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The FTC and state consumer protection agencies have shut down dishonest timeshare resellers for bilking timeshare owners out of millions of dollars. If you’re selling a timeshare, listen carefully for the promise of lots of money quickly and a request for an upfront fee. Those are two key signs of timeshare resale scam — and someone you don’t want to do business with.     

In one recent case, Vacation Property Services claimed to represent big-name companies eager to buy timeshares for business travel and events. The company guaranteed timeshare owners hefty returns if they moved quickly on the offer. But first, the company said the owner had to pay from $500 to $2,000, via credit card, in “registration” and other fees to seal the deal.

Timeshare Resale Scams Infographic

Timeshare Resale Scams

The company’s promises of ready buyers, fast sales, big profits and money-back guarantees turned out to be lies. What’s more, the timeshare owners were stuck with debt on their credit cards from paying the “fee” after the company told them that the sale would be complete — and that they’d have their money — by the time the credit card bill came.

If you own a timeshare, question any offers to help you resell it. Be skeptical of companies that:

  • claim the market in your area is “hot” and that they’re “overwhelmed” with buyer requests
  • say they have buyers ready to purchase your timeshare — or promise to sell your timeshare within a specific time
  • guarantee you’ll get big returns on your resale
  • require you to pay fees upfront — even if there’s the promise of a “money-back guarantee”
  • don’t provide a contract — or provide a contract that doesn’t accurately reflect conversations you had   

Read about buying and selling a timeshare, or check out our infographic to see how timeshare resale scams typically work.

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FTC Staff
July 20, 2015

In reply to by nychic

Read this article about buying and selling a timeshare, and look at the related infographic to see how timeshare resale scams typically work.

If someone you don't know wants you to cash a check and send them money, it could be a scam.  Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you within a certain time. But just because funds are available doesn’t mean the check you deposited is good. It can take weeks to discover that a check is a forgery. Until the bank confirms that the funds from the check are deposited into your account, you're responsible for any funds you withdraw against that check. If you withdraw money before the bank confirms the funds, you have to repay the bank if the check turns out to be fake.

Read this article for more about Fake Checks Scam.

July 21, 2015

In reply to by nychic

Just received a similar call from DCM Resort Properties followed-up by a Purchase Offer for my Bahia Principe Privilege Club Membership; the Offer indicates that their 7% commission is paid out from the sales proceeds at Closing of the transaction.Anyone had any successful dealings with this company?
August 14, 2015

In reply to by brican

Hi, There are two posts about DCM but no specific feedback. Did either of you pursue the option with DCM? I am interested in your experience. Thank you.
October 07, 2015

In reply to by Jennifer

Yes don't speak with them anymore this is a scam they will want you to send $$ to a Mexican bank for transfer fees and Mexican Admin fee. Stay far away
November 19, 2015

In reply to by dabb

Thank you for this warning because DCM contacted me today and sent me an email. It is too good to be true.
July 18, 2015
Does anybody knows From houston, I think is also a scam. Some comments.
July 31, 2015
I have experienced some of the samethings on the sale of my timeshare in Mexico. Has anyone heard of or been contacted by Nicholas Marino of Lake City Private Equity Group in Chicago, IL or the Escrow Agent Aaron Newman of Lafayette Escrow Services in Detroit, Mich?
August 27, 2015

