by FAKE BLING H2O…

I have received the same on November 24th. Thanks for posting. Now I know.
November 29, 2016
Is this for real? Congratulations, You qualified for the Wraps Inc Survey brand car wrap advert program. A technician has been assigned to you; they will contact you through email or phone to schedule date/time to come and fix the Heineken Lager Beer Vinyl decals on your car and also sign agreement to remove it when due. The first weekly payment with the money that will be paid to the payment plus the technician..In view of this, please confirm the following details; How long do you intend to carry the advertisement on your car? One(1) month, two(2) months or three(3) months? Do you use your car everyday? Also reconfirm your name and address as it should be on the check, where your payment should be mailed.You are to be checking your email daily for updates. I............................. ...Confirm to have received this email and understand the content, Thanks for your anticipated co-operation in order to start advertising for us.
March 16, 2017

In reply to by bencan2

Same thing happened with the bling h20 in Canada last week. Sent email saying Cancel immediately. Haven't heard a thing back from the "scammers"
December 01, 2016
A guy just text me out of blue said check will be in mail wrap your car for 500 a week
Daisy Madison
January 18, 2017

In reply to by Jeyrob

I was offered $500 a week to have my car wrapped, and they found me on my Monster. com profile. A site which is supposedly safe. I checked out their website (for the company recruiting me) and it was full of grammatical errors. Red flag for not being proof read or professional. They sent me a large check, and I am not going to deposit it, I want to take it to the police/authorities, and notify Monster. com that they are scamming their clients. I keep getting texts from them, the man says his name is James Todd, and that my car would have Champion clothing adverts on it. I don't know about you, but that right there is a big red flag. They are a huge company, why would their ad agency have a web page flooded with grammatical issues.
Just trying to…
September 18, 2017

In reply to by Daisy Madison

I just received a text about making $500 weekly for advertising Smirnoff. The text required me to reply IM INTERESTED. I did and received another text to reply IM INTERESTED to an email For more info, send "IM INTERESTED" to Kingefj . Email request my name, address, make model or car and scan copy of my driver licence. The copy of driver license don't sit well with me. I understand it is an alcoholic beverage company and they need to verify DOB. The contact via email with no contact # to ask or answer questions or concerns seem very fishy. I haven't replied the more I think about it the more it seems to good to be true. Anyone had this happen to them?

Haleigh Hoff
December 10, 2016
I almost fell for one of these scams. It was a Facebook post saying something about a Christmas bonus making $500 a week for Hype Energy Drink driving around with there logo on your vehicle. I am so glad I researched before I unknowingly cashed a fake check. Needless to say the check is ripped up and in the trash.
Curious poster
December 25, 2016
I was just recently contacted by someone offering a similar opportunity with the conpany "technowraps", wanting to wrap my car for Propel. I've been trying to research them, but the website seems legitimate. I can't tell though. It does seem too good to be true, but they haven't asked me for any money. Just that I would receive the check and someone would wrap my car and unwrap it when I wanted it removed. Has anyone heard of this? I've been texting someone and asking a lot of questions.
FTC Staff
December 27, 2016

In reply to by Curious poster

It's possible that the “company” will send you a check. They tell you to deposit the check, keep part of it, and wire the rest to another company.

Long after you wire the money, the check will bounce and your bank will tell you it was a fake. The money you kept as “your share” will disappear from your account. The money you wired is gone and you can't get it back. You have to repay the bank for the fake check.

January 09, 2017
I have Media Wrap contacting me to wrap my van. They want my checking information or I can set up another account, preferably with Westfield Bank and they will deposit the money in it which includes $100 sign up fee, installation money, and my weekly pay of $743 will be deposited there. This will go on for 5 months. Real or scam?
January 17, 2017

I JUST received a text from #1-231-468-6592 that reads: How would you like to make $350 by simply driving your car advertising. contact: thomaskarter349@     I replied to the email address and its for "Budweiser DRINK CO." That's not the name of the company! I already knew that! Just thought I would share this info!

