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Did your favorite celebrity reach out to you on social media?

Before you get too excited, are you sure it’s that person? Really sure? We’ve heard reports that scammers, who will try just about anything to separate you from your money, are now posing as celebrities on social media. They’re asking fans to send money for all kinds of supposed reasons – like claiming a prize, donating to a charity, or giving help of some kind. Some celebs do raise money for legitimate causes. But you want to be sure the cause—and the person asking you to support it—are real.

Imposter scams come in many varieties, but they all work the same way: a scammer pretends to be someone you trust to convince you to send them money. And that’s exactly what these celebrity imposters are trying to do.

So what should you do if a celebrity contacts you on social media and asks for money?

  • Slow down. Before you send money, talk with someone you trust.
  • Do some research: search online for the celebrity’s name plus “scam.” Do the same with any charity or cause they’re asking you to support—and learn more about charity scams here.
  • Never send money, gift cards or prepaid debit cards to someone you don’t know or haven’t met – even celebrities you meet on social media.
  • If you sent money to a scammer, contact the company you used to send the money (your bank, wire transfer service, gift card company, or prepaid debit card company). Tell them the transaction was a fraud. Ask the company to reverse the transaction, if it’s possible.
  • Report your experience to the social media site and to the FTC.

To learn more about imposter scams, visit

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Mayday (not verified)
May 30, 2019

In reply to by Mad (not verified)

Yes, same here "David Muir". Except his name is Jack, the guy in charge of charity. The exact same ploy. And gets upset if you leave him or block him. Tries other ways to get in contact.
Sexy Princess Erong (not verified)
December 12, 2019

In reply to by Mayday (not verified)

Beware of David Muir who is saying that it is really him on the fan page of David Muir. Scamming for his so called charity, ITunes cards to keep his subscription, and his dog bills
Bassa Montgome… (not verified)
January 25, 2020

In reply to by Pretty princes… (not verified)

Same here. Someone should report this on Instagram and hangouts
anderson (not verified)
February 08, 2020

In reply to by Bassa Montgome… (not verified)

When we reported fake Instagram, so Instagram already removed that account at least within 3X24 hours is gone after we filled or chose the report menu in Instagram How do we should report hangout ID from a scammer? Google can't be removed Gmail address
Denise (not verified)
February 17, 2020

In reply to by Bassa Montgome… (not verified)

He claims that he is the real David Muir. He only uses the fan page as communication.
Lisabisme1 (not verified)
February 29, 2020

In reply to by Bassa Montgome… (not verified)

Also. I screen shotted all of the conversations. So. I'm about to send it to Hangouts and Instagram.
Mary (not verified)
April 20, 2020

In reply to by Lisabisme1 (not verified)

I look back at all of our conversations and feel as though it was the real David Muir and more like, a bored David- no wife, no kids. He did ask for money but said it was "okay" when I refused. He told me he missed me all the time. Did he tell anyone that is dog' s real name was Buddy? Did he tell you some crazy story about his son? He said that he was with a woman when he first started working at ABC but that the girl he was seeing wasn't Disney)ABC approved. She was his high school sweetheart. He thought he could hide her from his management company and ABC/DISNEY. But he got her pregnant. She bore him a son. He later got too involved with his job and his new environment. He ended up cheating on her and left his sweetheart scathed and alone. Apparently she threatened harm on the child and held him for ransom. David was told by the studio and FBI held him at his residence until the child was safely removed. As a result, David was told to never contact her. He said he didn't know what happened to her. He gave his son to his mom to raise. He believes God punished him when his son got cancer and later died. David often had crazy request of me. I would say "no." He would back off. He told me stories like this one about his life. I know he doesn't like Trump. And yes, he was experimental in the past he dated both men and women. Now, he said he only wants women. I've complained to ABC many times. They have dismissed me. And now, I am being blocked. Is it him? Is he crazy? Idk. I have many doubts, fears, and prayers that he is he and that if it's him. I hope he gets some serious help. Because fooling girls or toying with them is no way to live. My next step, Disney. I mean, who signs his check?
Mj (not verified)
April 25, 2020