In reply to by Sandman

We have been contacted by Aaron Newman of Lafayette Title and Gerry Garcia of Lake City Equity. They said that they were representing a company that wanted to buy out our timeshare along with others to get control of the timeshare property. They promised no money out of our pockets and then at the last few days before the closing said that the Mexican SAT (IRS equivalent in Mexico) was needing the taxes to be paid on this unit before they would release it to have free title. Now they are asking for thousands of dollars, which is 18% of the selling price to be paid to the Mexican SAT government. We researched it online and found enough people that said that this was a scam. OUR ADVICE is to let NO, ABSOLUTELY NO money come out of your pocket. They even sent us a form saying that there is money in escrow from the buyer.
July 31, 2015
About Third Coast Group. Don't send any money to them. I called today Texas Real State Commission and they are NOT licensed to operate as seller or buyer of timeshare. By the way, if you are trying to sell your timeshare and receive calls from any company, don't waste your time looking for their name through the internet, call the real state commission from the state they are calling and they will tell you if it is a legitimate company or not. Good luck
August 05, 2015
has anyone been approached from affinity travel saying they have a buyer for your timeshare. I think it's a scam.
August 06, 2015
Has anyone heard of Timeshare Exit Team? I heard them on the radio. They don't sell timeshares, but claim to legally break the timeshare contract for a fee. They seem to have good reviews online...I just want to get out of my timeshare!
August 06, 2015
Anyone had Billy or William Jason of Denver Realty Services call about a plan to Lease 10 years of the end of your Time Share contract ? He claims you don't give up title and you will be paid the full ten years Lease payment after escrow is cleared. They use Int'l Title Services, also in Denver to do the "escrow'
August 16, 2015
Has anyone had any dealing with ICM resale vacations LLC. Just started getting calls from them.
August 17, 2015
If they are willing to put down the 10% that UVC requires to do the sale, but they are an scam.
no way Jose!
August 18, 2015
Have another name to add to the ever-growing list: Property Management Plus, Inc. Out of California. Bill Walter kindly offered to pay us $20k more than we paid for our points! 1-866-978-7973 is the number used. Beware!!!
FTC Staff
August 18, 2015

In reply to by no way Jose!

You can report this to the FTC at The information will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

Blog comments aren't entered in the law enforcement database.

August 24, 2015

In reply to by no way Jose!

I got a call from them also. Their email correspondence lists their street address as 11601 Wilshire, Suite 500 in Los Angeles. But that address is occupied by another company, Blacksands Pacific. I called Blacksands Pacific, and the receptionist verified that they were the sole occupants of Suite 500, and that she had never heard of Property Management Plus, Inc. The contact's name at "Property Management Plus, Inc." was Dave Murphy.
August 28, 2015

In reply to by no way Jose!

Question for no way Jose: did Bill Walter have a fairly deep voice? My contact, Dave Murphy, had a deep telephone voice. I wonder if it's the same guy using two (or more) different names?
August 21, 2015
Wondering if anyone has heard from International Consolidators out of Oklahoma City. They have a web page, but I don't know how to find out when it was put up or how long they have it for.
August 28, 2015
??? Resort Property Mgt. based in Atlanta, Georgia ??? are they a reputable company
September 04, 2015

In reply to by Fritz001

Their address is 1 Glenlake Parkway Ste. 700 Atlanta, GA 30328 and I found out by googling the address that many companies use that address. I called the management for that building Ste 700 and found companies use it as a "virtual" office. Resort Property Management does come there to pick up their mail every day. They said Resort Property management does pay Ste 700 for their services and had been doing it for as long as the manager of ste 700 had been working there (over 2 years) but were reticent to give any kind of recommendation - which is, in itself, rather negative.
September 02, 2015
Has anyone been contacted by B&M Realty Investment to sell your timeshare? We were contacted by them with promises of a no upfront money sale. We received an Exclusive Sales Contract naming Omega Bay Del Pacifico S.A. de C.V an authorized law firm to hold the money. Before even agreeing or signing the Sales contract we received an email from Omega Bay. The email contained four attachments... SAT tax info, Beneficiary payout info, Financial Statement and Santander Funds disbursement. We have been called by Omega Bay from a Mexican number and through discussion have been asked to wire or show up in person and pay 25% of the sale price to an SAT bank. Once this "tax" is paid we would be able to sell our Unlimited Vacation Club package??? Has anyone else been contacted by Tony Kim of B&M Realty Investment and then from Carlos Sanchez of Omega del Pacifico???
FTC Staff
September 03, 2015

In reply to by PossibleScam

If you’re thinking of selling a timeshare, question the resellers — real estate brokers and agents who specialize in reselling timeshares.

You say the company first promised a 'no upfront money' sale, but now wants you to pay 25% of the sale price upfront to a non-US bank.

You can check for complaints about the resort developer and management company with your state Attorney General.

The American Resort Development Association ( has information for consumers, including a resale checklist.