January 19, 2017
Also received one claiming to be from Cricket Wireless Ads Brand. It's all a scam people please dont fall for it. I decided to waste his time as much as possible. When the check arrived i refused delivery by the postal carrier and told him the package he was holding contained a fraudulent check. He then told me he would get it handed over to correct department.
January 24, 2017

I signed up for "Advertise on my car". To advertise DISH. Because I saw someone with the sign. They said it was a legitimate company. But now the company is telling me to get paid you need one sale. This was for a six month period of having the ad on my car. Has anyone else worked with advertise on my car. I would love some feedback Thanks

January 25, 2017
Who are the real companies that will actually pay you to put an ad on your car?
Al P.
January 31, 2017

Received an email....I will copy and paste onto here if it will let me. Seemed/seems like a scam. Oh, and they did send the check that does look real. Thoughts? email below

Hello, How are you doing today . Am Glad to Inform you that a payment has been sent to you for the Apple® Service Advertisement Car Advertisement and will be deliver today via USPS Carrier Service: You can track it on www.USPS. com this is not Ups but USPS Below is the transaction Details: Tracking Number: 9405501699320xxxxxxxxx Check of $1980.40 has been sent to you via UPS. On receiving the Check, You are instructed to Cash/Deposit the payment at your Bank you may also deposit via Mobile.

Do note that we deal with banks ONLY. Reason is that we make monthly reports of our transactions and financial activities to the government through the bank, therefore all records are required and the fund can be released to you same day or within 24hrs as the issuer bank instructed. Once the funds are available, you are to deduct your first weekly compensation which is $500 for flying the Logo, Payment for subsequent weeks will be mailed out to you every week. The decal company has graphic artists nationwide, A graphic artist within your locality will be delegated to visit your residence to get the installation done.

The balance of $1450 should be transferred to the decal company for installation processing. Once the receipt confirmation of funds is made, the wrap installer will visit you with necessary materials to get the job started. you are to deduct $500 for your weekly pay and $30 for GAS and send the The balance of $1450 through Money gram Transfer to the detailer who will come and wrap the car with the company advertisment. Below is the information of the decal company's agent:

It is imperative the transfer be done as soon as the funds is made available. Receiver's Name : James Adewale City :- Aurora State :- IL Zip code:- 60504 On completion of the transfer, do email or text the information below: Name and address of Sender Total Amount sent Transfer Charges Money gram Reference Number Once you complete the transfer, email the details as requested above, and state when it will be convenient for you to have the decal specialist come to your house to wrap the car. This should not take long, so you might choose to watch them do it. We anticipate your response. Commission payment: You will also receive commission at the end of each month based on increase in sales in your area. Also Check Your Email Every Day and text message To Get Updated. We'll appreciate your team building exercises and excursions, a career plan within these organization. Best Regards,

January 31, 2017

Right now I have someone who sent me a check for $2500 for a car wrap ad.. And he keeps insisting that I deposit this check keep $300 and send the remaining via Walmart transfer. I'm not depositing the check but I'm going along to get more information This is the number he /she is texting from 321-252-9837.. Please do not fall for this..

April 04, 2017

In reply to by Islandgirl951

Hi there, I had the same issue and was sent a text from that phone# as well. Can you tell me if the check comes from Carson Inc in Pomona, CA? Thank you for your help.
working mom
March 05, 2017
Rockstar energy drink wraps are a scam. Why are they not paying their wrap service directly and making people wire the fees for that? Red flag one. Bank and company in two different states. Hmmm. A multi million company using banks that aren't local? Red flag two. Got that in mail and took it straight to the local PD. The officer told me I was lucky and smart enough to read the scam signs and not cash it. He took it and they filed report and such on check fraud on the supposed company. Saved me much headache.
FTC Staff
March 08, 2017

In reply to by working mom

Like this blog says at the top - scammers often use the name of a well known company to get your attention. They say you'll make a couple hundred dollars, but really, you end up with bounced check fees and a big headache. It's good that you spotted the fake and didn't cash the check.