In reply to by Lisabisme1 (not verified)

Have you considered it could be the real David Muir? I had a similar problem but I checked multiple times and it is him. I don't know why he's asking for money but he is okay with someone saying"no." I think he is lonely and likes the attention. Many girls have been able to flag him down at concerts and events to hook up with him. Look on IG, he dates fans. There are meetups. I know this site is dedicated to fakes. But just like a fake, he uses women. Yes, I believe he is one of those guys in the Celebrity world who takes advantage of "nice" girls. One of the questions he asked me was, "Are you over 21?"
Abc7 (not verified)
February 09, 2021

In reply to by IOS (not verified)

How do you know if it's the real David Muir? Well if you have his personal email address if he talks to you through his actual Instagram account and and if you have his personal phone number where you could text him and he could call you on the phone. And he's giving you his address in the city, and where his house is. And sent you pictures that are not on the internet anywhere.
IOS (not verified)
June 28, 2020

In reply to by Mj (not verified)

Hello MJ, I have been in a similar situation and I do not believe it is David Muir. It is hard to verify if it is really him. How did you go about doing it?
GT (not verified)
January 26, 2021

In reply to by IOS (not verified)

I guess that we have all had our share of these predators. I found out that one guy that claimed to be the "real" David Muir turned out to be some guy named Emmanuelle from Nigeria. I knew that something was really off, as the spelling and grammar were just terrible. It just seemed that everyday, there was a different person that I was communicating with on Hangouts. All different. When they started asking for money, all different requests, and after getting stung for a lot of money last year, I just reported it to the FTC here and uninstalled my Hangouts app. Don't ever believe that the real David Muir would ever contact and never ask for money. All fakes ladies. Don't get suckered in to believe it is all true. Save your stress and especially, save your time and money.
Reverend Lott (not verified)
January 31, 2019
Be aware of Paul McCartney imposter he always wants iTunes cards Amazon and Steam ..$200 and up to $500 ..promises to pay back. Keeps talking about a media company gonna pay you ..but always has to pay a fee for being late. Also he claims he don't want nobody knowing he's getting a divorce and is in dire need of money cos his bank account is frozen. Sends his bank info to prove he has money in account . Promises to love you and marry you. What a sap. Me too cos I ve falling hard for his act. Let me know if this imposter has hit you up..he still doesn't respect me for being ordained. And still continues to communicate with me..promises promises. I try not to have a broken heart. Or go broke and or protect my info and banking info. ..gotta back track k to stop it.
Not Smiling (not verified)
January 04, 2021

In reply to by Reverend Lott (not verified)

