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The FTC has been hearing about a new scam targeting people who are selling their cars online. They’re getting calls or texts from people who claim to be interested in buying the car – but first want to see a car history report. They ask the seller to get the report from a specific website, where the seller needs to enter some information and pay about $20 by credit card for the report. The seller then sends it to the supposed buyer but never hears back. Weird, huh?


Well, it gets weirder. When the car sellers go to one of these websites, they’re automatically redirected to sites ending in ‘.vin’ – which seems like it might be related to your car’s vehicle identification number or VIN, right? Scammers hope you’ll think that, but no. In this case, .vin is a relatively new website “domain” – like .com or .org – that groups can apply to use. This domain was intended to be used for sites that relate to wine, since “vin” is the French word for wine, but others are not prevented from using it. So yes, that’s a clever take on .vin for cars, yes, but you still might want to think twice if anyone asks you to do car-related business on a site ending in .vin.


So, if you are selling a car online and someone asks you to get a car history report from a specific site, ask why and think twice. You may have no way of knowing who operates the site, especially if it’s one you’ve never heard of. It might be a ruse to get your personal information, including your credit card account number. It also could be a way for companies called “lead generators” to get information, which they sell to third parties for advertising and marketing purposes.


Your best bet: play it safe. Go to for information on vehicle history reports, recall notices, and how to learn whether a car has been declared salvage. For example, the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) operates, which lists NMVTIS-approved providers of vehicle history reports. Not all vehicle history reports are available through the NMVTIS website. Reports from other providers sometimes have additional information, like accident and repair history.


Whether you’re familiar with a company or not, it’s always helpful to see what other people are saying online. Simply enter the name of the company, and words like “complaint,” “review,” “rating,” or “scam.”


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September 17, 2019

In reply to by Car seller

craigslist seams like its a joke anymore 3 days for a car listing and have 3 scammers text me in getting vin reports. www. vehicles vininfo. Elias in Macon, Ga. 404-301-3704 exact lines about work and paying for the report. This is what I got tonight. ((((( look I'm not low (bailing) and I will pay it also just add to the car prices please. And I'm fine with your price but just need to know the history of what I will be paying you thousand dollars on.. And I think its fair request. The only reason I suggested the latter was it came up on Google as the cheapest option.))))
MI private car…
September 07, 2019
Listed my car on craigslist and received numerous scams from people pretending to be interested buyers. Each time they try to direct the seller to specific car history reports website like This guy calls him Stuart and his phone number is 440-538-6291
MI 2 Private Buyer
October 10, 2019

In reply to by MI private car…

I wish I’d ran across this post prior to...I JUST paid $25 for this report for “Stuart” with the same 440-538-6291 number...I would think if it’s a scam he would at least be smart enough to change his number...I’m waiting to see if I ever hear back
September 17, 2019
I think I got scammed by www. motor cycle history.
September 17, 2019
From GaillWhites: gail lwhites @ “To be able to come ,see,test and make a deal for it face to face,i need the report so i can pass it to my loan officer and make sure he will allow me to buy it. I need the report because the loan company ask for it .please go to cthreport. and get one . will not make sense for me to get one because i can`t re use it like you can , you will be able to give it to all you potential buyers , me on the other hand if will not be ok i will gave to look for a new vehicle and get a new report . I know is only $24 but if i have to run 5 reports until i find an ok report where will i be ? If the report will be ok you can consider it sold. regards P.S if is about the money i will add the $24 to the final price” Thanks to everyone who post!
September 17, 2019
Have a car for sale on Craigslist. Was emailed by "Angelina" wanting a direct email contact for her "husband." Then was contacted by "edward rook 1980 @ ." Here is the email - "That's OK. I'm interested and ready to come , see , test and make a deal for it . I need something rather soon , but I would like to make sure you/vehicle and all is OK and legit . For that I need a vehicle Vin report ,don't send an old one or get something you find , get me the report from .online checkcar. is what my loan officer asked for and needs . I'd just feel safer about getting a vehicle with an official report because I've had friends and family get shafted." Bigtime red flag so I came to this site to check it out.
November 05, 2019

In reply to by extracautious

Same here from Joel “To be able to come , see , test and make a deal for it face to face , I need the report so I can pass it to my loan officer and make sure he will allow me to buy it . I need the report because the loan company ask for it .please go to .onlinecheckcar. com/ and get one . will not make sense for me to get one because I can`t re use it as you can , you will be able to give it to all you potential buyers , me on the other hand if will not be ok I will gave to look for a new vehicle and get a new report . I know is only $24.99 but if I have to run 5 reports until I find an ok report where will I be ? if the report will be ok you can consider it sold. Thank You! P.S if is about the money I will add the $25 to the final price. If you were in my shoes you would take the same precautions! “
September 17, 2019
Listed my SUV on Delaware Craig’s list today and was immediately contacted by Greg Morgan (gregmorgan 525 @ ) saying he wanted to talk right away and wanted to see the car. He asked me to send an accident report. I told him I didn’t have one. He then said I really should have one and any buyer would require this. He said they are $40 through car fax but if I use vehicle seller blog. it’s only $19 and to let him know when I get it. I googled his name and the site and saw this warning. It’s a shame that these scam artists have to make everything so hard for those of us that actually work for a living.
September 17, 2019