Disabled women…
March 10, 2017
The same exact procedure as all the others. So the people keep changing company name more frequent it seems. This lady said to transfer money to a guy leonor in MN. Supposedly it's not scam and guarantee to clear in minutes through the bank. Like I am an idiot. Haha everyone knowshould that a certified check takes up to 10 business days to clear completely. Person emailing me by name of lyndon rive and no number given to call if u have problems or questions.
March 11, 2017
I got a 3000.check from cricket wireless to wrap my vehicle and was told I would get 400 a week to drive around , the check is no good it was from ruthanne Dale supposedly from cricket wireless , be careful from these scam artists
Bill From California
March 30, 2017
Ok, I have one right now. Just received a Cashiers check Yesterday in the amount of $2450.00, drawn on a Earth Mover Credit Union in Aurora Illinois. The Check was sent to me from a Jan Co Inc. In Cranston RI. and the phone 3 the texter is using is 213-545-6190.
April 03, 2017
Received email from Budweiser about car wrap going to send me a check for 2600.00 keep my 350 for weekly payment says to let them know when I deposit check
April 03, 2017
Budweiser wrap is it fake
Jerry Indiana
April 14, 2017
I keep getting text messages from some number saying they would pay $500 a week for me to drive around with a Red Bull wrap on my car. And last week it was Coca Cola. I know this is a scam. I call the number and it says the customer you are calling is no longer in service. Buy I get text messages every day and weird calls saying work from home, or offering to pay me to go to some seminar in Florida. They get my number from social media I guess cause stupidily that's where I have my number posted. I wish there was some way of blocking all of the BS.
April 14, 2017

In reply to by Jerry Indiana

It’s illegal for a company to send you a text message if it doesn’t have your permission, barring a few exceptions. If you get a random text message from a number you don’t recognize that says you won something or asks you to confirm some personal information, don’t text back or click on links. Report it to your provider at 7726 (SPAM) and to the FTC at or 1-888-382-1222.

For more information, please see the FTC blog post, Stopping unwanted phone calls and text messages.

Rob C.
April 17, 2017
just received my check from WOW EXCHANGE for $2487.80 for my vehicle wrap, to good to be true.
May 23, 2017
ok,yes I have received this offer to wrap my car & get payed a specific amount per week for advertising the "redbull" wrap on my car, not thinking about I noticed they are so eager to get their money, "go to the bank immediately & send via wiregram, keep the $500 for urself, I have not pulled any money out of my acct, it was barely taken off hold today by my bank. but I did find it strange, they kept asking me, ehen are you going to send they money?? & by the same bank as several people have mentioned above, what shall I do now besides of course reporting it. should I take the cu d4s back out of my acct, who do I send the no 1st back to? as if I was no longer interested in this way of going about making money from them?? whete do I go from here?
FTC Staff
May 24, 2017

In reply to by incslut

If you got a bad check from a scammer, you could ask the bank if they need to keep it, or return it to you. You don't need to keep talking or writing to the scammer who sent you a bad check.

The details you have will be useful in a complaint. Please report this to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

May 30, 2017
I received a $1998.00 check via USPS exactly one hour after a email said that I would be receiving a check in the mail. I was really happy because I needed the money at $500 a week to help my family being I just lost a job, and have a 1yr old son that is still in diapers and bills are piling up, I thought I was starting to see day light for my family, I called the main office for red bull in Santa Monica before taking the check only to find it to be only a scam, now I feel like I've let my family down..
To Good To Be True
June 07, 2017
I was not scammed but putting it here to show others... Ruthanne Dale Advertisement Manager Cricket Wireless. cognitoforms. AutoWrapApplication Dear prospective applicant, We have received your email in regards to the auto wrap advert program. Here's the basic premise of the "paid to drive" concept: Cricket Wireless seek people, regular citizens, professional drivers to go about their normal routine as they do with our logo on their Vehicles/Bikes. The result of this process is essentially a mobile billboard. What does the company get out of this type of ad strategy? Lots of exposure and awareness. The auto wraps tend to be eye-catching thereby attracts lots of attention. What is the Contract Duration? The program will last for 6 months and the minimum you can participate is a month. Would the wrap/decal damage the paint of my Vehicle ? The decal doesn't damage the paint of vehicles and it can later be removed with relative ease at the end of the program. Does it cover the Vehicle/Bike ? No, the decal is only installed on the Vehicle trunk and doors NB Please view the form to read about the payment process. CLICK HERE to apply