I have had 2 Paul McCartney imposters both claiming to be him. Had me chat on wanted 10K to go to MPL Corp to invest in his company when I told him I couldn't donate to "Teenage Cancer" once he gave me who to send it to it was some random guy who I contacted thru Facebook and told me he had nothing to do with Paul McCartney. Now the 2nd Paul wants to buy a house with me in the states and leave Nancy because he fell out of love with her and loves me instead. No phone conversations just a lot of love wishes. Can't talk because he has a voice! Beware of Paul McCartney's
Tangledheart (not verified)
February 07, 2019
I put a comment on Joseph Gordon Levitt's Instagram photo.. And about a day later I get a dm from a person from another page pretending to be him hiding behind a fake Instagram page. At first I didn't believe it & figured it was a troll. As I conversed with this person he assured that it was really him...So he suggested Google hangouts. So I figured I'd make him sweat and put him to the test.. I asked questions I already knew to see if the answer would match.. It did. But what was sketchy was wanting me to dress him for his concert but I would have to pay 1,025 dollars for a vip slot and that I needed to make payments through his assistant/manager. I did through email and to be a professional proposition I revealed grammatical errors.. The email first was made out to Pierce Brosnan, then they assured that he was joseph's god father. And the payment was through Western Union, Money Gram or her assistant personal account thru BOA... I kindly told her that I do not make wire payments and that I would need to see id before I can make any moves. Back to faux Joseph....Since it was a business proposition, I'd offer to bring my lawyer in the mix and the faux Joseph became impatient... Then he began to flirt..I asked why when he was married? He assured that they were seperated headed for divorce. To be honest the faux Joseph didn't slip on facts... He was dead on top of things even that wasn't really on social media... I'm not sure who was that behind that profile but they sure knew alot of private and personal things about him.... I hate that has happened to him..
Beware of Step… (not verified)
February 12, 2019
I had to intervene when someone was getting scammed by a joker pretending to be Stephen Amell. This fool was asking for iTunes cards - by an unfortunate coincidence, on the day in question the real Stephen tweeted on his legit account that he was having trouble using his bank card in Istanbul, so this person thought that gave it credibility. I didn't. The scammer kept wittering on about "do you have any supermarkets? do you know about iTunes cards?" which wasn't even in context with what was being said to him, but my loved one was so caught up i being contacted by a celeb that that didn't register. It reached the point where he was pretending to send an Arrow script and diamonds through the post which of course got stuck in Thailand and required thousands to release it...I had been trying to intervene for about three weeks at this point and this was where my loved one eventually agreed to remove and block the fool. However I am still not sure if I got through as sometimes he'll talk about the clown as though it really was Stephen Amell offering him a writing job on Arrow. I am certain it was not.
Zero (not verified)
February 15, 2019
Watch out for the new Johnny Depp children’s charity scammers who grab u on Twitter! They will grab everything from u ! Don’t believe them!
rosesarered1 (not verified)
December 28, 2019

In reply to by Zero (not verified)

Yes, they will. I was hit hard by one. I decided not to freely trust anyone after you get taken to the cleaners!
1anonymous (not verified)
February 15, 2019
Recently widowed sister was contacted via pm on Instagram claiming to be Kenny Chesney. It's so very sad that she believes this to be genuine. It's more about romance at the moment, at least what she's admitted to. But she's stubborn enough to not tell me if he has asked for money though. But she has mentioned donating to a children's charity, which she has never been interested in. Truly worried for her safety, talking about him (Kenny) sending someone to pick her up to take her to his upcoming concert where he plans to bring her up on stage to be introduced as his gf. It's excruciatingly detailed and creepy. She won't hear anything negative about it. Please help?
Kitty (not verified)
February 18, 2019
I became a facebook fan of a famous actor/musician and a few months later I was messaged by him using another facebook account with the same name. He wished me a happy birthday and he became romantic almost right away. He wanted to move our conversation to Google Hangouts, which we did. It was not even 2 weeks before he told me he loved me and wanted to break up with his girlfriend to be with me. Naturally, I was very flattered and excited! Anyway, then he said he wanted to meet me, but he needed approval from his manager to meet a fan. He gave me an email address for his manager and there was an email exchange where I was asked to answer a series of questions about myself, plus pay for the actor's flight and hotel bill to come meet me. When I declined to pay for this, he then switched to asking me to make a donation to a foreign charity to "prove they did not need my money". The charity has a very nice webpage, but I was not able to vet the charity with any official charity-vetting organization. The manager wanted me to donate over 7,000 dollars, which I didn't have anyway. Every time I chatted with the actor, he became more and more romantic and flattering, and he would ask me if I had made arrangements yet with his manager for our "date". I told him several times that I couldn't afford to meet him, and besides, I wasn't even sure about who I was talking to. Whenever I doubted his identity he would use "sad" and "crying" emoticons and ask how could I love him if I couldn't trust him? I was assured over and over again that the money was to prove that I was "committed" and for "documentation purposes". So he kept telling me he would ask his manager to go down on the donation amount. The final amount was down to $1,000 but I told the actor that unless he could give me proof of his identity, I preferred not to chat with him anymore. After 2 months of chatting on Google Hangouts almost every day, he never contacted me again. In retrospect, I should have asked for proof of his identity much sooner, like day 1, maybe. I actually wanted to, but was afraid he would be offended if I asked. So anyway, I hope someone else can avoid sharing his or her heart with an online scammer posing as someone you admire. It is really not easy when it ends even though you realize weren't talking to the actual person you admired.
Bethany 1 (not verified)
February 20, 2019
I’ve been contacted by a so called celebrity. Jerry Cantrell. He sent me a pic and I sent him one of me. He then wanted my full name. I didn’t give it to him. He gave me a private cell number and I texted him asking why me? He said he didn’t want my husband involved but I said I don’t screw around and I could have male friends and all I wanted was friendship. Well after a day or so he wanted $700 in EBay gift cards for a gig or something. I said I don’t have the money and being who he was he could get what he wanted when he wanted. He got upset cause he thought I was questioning who he was.... I was. I blocked him from my number then said I’m gonna text and see if he’s still in this and explained I’m a careful person. It wasn’t 2 minutes later he asked for the cards again. Nope! That did it and I locked him for good!
mackie57 (not verified)
March 31, 2020