Definite SCAM
September 25, 2015

In reply to by PossibleScam

Yes I was contacted by both Anthony Kim of B&M Realty Investment and Carlos Sanchez from Omega. It seemed legit at first because they knew about my membership. Anthony Kim made me an offer which I negotiated and they increased the purchase price. Carlos then contacted me to discuss the legal paperwork at which point he discussed the transfer fee of 10% and Omega legal fees if $935. Carlos then told me I need to pay these fees upfrontt. He sent wire transfer instructions which looked bogus to me. I decided to look on Mexico's Better Business Bureau but didn't find the firm or Carlos Sanchez. Looking deeper at the website for Omega,, you can tell it's a scam. The website is in English but when you look up the specialists, the company has a CEI, Account Manager...weird set up for a law firm. Then I noticed the biographies for the CEO etc is in Latin (according to google translate) and the English words in between the Latin don't make sense. I told Anthony Kim, they should deduct the fees and send me the balance to which he said they can't do because Mexico doesn't do Escrow accounts. I told him that there is no guarantee that I will get the money after I send their fees ($2,400) and I will get a Lawyer from the U.S to secure my interest. Needless to say he hasn't responded. B&M Realty's website is a scam too, they have the same personnel structure and why is it you can't get any staff or receptionists, you always have to leave a message. The address also seems to be a Burger joint. Don't send these scammers any money!!! Searching the company, it says it was opened in 2006 and has 2 employees...another RED FLAG!!!! Don't fall for their scam.
January 26, 2016

In reply to by Definite SCAM

Yes, I agree, they are running a scam. All have hispanic accents. I was contacted by email by Jonathan Castillo salesman and Steve Anderson,president of B & M Realty Investment with an offer for my timeshare at Marina Fiesta in Cabo for about twice what i paid for it. The greed set in, they took me for 10k. The fee set up was exactly what you described. I wrote 4 wires for 25% mexican tax, attorney fee, registration penaly, customs penalty. The attorney at Omega that I delt with was Jose Gutierrez. Works in the same office as Carlos Sanchez in Mexico. Can't believe i fell for this.
June 26, 2017

In reply to by seattlefool

Wow, wish that I would have saw this before. Been working with All American Real Estate, LlLC Chris McClain and American International Investments Group Nina Law with the escrow account and now believe that I am being scammed. Have sent them four wires and still no money for timeshare. Tired calling number tonight and it wont go through which tells me for sure a scam. Will be reporting them.
December 19, 2015

In reply to by PossibleScam

Yep. A scam. I have been getting phone calls from a guy who says his name is Michael Goodman but he definitely has heavy Spanish accent. They provide business info but that looks sceptical too. How do I report these bozos??
FTC Staff
December 22, 2015

In reply to by hog88

You can report scams to the FTC at The information you give will go into a database that law enforcement uses for investigations.

You can also report to your state Attorney General’s office.

September 03, 2015
It would be so wonderful if someone would list some reputable companies. We're all so paranoid we won't deal with anyone to sell our really great time share! Anyone with some "good" experience?
September 03, 2015
I too received a Letter of Intent from Property Management + Inc. The office is also listed as 11601 Wilshire Blvd No 500, Los Angeles, CA 90025. The name of this Broker Agent is Frederic David Ross and the phone number that he keeps calling me from is 1-866-978-7973. I have not felt comfortable about this since the very first call he made to me. There has been no mention of me having to pay any money, but I knew something was up when the offer I received was for more than I paid 20 years ago. I'm so glad I found this blog! You all just saved me lots of time and money!
September 08, 2015
I am so happy to read this blog. I too was contacted by a company in TN-ABI Realty Inc who turned the transaction over to Realty Assets Inc in MA for the "closing." My timeshare is in Cabo. Just like the stories above, everything seemed legit until I got a random call from Carolos Rivera telling me he was with the Mexico Department of Tourism and I needed to wire a 10% payment in order to proceed with the sale. Realty Assets Inc then sent me copies of BANAMEX checks from the buyer that they are holding for me until I pay the fee, because it is illegal for the buyer to pay the Mexican government directly. Duh, the Mexican government should be demanding that the buyer pay the fee. I have asked Realty Assets Inc to deposit the funds into my attorney's trust account first. No response yet. I guess I need to do more digging because Realty Assets Inc is legit, registered in MA since 1992. Another odd call I received was from Veronica, who stated she was the attorney for the buyer in Mexico, yet caller id revealed the same phone number for Realty Assets Inc. Thank you for saving me over $2K!!
September 04, 2021
a mi me ha estado llamando una compañía llamada allstate corporate solutions que para vender mi tiempo compartido en una suma grande de dinero que un inversionista que no se que y ahora me piden 3.200 dólares para liberar la venta y yo les dije abiertamente que no les voy a dar nada, pero yo firme el dichoso contrato, y me están amenazando ahora con denunciarme por incumplimiento del contrato, será que eso puede progresar esa demanda que me dicen ustede por que yo se que es un estafa y yo no voy a dar un peso
September 09, 2015
I was contacted by a guy by the name of Anthony Flores representing a company named A.B.I. Realty. The other person in the office (his boss he said) was a guy named Zack Madrigal. He said his company was prepared to offer me 20% to 30% more than the original purchase price for my Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare in Cabo. I am 9 years into a 30 year timeshare so the deal was very attractive. This guy wqs knowledgable about the new golf course which just opened on the property. He said he represented a Mexican firm that repackages timeshares to sell as business trips. I went so far as to send him a copy of my contract and certificate of ownership. It sounded legit and the website looked fine. I could not find any complaints online until today. Needless to say I am shutting this down. Thanks to everyone who posted their stories to help me reach the conclusion that this is indeed a scam. The fact that they claim to work through an escrow company and that the ownership transfer will not occur until they send me a certified check led me to believe that this was legit. After researching it further, I can foresee that the escrow company will likely be a scam and that I would end up losing money at some point if I followed through.
September 09, 2015
Has anybody ever heard of an outfit called Resort Travelers Intl.? They want to rent my "getaway Weekends" from Bluegreen. They say I get 4/year and will pay $5200 for them. They re-use them in blocks for corporate events. The catch: $1275 upfront for a membership fee. Legit or no??
Chris D
May 02, 2016