In reply to by LR

Ditto here - Greg Morgan contacted me today with the same story and website. Glad I found this website...
September 18, 2019
Thanks. This is very informative forum. I also have this doubt. At the time I refer some online website. Now I get more information about vehicle history check.
September 23, 2019
This information is highly useful. I received a text just after 5 minutes I posted an add to sale my car. I'd have grabbed the car history as directed in the text if I did not rad this page. Lots of thanks to FTC Consumer Information.
October 01, 2019
Just had a 'Ryan' insist I go to autoregistryreports. com from phone number 7204649912, I knew right away this was a scam. I said come see the car first and I will show you the carfax, to which he countered. Be cautious, ask some prying questions before you give any personal information.
September 25, 2019
Great article. I had a Craigslist texter want me to send him the IVC report and provided a link. I will NEVER click that link so I sent him the link to this article!
October 01, 2019
Scammer using this technique of requesting a specific auto report (USA vehiclereport. ) in Utah is operating using the phone number of 801-407-9674 under the name of Hagrid Miller. Stay away from him/her/it.
October 03, 2019

In reply to by Craig

I have been contacted by the same individual, from 801-407-9674, from 801-896-9421, and 801-738-1023. Total scam.
Jon Arbuckle
October 07, 2019

In reply to by Craig

this guy hagrid miller also contacted me and sent me the same website 801-407-9674. i had my truck listed on KSL.
October 01, 2019
I'm selling a car on Craigslist and have gotten contacted by a number of scammers, such as the following: "That's OK. I'm interested and ready to come, see, test, and make a deal for it. I need something rather soon, but I would like to make sure all of it is OK and legit because I'm taking a loan for the purchase. For that I need a Vin report from online checkcar. which my lender requires. After you send it to me I will forward it to him and get back to you as soon as he gives me the OK. I'm a stickler for having all the right paperwork before making any decision, also I'm a bit concerned about getting ripped off."
October 01, 2019
Another scammer email I received recently: "Thanks for the response and am satisfied with the price and the condition on the list, kindly withdraw the advert from list and considered it sold. I will add extra $50 with the original price while you remove the ads. I will overnight a Cashier Check/ Certified Check drawn from a local bank to you, and I will make the pick up arrangement as soon as you have the check clear and your have your cash, I would have loved to come and take a look and purchase with cash, but my work schedule is tight. So, I'll need you to provide me with the following information to overnight the Payment: Name, address, city, state, zip code, price, phone number"
October 01, 2019
Someone just tried this on me but texted and said: "The best place to get one is: teamvehicleview. I used it on the last car I sold to show the buyer it was legit please forward it to me at margaretroberts 729 @ " These are the vagrants of society. I hope they are arrested and word spreads of how hardworking people should protect themselves. Thanks for posting this article.
September 24, 2020
Scam from Craigslist: "What's the email where my fiance can get in touch with you ?" - Then email from Joel ... "I'd like to come look at it. Is there any bad things on it , like bad suspension, oil leaking etc? I would like to arrange meeting in few days. Hope everything will be great and we will make a deal". Then... "I appreciate your answer, you have a really good vehicle! I am planning to get a personal loan to cover the price and I will not try to negotiate it. I will come to test it and close the deal with you in the same day with cash in hands. in order to get the money faster than usual, my loan officer is asking for the vehicle history report from .onlinecheckcar .com/ . I know that this a secure website and the report can not be modified. Let me know if you can get it."
September 24, 2020