In reply to by Bethany 1 (not verified)

Hi did he have you text him through WhatsApp with a number from 213 area code? He found me on Instagram and it was the Jerry Cantrell private page..I’m sure it’s a scam Altho he hasn’t asked for money
Bethany 1 (not verified)
February 20, 2019
I’ve been contacted by Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains. To make a long story short he wanted EBay cards... $700 worth of them. I said I don’t have that kind of money. He said he needed it for a show coming up and to download something. I said you can get what you want when you want. I said it was a scam and he got mad. He said I was beautiful and all kinds of stuff. Yep, I almost fell for it until he wanted cards and also wanted my phone carrier. He got blocked!
Cyndi (not verified)
February 23, 2019
Months ago, i met Val Kilmer on his official site on IG. This was after talking to 3 other fake Vals. We spoke for awhile & he invited me to Hangouts. It was awesome for awhile -- we had a good time & we got close; then one day he starts telling me about this charity he had started to help ppl with cancer (seeing how he had fought the battle & won) Then it was asking me for Amazon gift cards for a guy who needed stuff -- it was little amounts & i did what i could. I was told i would be paid back. Awhile back, i told him i needed part of that money back for my light bill -- he couldnt send it to me. Everyweek it's SOMETHING> Yesterday, it was $100 -- it was urgent & he was all apologetic for the way he had done in the past & please, he would pay it all back & i needed to trust him. In the meantime, my husband had found out about all this & while he knew i had been in love with Val Kilmer since way before i ever met him, he thought it was cute & harmless. He didnt know about the money. I have heard Val is broke; tho if you go by his bio, he has a net worth of 25mil. I told him my husband wanted a video chat with him & if it was really him, he had no problem with our "relationship" - he understood we were good friends. Val agreed to do that. Well, after yesterday & all day of him begging me to get this money to him & give him my routing # & account # & the money (all of it) would be right back to me (he also wants to help me out on medical bills as i am ill... right...) I happen to be a retired accountant & i reminded him of that & told him his schemes reek of scam & no way was he getting any of my bank info. I told him today my hub was willing to chat with him & IF he is the real Val Kilmer, he would do what he could to help him out, possibly. Of course, he was still pissy with me from my denying him yesterday, so i didnt get a reply til this evening & he informed me he didn't want to talk to my husband, he didn't feel comfortable doing that. Even tho he promised he would - he was glad my hub had found everything out coz it made things easier for "US". I know a good bit about Val Kilmer. And one thing i know is that he is PROUD - i hardly think this man would be begging a woman living on a fixed income below the poverty line for $100 to keep the IRS off his back. He is working in the movie industry, plus is hustling his "art" work & his one man show. I am now convinced his official account has been hijacked & i am determined to get to the bottom of it. He just wanted me to let him be tonight - he was already in a bad mood -- awwww. The reason he doesnt want to talk to my hub is because he is an imposter. And personally, i think Val Kilmer has way more class than this. I am going to contact his official site & google hangouts as well as Sign me , Had Enough
Gentlelady (not verified)
February 24, 2019
Someone I know, a moderately famous celebrity, recently got impersonated. I don't know what her game was, we caught her before it got to the point of money but, she was pretending to be both my friend and, herself as his wife. I can only guess that she was gearing up for some kind of scam, using his name and image. I'm just glad she was found out before anyone lost money. Even then, it was a huge hassle for my friend to go through. he had to re-verify his identity on social media and, get his real accounts unlocked again once they knew he had control of them. Yes, he honestly does interact with fans a bit but not to the degree the impostor tried to make it seem. That's another thing to watch out for, if a celebrity seems to be getting too personal for the level of your relationship - usually you are little more than a screen name to them, then be suspicious. They know how easy it is to attract stalkers, scammers and, the like and, are going to be very cautious of that online, even if they do interact with fans personally, it's going to be polite, proper and nothing personal will be said. Unless you've know the celebrity for a long time and, more than likely talked on the phone or via video chat as friends, be very wary if they seem to be telling you personal or private information - it's probably a scammer trying to make you feel special.
