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AANHPI Heritage Month

This month and all year long, we join the nation in honoring the cultures and many contributions of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AA and NHPI) individuals and communities. This year's theme focuses on leadership. Want to do your part? Help share information on spotting and avoiding scams that impact your neighbors and friends in AA and NHPI communities.

With the resources at, sharing information with AA and NHPI communities about fraud, scams, and bad business practices just got a little easier. For example, you’ll find advice in languages including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Hmong, and Vietnamese on scams and how to report to the FTC (hint: at

But don’t stop there! At, you’ll find even more information to share on how to spot and avoid scams like job and investment scams and fake debt collectors — and what to do if you (or someone you know) was scammed.

The FTC wants to hear from AA and NHPI leaders and communities about your experiences. If you come across a fraud, scam, or bad business practice, tell the FTC at By reporting, you help the FTC and its partners stop scammers.

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May 01, 2023

I was scammed in 2022 of $6300.00. It is supposed to be a government grant program. But it really cost me. And there are so many people in Robeson County that have jumped on this scam. It is unbelievable.

Ken Lehman
May 01, 2023

I’ve been getting texts say a number of friends responded to me on Facebook, I do not have Facebook. If open the text it will open a folder that leads to problems.

Robin Fejes
May 01, 2023

I suggest doing this in all world languages in the US and getting the business, profit, and non-profit worlds to link you to their audience, so they are educated and protected.

Gloria Bennett…
May 01, 2023

Scammers are creative. This weekend, I received a number of calls--which looked like the name and numbers of some close friends. Nope. All scams. How can they use someone else's phone number on our phone ID?

Blaine Clark
May 01, 2023

In reply to by Gloria Bennett…

Four or five years ago I got several calls in about a one month period from my local hospital phone number that were obvious scams. I reported them to the FTC online and to the hospital. A cousin of my wife's complained about getting calls from her local hospital phone number that were obvious scams. The best one though, was a friend of mine that got a call using his own phone number as the caller ID!
How scammers can fake caller ID is amazing, but even more amazing is how can they find out info like your local hospital number??

Guy Fawkes
May 30, 2023

In reply to by Gloria Bennett…

There's apps available from playstore that will do this for you. Type in the number you want to show on the called ID, then type in the number you are calling. Whatever info is tied to the first number will show up on caller ID, ie Bank of America, Local Police Department etc

Agnes Jones
May 01, 2023

Oh I have found a few companies like that but I learn not be like that

May 02, 2023

Why are real estate agents charging a 'buyer's fee' of 3%+or-? It is expected to pay a seller's fee but to also pay a buyer's fee is pure greed. No wonder people are homeless. Paying rent is just as bad.

May 01, 2023

1. Reporting actual or possible scams is far too complicated. I have a list on my desk that has 12 different places to report (some govt; some private). We need a national, governmental "911" type phone number and a single national e-mail address to report everything related to real or possible scams. With it and AI, the government could point complaints to the proper sources and also decide what info should go back to the customer.
2. When will I read that scammers are going to prison? The damage they do is far worse than muggers and bank robbers, but it seems everywhere that the customer is totally responsible for his/her safety and diligence. I read endless articles and e-mails telling all of us how to identify and avoid scams, but absolutely nothing about scammers being prosecuted and jailed. Would "follow the money" explain this? I would like aggressive enough action and protection by our governments to put Norton out of business.

September 26, 2023

In reply to by William

Has anyone been first contacted through a chat box while researching on the internet? Has anyone heard of scanners posing as representatives of kindle direct publishing? Taking money to edit proof read and publish an ebook on kindle?

Diane Jackson
May 08, 2023

I recently got a car wash at the Jackman Laskey car wash in Toledo
I normally don’t use my debit card.
But this time I did
That was the only time I used it that day (April 14th)
I was informed from my bank that a transaction was denied payment
When I contacted the bank
They informed me of a transaction that was attempted to get paid. It was from an unknown source to me
The man did walk away with my card at the car wash to do what I thought was to make the transaction
It turns out that my card information was copied and attempted to be used illegally!

Judith Mitchell
May 01, 2023

Be very much aware of "winning" daily prizes from CVS, Walmart,Home Depot, Amazon.After you claim your prize,you are asked to complete a survey.SCAM! I have been hacked and have had debits made to FOUR credit card accts.Just delete the "notices".Be very alert.

Judith Mitchell
May 01, 2023

Be very careful not to accept "prizes" from CVS,Amazon, Walmart,Home Depot,and many more that seem to be legitimate.The prizes seem reasonable,such as a "36 inch color Tv,$500-1000.00 Gift Cards to Amazon and Walmart,etc,but you are asked to do a "survey" and pay a fee to pay shipping and handling+ insurance, usually $5.95- $7.95.Then they have your card number.SCAM!!!

May 08, 2023

After reading every report below, I see that I am not the only one who gets scam call all day Everyday from random number but from the same person who says there with sinour health, text messages say I won something, or I have a free gift waiting for me but I have to pay $$to receive it, individual from tiktok and Facebook asking me about the government grant useing somebody else profile and name and the biggest problem here in Carlsbad NM, RENT outrageous rent price from $1000. Up $1600. All because of the Masonry people run the town, think that because oil and gas industry is booming and the waste isolation plant that everyone makes good money working, no not everyone works on these job, in order to work at the whipp you got to know someone, same with the oil and gas industry, for someone like myself who doesn't make over$900 a month is hard to live.

Losfim Vang
June 15, 2023

There is a phone scam that is going around. The scammer calls random numbers and if answered, they would record that number and divert victims to call that number instead of the scammer's number. If the phone number provided goes to an area location full of blank buildings and no matching results to be found, do not call that number. No company location means no service or product.

Julia Ruiz
June 21, 2023

My wifi keeps getting compromised I have called Att several times to report and keeps telling me to change my wifi password and I do and dosent work hackers keeps getting it

Julia Ruiz
June 21, 2023

I was trick into buy crypt coins by someone to say someone famous in Twitter and then my money was stolen

Julia Ruiz
June 22, 2023

When I brought my house the house of my dream, a house saving money working 3 jobs during the 2 years of the pandemic, single mother and what happened not even with then a week of leaving “at my new house” got flooded it with black water which by the way stunk so bad, the person who did the inspection of the house STEEL RHINO PROPERTY INSPECTIONS, and the person who works for the company, did not do his job correctly, when the homeowners insurance asked me for some clips in the roof I call him several times he said “ oh is to dark and hot in the attic I won’t go there “ after some more calling and begging finally he came and took a look and added the clips to the report. Then the ceiling few months later with the rain started to look different. After asking and finding out who was the roof company I called them and told them the roof was 2 years new and they confirmed that was like that the roofers company is ELEVATE ROOFING I asked them to come for an inspection because do to the rain the ceiling and one of the walls got damage and they say who sold me the house should had transfer me the warranty within 6 months? the The funny thing is the previous owner is a realtor so he knows all about the process of selling a house. So now I’m stuck a first homeowner buyer with a almost falling roof growing mold in my bathroom bedroom and the outside of the house.