In reply to by JP

I had this exact same one word for word from a Juan Mito. Only thing different was they wanted me to go to provinhistory. com
October 02, 2019
I should have read this report first. I was contacted through email and followed link, paid for the history report. I already had the Car Fax report. I hope I am out just for the report but will keep and eye on my account. Getting new credit card.
November 05, 2019
If you make an ad in Craigslist and give your cell phone number watch out for a scam where you are texted by someone expressing interest then asking you for "LT paperwork". When you ask what that is, they send you a link to Loanandtitlereport. com, and insist you give them the paperwork so they can feel protected, as if you are the scammer!! They even go so far as to make a sob story about how they need the report ASAP because they need to ask for time off and find a ride to your location and don't want to waste their time since you're asking thousands of dollars for your vehicle. Scum
October 08, 2019
Good Info. Just got a scammer from 727-478-2136
October 09, 2019
Just listed my car yesterday, and i’ve gotten 4 of these already - made me very suspicious so I paid $40 bucks for a carfax report and sent it and never heard back. such BS
October 10, 2019
Thank you for this, it happened twice now within 1 day of posting on craigslist.
J Gru
October 10, 2019
I was contact via text about a jeep i had listed on craiglist. He had to see a report from $32...i refused but sent one from a site listed in the article ($7). The texter said no thanks and have not heard back. Thank you for saving me $32 and personal information
October 15, 2019
This happened to me today. Was very well played out. They tried to call first, sounded like they were talking to someone else and hung up, then texted the first line. Made it more believable. They then sent links to "background check" sites after a few texts. Beware!
November 05, 2019
Good info, had someone try to do it to me today. Said his name was Joel and used number, (801) 609-6384. The English was decent enough that I almost went for it. The website was my history audit . and looked legit. After a google search, I read this article and called “Joel” out on it. Thanks for having this info on here.
November 05, 2019
I was just charged $150 from a "Julians Vin Service" I never authorized this payment and it came from a fraudulent website called vin history. net. Don't fall for this stuff!! It claims to be a US government website!
November 05, 2019
I think I was just scammed :( I was asked to go to this website https:// www. historyvincheck. com/ As this was the only website his bank will accept so he can get a loan to purchase my car I have for sell. GREAT How frustrating Anyone else get this? Supposed Buyers name is Brian Shine
November 05, 2019
Just happened to me today from my Craigslist car ad. The guy had me reply to his supposed personal email address (instead of the Craigslist email address,): adamwood647 & suggested a site called: Auto Advice Blog (which had no identifying information.) At that website were multiple links to: www. vinhistory. report where you can pay $19.99. So glad I checked it out before paying. The bad news for me is that I replied to the guy from my home email address, so I'll probably be hit with spam or worse.
February 26, 2020

In reply to by BSimonSays

Thanks for posting your comment with that email address adamwood647, I just received the same email from the same person asking to email him back at his personal email. The first thing I did was google his email address and this article came up since you wrote it in here. I'm going to leave him a very nice message as a response :)
May 31, 2020

In reply to by BSimonSays

I had the same scam try and contact me. email was from chrisfisher939 and suggested autoadviceblog. The website just looked like a scam.
November 06, 2019
When I list a vehicle for sale on CL I specifically state in the ad that I will not run a VIN check, but will provide the VIN to anyone who wants to run their own. Stlll get scammers trying to get me to run one.
November 12, 2019
LOANAND TITLEHISTORY. COM is a new site that tried to scam using facebook as a fake buyer. Hopefully someone will see this and not fall for it.
November 06, 2019
I have three separate scammers sending me to three separate sites for vin reports. Sounded to hinky for me since I have a CarFax in hand. Glad I found this site to verify what I was already thinking.
November 08, 2019
This scam is real. They got me. I called my credit card company and cancelled the card right away so they did not get anything more than the $22.95. Although they have my name and email address. I don't think they can do much with that other than sell it.
Mike p
November 12, 2019
Unfortunately I sent some information but then I canceled my card. I'm curious what information could they get that couldn't be found any other way? they would have my name phone number email and vin number on the car . The Vin site is vehiclereporter. com. here are the numbers that contacted me: 719 838 4170 , 570 917 5513, jaimekincaid@ Unfortunately I fell for it but really what could the damage be here?
November 29, 2019
input my debit car info online to vehicle They advertised a cost of $1.00 per report. My car was charged $149. I've not heard back from them in several attempts nor did I get a report or receipt.
FTC Staff
November 29, 2019

In reply to by rah

You can report that to the FTC at The information you give goes into a secure database that the FTC and other law enforcement agencies use for investigations.

V. Day
November 15, 2019
No disrespect. I can't *ever imagine a car seller purchasing a car report for a potential customer. Lol
David W
November 15, 2019
Just received someone trying to get me on this scam. After further review I did my due diligence and figured out the scam. Be aware and stay away from scammers.
Hotrod 34
November 18, 2019
Same as all the other comments happened to me today. Call 1st, then text from 484-415-4769. Trying to get vin report from specific site. Luckily I found this article before getting duped.
November 20, 2019
Soon as i placed an ad for my jeep this idiot texted me asking me to pull vin report. Luckily i know better. Sadly not enough people do. Why are there so many scumbags out to scam people. Messages came from 719-838-4170
March 04, 2020
Don't use verifyyourtitle. com It is a scam
December 01, 2019
Thanks. This information was very helpful. I am selling a vehicle on Craigslist and was contacted by 601-215-8942 requesting I get Get Auto Report online. After viewing this site, I sent him a link. He was persistent that I get the GAR paper as he wanted to be the new owner and we would meet after I get the paper. SCAM!
Stooped again
March 04, 2020
I received a call from a Chris - 801 396-0677 for a car on KLS classifieds in Utah. Same exact stories as below and would never take my call, only text. Never heard back after sending him a myhistoryaudit. com report for $25.00. Not so worried about the $25.00 but what's to come with hacking my credit information...?
March 04, 2020
Posted on Craigslist two days ago. First two people contacted me and wanted to by the car right now, sight unseen and at my asking price. They said they would deposit the asking price in my paypal account and have a delivery company pick the car up. (Look up Scams using PayPal on Google) Second set of scammers wanted me to get a report from vinreport. com or something like that. I told them it was their responsibility to run the report and gave them the VIN. Haven't heard back from either of them.