Catfishedinchi (not verified)
March 10, 2019
I was scammed by rick ross of course he did the itune card scam he also had pesonsl selfies,bank accounts pictures of his children and was very knowledgeable about rick ross personal life claiming he's in search of true love from a regular girl ,I should have laugh but I fell right into the trap but not very long
This poor girl (not verified)
March 11, 2019
So here I am with Mark Sinclair (Vin Diesel) yes too good to be true indeed. He says how proud he is of me since I help people, he also owns his own foundation. I noticed first, that his recently created FaceBook Messenger is logged in from a phone number in Nigeria. That's right folks. No money has been mentioned, only that his partnership with Paloma is on the rocks. He is realizing how much he stands to lose in the way of finances if he ends his relationship with her. He insists that he gets very angry when his identity is in doubt and that I am asking leading questions to see if he is being honest with me. So he stops talking to me for about an hour to punish me. I notice that when it is about 1 or 2am in the morning in Nigeria, about 5pm my time, he will stop talking for hours. Then at about 12am he will start the conversation back up again, might be around 6am his time in Nigeria. Oh what a dream it would be to just be regular normal friends with Vin. Who changed his name. All the information that he gave me about "himself" was easily googled. He found me on the Fan page for Vin Diesel, who rarely posts on it. He tells me how busy he is and how he never takes so much time to talk with a fan before. But that I am special, he can tell I've got the best heart and he asks for reassurance time and again that I am not going to sell his information out to journalists. I assure him that I am absolutely not that type of a fan who thinks of money above all other things. He originally contacted me on FaceBook Messenger and then asked me to switch over to hangouts. I did some research on the app and its a hotbed for scammers and hackers, so I didnt give it any permissions to my phone. Aha... I won't send any pictures or do anything else from that app. And you shouldn't either. Our smartphones are very hackable. He constantly mentions his managers, who are curious as to whom he is constantly speaking to. He is in various meetings through the day. He has suggested that we meet, but not that we speak on the phone. Oh what a treat that would be with his velvety dream voice, but I digress, I am not interested in a relationship with any celebrity, I am sure you'd have to be cut out for that kind of life and I am not. I messaged the real Vin Diesel on IG and told him I simply wanted to know if he was on Hangouts. I felt like a fool in doing so. I am sure he gets a lot of impersonators and scammers who wish they were him. He was very convincing. But here is what I am convinced of. No celebrity or popular person is going to reach out to you, the fan, in this manner. Not now and not ever. Don't you know they've got lines of people standing outside they don't need to go hunting for someone like you on social media? Especially not me, a grandmother with a troubled past. Who cannot afford to give money to him, a charity or anyone else for that matter. I am someone who's sons take care of her and they would never ever give me money to deliver to someone else, especially a celebrity. I am sad. I would love to be friends with him. But I bet everyone would.
Ecanizaro (not verified)
March 13, 2019
I am being scammed by someone impersonating, Def Leppard, Joe Elliott. I was contacted on facebook by someone claiming to be him. This person gained my trust as if I was a loyal fan and then asked for money. The same email is posted on the web for anyone to find.
Andrea (not verified)
August 07, 2019

