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Living through the pandemic has transformed our personal and professional lives. While some of us continue to work from home, others are interviewing for their first job, and still others are seeking a new career path. Finding a place to live, whether buying a home or renting a place to live can be financially challenging. Transportation costs may have some of us rethinking where we want to live and the kind of jobs we want. And, as we work to regain our financial footing, scammers will continue to try to steer us off course and steal our money and personal information.

Here you will find information and resources to learn – and teach others – how to tackle common money issues head-on, as well as how to spot, avoid, and report related frauds and scams that can affect your financial well-being.



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Credit Reports

Learn how your credit report affects your ability to get a loan, a job, housing, insurance, and more.


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Buying or Renting a Home

Learn about rental assistance, rental listing scams, mortgages, and mortgage relief scams.




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Avoiding a Scam When You’re Looking for a Job

Learn how to spot, avoid, and report job scams, MLMs and pyramid schemes.


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Borrowing and Debt

Learn about different types of loans, getting out of debt, credit counseling, related scams.  


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Education and Training

Advice for choosing a college or vocational school, paying for school, and avoiding scams, including debt relief scams.


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Your Rights When Shopping

Learn about online and comparison shopping, rent-to-own, lease-to-own, layaway, and buying over time, solving problems/what to do if you were scammed.


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Buying and Owning a Car

Advice on shopping for and buying a new or used car, financing options, and repossession.


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Prizes and Grants

Learn how to spot, avoid, and report fake prize, sweepstakes, and lottery scams, government grant scams.


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