In reply to by FTC Staff

I need to speak to a FTC Representative about steps I need to take re. someone stealing almost US $190,000 that belongs to me from the sale of my property. An urgent call is requested to my telephone, (301) I do live near the D.C. Metro area, close to the FTC National Headquarters at DC. Thanks.
September 10, 2015
I have been contacted by It's Time to Go Luxury Destinations out of Dallas re selling them some weeks from my Vacation package. 3030 Lyndon B. Johnson Fwy Dallas, TX 75234. Checking with the building management they're no longer there and have been gone for about a year. They're associated with a Chicago company called Forward Thinking. Anyone had any dealings with Forward Thinking at 401 N. Michigan Avenue, Ste. 1940 Chicago. Il 60611
September 07, 2021
September 16, 2015
I have a client now getting calls from B$M Investments out of California by a very heavily spanish accented gent named Mike Goldman. They are offering to buy the UVC membership for 5500.00 more them what was paid. I have a contract and a conference call with their attorney in Mexico. Lets see where this goes.
September 18, 2015
Has anyone heard of Property Management Plus, Inc our of LA or an escrow company Third Point Captial out of LA? I have been approached to buy my timeshare and feel that a scam is lingering? The only request for money thus far is to acquire an RFC number (90 day temporary visa for non-citizans to sale property) to the tune of $4350.00. Of course, I can acquire this by going to the Mexican consulate myself or traveling to Mexico to obtain this number. Anyone have a similiar experience?
September 23, 2015

In reply to by FTC Staff

I have verified all licenses and see no compliants on file with their licensing boards. Has anyone had any experience or actually done a transaction with them (Third Point Captial or Property Management Plus, Inc)?
September 23, 2015

In reply to by Jakester

Yes, I've been contacted by the same two companies, though the cost of the RFC was quoted at $3750, to either be wired to a bank account in Mexico, to be taken to that bank in person or to be obtained through the Mexican Consulate here (in Denver). I am awaiting a response from the Consulate but I think this is pretty clearly a scam, though I am so very tempted to believe otherwise. Have you found out anything else about either of these companies?
October 19, 2015

In reply to by Jakester

Believe me it's a scam, sorry to say I didn't find this Web site earlier.
October 12, 2018

In reply to by hv

Here is the latest 'fake' company offering to buy timeshares. Property Owl Incorporated 136-7 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY 866-864-5368 Micheal Silverman - sales person, Lucy Coleman Executive Assistant. Same generic website design as others who have called me. Their address traces back to the Congressman Rosenthal Place which seems to currently be a Chase bank. Same form letter offer and con story.
February 01, 2019

In reply to by MG

add Steve Harris to this list with Property Owl Management
February 21, 2019

In reply to by MG

I have been contacted by Property Owl recently, are you saying it is a scam? What is the scam?
April 04, 2019

In reply to by MG

I have been contacted by Property Owl Inc and they are using American Corporation Of Finance in Rochester, NY. When I Googled the Rochester address I see a different business. Anyone else checked on this operation?