In reply to by Ecanizaro (not verified)

I just recently was contacted by someone claiming he was Joe Elliott from Def Leppard. He didn't ask for money, but he claimed he was getting a divorce from his wife and needed me pick up a package for him. He claimed it was a couple of files and if I didn't, he might lose his properties. I didn't fall for that one, and I hope nobody else does either.
Mimo (not verified)
September 24, 2019

In reply to by Andrea (not verified)

I know someone who is going through this with the same person. It just didnt seem right
Jmll_7273 (not verified)
November 19, 2019

In reply to by Andrea (not verified)

Hi I to had bin scammed by this imposter posing as Joe Elliott. It began late August of this year and ended this Monday. He asked me to purchase a steam card for him which I immediately found very odd so I refused. He became extremely verbally abusive towards me on hangouts than blocked me. He had me convinced hp until than he was the real deal! Considering he hasn't bin wearing his wedding ring at his latest two gigs and stating to you he is divorcing his wife it's very strange. I reached out to his band's Facebook page to notify them of the scam. It pisses me off that people are doing this to others. I'm grateful I didn't fall for it, but sad for the ones who did or that he's preying on now.
Sarah Stone (not verified)
August 08, 2020

In reply to by Ecanizaro (not verified)

Thank you for this page. I have been contacted by someone claiming to be Joe Elliott of Def Leppard. He said he was divorcing his wife . We chatted a bit, but after a couple days he wanted me to receive a package he is sending . It’s being held at LaGuardia airport right now. If $1,500 isn’t paid , it will be seized . He wants ME to pay this fee!!!!!! He said he can’t tell me a lot nor send a video to show who is actually talking because his management has him under a privacy policy. I am embarrassed that I actually fell for this . It seemed neat to be talking to “him”. The package being seized is great. This might catch this scammer!
tamara (not verified)
September 05, 2020

In reply to by Sarah Stone (not verified)

Can you tell us, what the content of the fake package? The bogus story when the fake celebrities if will send the fake package and a receiver which must pay to the extortion money, isn't it?
Lucyjane (not verified)
March 25, 2019
Had jason statham talking to me for over 9 months, only wanted money to get home 'to me', because he couldn't access his money from offshore in China. Even supposedly booked his flight home last week. But never turned up & I'm heartbroken. Have reported it to CID - can't stop crying.
Diamond land (not verified)
March 28, 2019
Yes I got scammed by Rick ross he also had personal selfies and picture of his kids, we talked about four weeks,then all the suddenly he startied asking for iTunes cards and steam cards,that's when the red flags rise ,I was getting catfished by a scammer he also claimed he was doing a charity for motherless children , the impersonator was very creative with the photoshop and also pulled the I love you card every 5 seconds ,these scammers are out of control let's shut these celebrity catfish down and protect the weak and remain strong .
AH (not verified)
March 30, 2019
There is a instagram account of Luke Bryan. Who is doing this. Didn't give money. I asked for a picture for prove. This person got mad that I was demanding a picture and i didn't wanted to help him out with money. I asked a lot of questions. This person didn't do his homework very good. I confronted him but no reaction. I think instagram can do much more about this. Delete fake account.
devastated Fan (not verified)
April 03, 2019
Has anyone been scammed by Ellen DeGeneres???? And 2 of her assistants, Vanessa and Sherry
amelia 1 (not verified)
April 04, 2019
Hello how do I meet the real actor Dan Stevens there’s people on Instagram what’s app and hangouts asking me for money and gift cards I don’t send money to celebrities the real actor Dan Stevens wouldn’t want gift cards they are scammers from Amy Howard a Dan Stevens fan from Coventry
Seriously!?! (not verified)
April 20, 2019
I have been getting messages on Twitter & Instagram from Vin Diesel & Mark Sinclair too! Just got asked rn as a matter of fact for donation to fund in Africa also. They say looking for relationship cause ones with celebrity don't work out. Whole bunch of bull.
Jippedsfriend (not verified)
April 24, 2019
My friend was contacted by someone claiming to be eminem. They asked her to donate to an orphanage that he sponsors in africa. I told her it sounds to good to be true for it to be him . I only know because she asked me if i wanted to donate, not sure how much she's sent or been able to read the messages they exchange on hangouts. At first i thought it was someone who hates her or she no longer gets along with but when she mentioned donating in foreign country i realised must be a scammer because anyone she already knew has no family or friends in africa to send money to but she was asked to send to someone in Chicago.
Anothersucker (not verified)
June 25, 2019

In reply to by Jippedsfriend (not verified)

I also was contacted supposedly by Eminem one year ago. This person is relentless with contacting you & asking for money. I did donate to the "orphanage" but immediately afterwards began receiving spam calls as they sell your name & tell other scammers you are a "sucker". Still dealing with this person to figure out how best to report them as I don't think Eminem would fall in love with someone he never met nor would he ask for Amazon cards & steam cards & donations. Sounds like this is the same person your friend is dealing with or same celebrity imposter group everyone is dealing with as all the threads of lies are similar. Dangerous & emotionally draining. None of the emails are traceable, I checked. Now it seems this person is trying to get me involved with money laundering or to send them more money so Eminem can meet me. Lies, lies, lies, don't fall for it. Researching this for one year so trust me they are smart & dangerous. Do not send money
Nimbus6 (not verified)
December 17, 2019

In reply to by Anothersucker (not verified)

I'm going through the same thing Eminem told me he was going through a divorce and that wanted me to donate money to a organization. Just about had enough of it the contest harrassing me. Fed up with it.
brighamb (not verified)
May 30, 2019
There is an impostor on Facebook saying he is Keanu Reeves the actor, and the only way to see him is get a fan card which is a scam to get money from people, I am going to report this to facebook.
Angel Pedigo (not verified)
August 13, 2019

In reply to by brighamb (not verified)

Hi there! This might be the same guy I'm dealing with on Twiiter. He got romantic by day 2 of text conversing on Twitter. He then asked me to switch to Google hangouts. He wants to marry me but Ihe gave me his lawyer's gmail address so I can send $2000 for a fan card! I told him I wanted proof it was Keanu. After 2 days of haggling me about the card, bc he can't wait to meet me, he agreed to a video chat on Hangouts. It was a brief vid with him leaning into the camera, smiling at me saying hello. It looked and sounded like him. Can a video chat be easily created?
Petra (not verified)
September 14, 2019

In reply to by Angel Pedigo (not verified)

Hangouts allows you to play a pre-recirded video instead of having a live chat. I was contacted by someone on FB messenger, then we chatted on whatsapp and then he wanted to make a video call through hangouts. I got suspicious since you can videocall through whatsapp and so I googled it and found that whatsapp can only make live calls.
I'm being BONO'D (not verified)
October 03, 2019

In reply to by Petra (not verified)

I was contacted by a character on FB messenger, who claims he's Bono from U2. After several communications , he gave me an "official" personal address to contact him on Hangouts. After doing so, I asked him to give me his telephone number, or his physical address, so I could confirm that it was actually Bono. ( I actually have access to his true physical addresses etc. , and wanted to compare the information for accuracy) He ignored my request. I received a video call from this person last night when I was sleeping, so I didn't answer the call. I'm going to continue to play this game for a few more days, and insist that he gives me his PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS. If he refuses, or the info doesn't match up with the actual true facts, he's a phoney baloney. No money has been transacted, and won't be, but in our last communication oh, he was leaning towards discussing the story of Lazarus in the Bible, and how rich man cannot get into heaven... I know where this is going
Alien girl (not verified)
October 20, 2019

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This is what I just received? What ended up happening.